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Selling to public schools 4 16-13


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Published in: Education, Business
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Selling to public schools 4 16-13

  1. 1. 2 0 1 3 G O V E R N M E N T P R O C U R E M E N T F A I R
  2. 2. • Governed by statute•• Competitive Purchasing• 471.345• Contracts• 123b.52• Joint Exercise of Power• 471.59
  3. 3. • Centralized vs. Decentralized• Differences• Legal Notices• Newspaper• District Website• Legal Notices• Purchasing• Approved Bidder’s List• Preferred Vendor List• Send Contact Info – Add to Commodity Specific Folder• Websites – Vendor Sign-up (Elk River)• Vendor Database (North St. Paul)
  4. 4. • Inquire About Upcoming Projects• Capital Outlay• Process Starts in January• Money in July• Local Newspaper• District Website• Facilities and Grounds• Purchasing• Architects• Preferred Vendors
  5. 5. • What is Joint Powers and Why do you Care?• Statute – 471.59• Examples of Joint Powers Contracts• State of Minnesota - CPV Program• School Bids• U of M• ECSU• US Communities• NJPA• The New “Bidding” Process• Submit a Proposal with your Best Joint Powers Contract
  6. 6. • Offer Your Services• Subject Experts• Find Opportunities to Save “REAL” Money• Soft Cost vs. Budget• Meetings• Timing• Who is Coming• Bid Award• Lowest Responsible Bidder• Contesting an Award• Don’t be Short Sighted• Respect Existing Contracts• Expiration