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The future of B2B conferences


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A vision for B2B conferences in a digital future.

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The future of B2B conferences

  1. 1. The future of B2B conferences
  2. 2. Global trends• Weaker & more fragile economic growth• Climate change• Food & energy security concerns• Unemployment & social upheaval• “Generation Y” of social networkers• Continued technological innovationWhat will B2B conferencing look like in adigital future?How will you maintain competitiveadvantage?
  3. 3. The 3 elements1. Digital / hybrid conferences &communities2. Distributed teams &management model3. LEAN production modelFuture competitive advantage
  4. 4. Unique Value Proposition +Unique Value Chain= Higher relative profitMichael Porter, Professor, Harvard Business SchoolCompetitive advantage
  5. 5. The value proposition today• Learning• Networking• Collaborationin physical spaces constrainedby time and location
  6. 6. The value proposition tomorrow• Learning• Networking• Collaborationin physical and digital spacesunconstrained by time and location• More convenience• More continuity• More connections & networking• More collaborationMore customer needs served
  7. 7. The value chain todayManagement model• Hierarchical• Functional silos• Idiosyncratic• Fixed locations &teams• High fixed costs &overheadsProduction model• Linear / assemblyline• Discrete campaigns• High uncertainty• Slow iteration
  8. 8. The value chain tomorrowManagement model• Flat• Flexible teams• Systematic• Distributed / mobile• Closer to customers• Lower fixed costs &overheadsProduction model• Collaborative &dynamic• Continuouscampaigns• LEAN development& build-measure-learn cycles• Fast iteration