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Managing a Creative Agency, Life, and a Full Time Job


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Having a full time job, a family, personal life, and trying to grow a side business is not an easy life. It is doable though, and in this presentation, I give my experience of over 14 years of managing all of these and more.

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Managing a Creative Agency, Life, and a Full Time Job

  1. 1. Managing a Creative Agency, Family, 
 Life, and a full time job all at the same time Have you seen the lawn lately? When’s the last time you walked outside to see? HEY BABE!! “Is it time for my allowance? I think I need an advance for the next two weeks.” HEY DAD!!
  2. 2. Who This Is For Anyone in business or thinking about starting a business, that is currently employed full time, and has a family. Things can get overwhelming really quick, and you’ll want to learn how to navigate some common challenges to become successful.
  3. 3. ABOUT ME I started Design Theory in the fall of 2008. I’ve been married for over 14 years with three beautiful kids. My parents were entrepreneurs, although I didn’t grasp it until my early 20’s. I turned skills and talents that I enjoyed doing or came natural to me, into services that people wanted to pay me to perform like design, photography, and consulting.
  4. 4. SHARED RESPONS IBILITIES There’s always something that needs to be done inside and outside of the house. Having a good understanding on whose responsibility some of the more important tasks and chores are is crucial. – Dishes – Dinner – Homework/Projects with kids – Honey-Do Tasks – Laundry – Shopping (Amazon Prime and Now)
  5. 5. Have one or two areas of your house that are just for working. They should not be used for dual purposes like a kitchen table where dinner needs to happen nightly and also that’s where your files, computer, tools, and more are taking up space or need to be moved before you can eat or work. DEFINED
  6. 6. DEFINED
 WORK HOURS When everyone in the house knows that work is being done by either of us, they know to keep quiet and out of the way. They also know signals to use when they know we’re on the phone to be able to interrupt with questions. We also give them a time of when we expect to be done so that they know when they have the green light to do whatever they’d like.
  7. 7. “You don’t have to touch everything” OUTSO
 URCING If you’re building your business correctly, you should have defined SOP’s, and instructions for anyone to read, follow, and perform with little to no assistance from you nor supervision. Outsourcing means anything that needs to be done, that can be done by someone else. Be it an intern, a new employee, a VA, or even someone overseas. Get to where you’re running your business so that your business doesn’t run you.
  8. 8. #LIFEGOALS Goals that are shared with your spouse for accountability Have some defined short term and long term goals for your family and your business. Budget your home and business finances separately. Schedule downtime or off-days with your family so that you remember why you’re working so hard and what you’re working for. Incorporate your kids goals, and find ways for them to participate in achieving those goals.
  9. 9. DEALING WITH IRRITATIONS• Stress is real and can manifest in you physically. • Full communication with your spouse is imperative • Open communication with your partner is important • This is NOT what you actually look like when you’re mad
  10. 10. Your performance and willingness to keep a high quality of deliverables with all your jobs and projects is important. Keep a High Performance Value JUGGLING WORK AND SIDE WORK Whether it’s for your day job or your side business, you need to have an end goal. It may be to quit and go full time on the side, or sell on the side to help retire early from your day job. Do You Have an Exit Strategy? Has it been years since you received a raise at your day job? Are you turning profits for all the time you put into your side business? Focus On The Money Don’t go it alone when you can have help with everything you will encounter. Get a Coach and a Mentor
  11. 11. APPS! Here are some of the programs and applications we use to keep organized and productive: • Google Calendar/iCal (Shared) • 2Do • Wunderlist (free) • Slack • Reminders App (iPhone) • TeamViewer
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. www.yourdomain.comELEVATION 13 CONTACT US j p D e s i g n T h e o r y . c o m @jpDesignTheoryemail@jpDesignTheory.com407.490.2425