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Mrtp presentation 4 16-13


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Mrtp presentation 4 16-13

  1. 1. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.
  2. 2. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.MRTP Program TeamSelena Gray Sizemore, LEED APSr. Program Manager of nextCONSTRUCTION – Chicago UrbanLeagueGerardo RodriguezTeaming Program Associate – Chicago Urban LeagueEmma Taylor McIntoshPresident - Diversified Alliances, Inc.Donald McIntoshVice President - Diversified Alliances, Inc.2
  3. 3. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.
  4. 4. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.History• 1916 - One of the first affiliates of theNational Urban League (NUL)• 1917 - Incorporated• 1918 - Secured headquarters at theFrederick Douglass Center at 30th & Wabash• 1966 - League moved headquarters to 4500South Michigan Ave.• 1972 - James W. Compton became theLeague’s Executive Director and was electedPresident and Chief Executive Officer• 1984 - Built new headquarters at 4510South Michigan Avenue• 2006 - Cheryle R. Jackson became the firstwoman to be elected President and ChiefExecutive Officer• 2007 – CUL launched ProjectNext• 2010 - Andrea L. Zopp became electedPresident and Chief Executive Officer4
  5. 5. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Executive TeamAndrea L. ZoppPresident & CEOShari RunnerSr. Vice President of Strategy & CommunityDevelopmentThresa A. NelsonCFO & Sr. Vice President of AdministrationRai BarneyChief of StaffRoderick HawkinsVice President of External Affairs5
  6. 6. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.VisionA strong African American community is a better Chicago.6
  7. 7. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.MissionThe Chicago Urban League works for economic,educational and social progress for African Americans andpromotes strong, sustainable communities throughadvocacy, collaboration, and innovation.7
  8. 8. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.ValuesExcellenceDelivering the best quality in everything we do through innovative practicesand empowering employees to take the initiative to creatively engage.PassionPassionate about our purpose and community; committed to deliveringsuperior value and service to our stakeholders with the same passion.AccountabilityJudiciously and fiscally responsible for our actions that impact the lives ofthose we serve, our fellow workers, funders and community stakeholders.CollaborationCollaborating within and outside the organization to give the best.Honesty & IntegrityActing with honesty and integrity in everything we do, without compromise;and communicating with all stakeholders in the same manner.8
  9. 9. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.DepartmentsThe Chicago Urban League administers programs and servicesthrough the following departments:• Education• Human Capital Development• Housing• Workforce Development• Entrepreneurship Center9
  10. 10. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.The Entrepreneurship Center10Founded in 2007, the visionof the EC is to createpathways to biggerbusinesses, better jobs, andstronger communities byhelping entrepreneurs buildsustainable business modelsto grow employment andwealth accumulation.
  11. 11. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.The EC Mission– Teaching and modeling best business practices;– Helping entrepreneurs to enlarge their revenues andprofits by providing access to potential clients;– Empowering entrepreneurs through access to capitaland financial institutions;– Coaching entrepreneurs to execute business strategieswith resiliency and excellence; and– Encouraging entrepreneurs to connect with acommunity of business leaders and mentors with directaccess to business resources.
  12. 12. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.EC Programs• nextSTEP• nextLEVEL• nextONE• nextCONNECTION• nextCONSTRUCTION– Chicago Contractor Development (CCD)– Midwest Regional Teaming Program(MRTP)
  13. 13. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(WHAT?)The Midwest Regional Teaming Program is designed tocreate small business teams to pursue large Federalcontracts. This program will:– identify companies ready for teamingarrangements– facilitate the teaming process– provide support to identify contract opportunities– provide Federal proposal preparation assistance toteams• Teams will consist of 2-5 companies• Teams will pursue FEDERAL contracts exceeding $10million in value13
  14. 14. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(WHO?)Midwest regional programtargeting three (3) SBARegions:– Great Lakes (Region V)– IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI– Southeast (Region IV)– AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC,TN– Great Plains (Region VII)– IA, KS, MO, NE14
  15. 15. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(WHO?)The criteria for participating businesses is as follows:– Existing business operating full-time for 3-years ormore;– Legally incorporated in the state of primary operation– Average gross annual revenues starting at $500K– Self-certified as a small business per SBA sizestandards– Licensed, bondable and insured– Have fulfilled contracts through their company– Have the demeanor for participating in teamingarrangements• Up to 30 companies will be included in each cycle of theprogram15
  16. 16. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(INDUSTRIES)• Building, Heavy and Civil Engineering, and SpecialtyTrade Construction• Real Estate Acquisition, Rental and Leasing• Architectural & Engineering Services• Construction Products Manufacturing (includingwood, glass, plastic, metal and finish products)• Building Systems Equipment Manufacturing• Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing• Building Material Suppliers• Building Inspection Services• Surveying16
  17. 17. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(INDUSTRIES)• Computer Systems Design Services• Computer Facilities Management Services• Environmental Consulting Services• Supportive Professional Services (such asAccountants, Attorneys and Operations Managers)• Healthcare and related services• Energy17
  18. 18. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Overview(HOW?)• Program Components– Orientation– Six (6) Saturday Working Sessions– Facilitation of Team Formation– Procurement Technical Assistance• All workshops at the Chicago Urban League• Webinar access to all workshops available to out-of-state participants18
  19. 19. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Schedule(WHEN?)Cycle 1– Applications Due: November 19, 2012– Orientation: December 8, 2012– Workshops: December 15, 2012 -Cycle 2– Applications Due: February 1, 2013– Orientation: February 16, 2013– Workshops: February 23, 2013Cycle 3– Applications Due: May 3, 2013– Orientation: May 11, 2013– Workshops: May 18, 2013Procurement activities for all 3 cycles and FY2012 participantswill be ongoing throughout the program year.19
  20. 20. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.FY 2012 Snapshot• Program Partners– Funder: US Small Business Administration– Lead Consultant: Diversified Alliances, Inc.• Enrollment– 38 companies• Illinois: 14• Indiana: 6• Iowa: 5• Michigan: 4• Missouri: 6• District of Columbia: 1• Range of Gross Annual Revenues– $ 250K - $28M20
  21. 21. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.FY 2012 Outcomes• 11 Small Business Teams formed• 32 Proposals Submitted• 27 prime contracts awardedtotaling more than $90 millionAll participating companies:– Connected with area PTACS– Updated information on SAM– Updated profiles for Small Business Dynamic Search– Connected with US SBA Government Contracting FieldStaff Procurement Center Representatives– Requested endorsement letters from FederalLegislative officials21
  22. 22. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Program Goals• Outcomes– Teaming Arrangement – Fair & EquitablePartnerships• Prime Contracting Team• Prime – 2nd Tier• Specialty Contracting Team• Mentor/ Protégé (8(a) Only)– Procurement Opportunities• Vetting of teams to Government Agencies• Identification of contracting opportunities• Minimum of two (2) submitted proposalsper team22
  23. 23. Empowering Communities.Changing Lives.Question & Response23