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Cv jc v4

  1. 1. E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  2. 2. In 1982 I looked like this...<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  3. 3. But now I look like this...<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  4. 4. E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  5. 5. So... What is it about me?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  6. 6. a unique perspective and personality<br />a passion for what I do<br />an honest opinion<br />a wealth of patience<br />experienced but always improving <br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  7. 7. Basically I believe in...<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  8. 8. My personal keywords<br /><ul><li>Competitive
  9. 9. Out of the box
  10. 10. Decision Maker
  11. 11. Marketing
  12. 12. Commerce
  13. 13. Management
  14. 14. Advertising
  15. 15. Media
  16. 16. Contributor
  17. 17. Unconventional
  18. 18. Designer
  19. 19. Team Work
  20. 20. Strategy
  21. 21. Networking
  22. 22. Social
  23. 23. Creative
  24. 24. Atitude
  25. 25. Ambitious
  26. 26. Goal Oriented
  27. 27. Dynamic
  28. 28. Analytical Skills
  29. 29. People Skills
  30. 30. Marketing Skills
  31. 31. Communication Skills
  32. 32. Presentation Skills
  33. 33. High Levels of Initiative
  34. 34. Leadership Skills
  35. 35. International reach</li></ul>E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  36. 36. Where have I worked?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  37. 37. Exclusivideo Audiovisuals ▪ Cascais (Lisbon) ▪ Jul 1999 – Feb 2002<br />Function: Shop Manager<br />Role and mission<br />Shop manager and public attending<br />Main achievements:<br />Responsible for all shop merchandising layout and shop organization.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  38. 38. TAP Air Portugal ▪ Lisbon ▪ summer 2004<br />Function: Marketing Assistant (Internship)<br />Role and mission<br />Marketing assistant internship in TAP´s marketing department.<br />Main achievements<br />Clipping and other tasks inherent of the marketing department.<br />Control and update client database – Navigator Program.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  39. 39. Brisa Portugal / Via Verde Portugal ▪ Lisbon▪ Nov 2004 – Set 2006<br />Functions: Marketing Assistant / Project & Product Manager<br />Role and mission<br />Working as a marketing assistant, was given to me the opportunity to develop a new branch of business for Via Verde Portugal regarding the unassisted product selling. Conciliating the marketing department tasks, I have developed the entire project and became the product manager after the implementation. Nowadays it´s still a product on the market responsible for a great slice of profit to the company. <br />Main achievements: <br />Responsible for the Via Verde Portugal project (development, implementation and post management) of unassisted sales basis (in store - ex Posts GALP M24 – new business branch) – Developed all the items from package design to operational selling and distribution procedures. Project developer and posterior product manager.<br />Marketing department all around task support including client management on CRM application (data and campaigns).<br />Directly involved on the planning and management of marketing and advertising actions and campaigns for Via Verde Portugal including incentive plans for business partners;<br />Contact with suppliers and articulation of needs regarding product and project management;<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  40. 40. Brisa Portugal / Via Verde Portugal ▪ Lisbon▪ Nov 2004 – Set 2006<br />Functions: Marketing Assistant / Project & Product Manager<br />This was one of my main projects in Via Verde Portugal – the selling of Via Verde product in a unassisted sales basis (in store - ex Posts GALP M24<br />First of all I managed with the production company all the quantities to be developedand control all the inherent deadlines and product quality.<br />Then I arranged with the logistics the product the entire procedure for collection and storage of product.<br />The next step was the distribution of products for all stores nationwide. I was responsible for that management.<br />After the product is ready to be marketed. I was responsible for all inventory management, reporting and treatment of cases and all training of employees (sales procedures) . I was also responsible for the merchandising of each store and did frequent visits to each site in order to make sure everything was in compliance. Over the time I received daily reports from each store and was responsible for all analysis regarding costs, sales, trends and inventory management. This was a very successful project that today is still active.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  41. 41. L'OréalProfessionnel ▪ Miraflores (Lisbon) ▪ Set 2006 – Fev 2007<br />Functions: Brand Manager / Marketing Assistant<br />Role and mission <br />Brand Manager for Redken and Matrix Brands. Supported the marketing department regarding presentations, events and another inherent tasks.<br />Main achievements<br />Responsible for stock management for all the DPP professional hairdressers market in Portugal. <br />Developed SAP applications competences.<br />Direct support to Redken and Matrix Marketing directors.<br />Marketing all around tasks regarding validating creative artwork, packaging, texts, presentations and L´Oréal Portugal events planning.<br />needs regarding product and project management;<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  42. 42. GrupoMicrosegur, Lda▪ Cascais (Lisbon) ▪ Mar 2007 – Sep 2008<br />Functions: Marketing Manager<br />Role and mission<br />Responsible for all the definition, implementation and management of the company´s marketing planincluding CRM implementation and Rebranding.<br />Main achievements<br />Rebranding development: presentations, creative artwork and implementation.<br />Website (CMS) and CRM management: definition, development and upload of contents.<br />Marketing reporting: campaign impacts, costs, etc.<br />Developed B2B and B2C marketing (online and offline) campaigns (including vertical markets): design, implementation and reporting for national and foreign markets (ATL, BTL and TTL) - (including KPI´s).<br />Iberian (PT+SP) Brand Management regarding I.T. and electronic security equipments from General Electric /United Technologies, Honeywell (ADI), IpTecno, Visual Tools, Rapiscan, L3, March Networks, Maxxess, among other SDI, SADI, CCTV A.C. and Inspection Systems Brands.<br />Pricing coordinator: developed pricing rates, profits (%) calculations and product price tables development and management for national and foreign markets..<br />Helped the commercial department: budgeting proposals (calculating profits %), negotiation with suppliers and project management.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  43. 43. GrupoMicrosegur, Lda▪ Cascais (Lisbon) ▪ Mar 2007 – Sep 2008<br />Functions: Marketing Manager but… What did I do there?<br />As a part of a 2 elements marketing team we were responsible for the Rebranding of the company. This included all the graphic materials such as thematic presentations, commercial cards, templates, etc. <br />And after.<br />In the begining....<br />We also were involved in all the inherent processes regarding the choosing and implementation of the CRM in Grupo Microsegur. That includes analysing all databases, testing and list building. After the implementation we managed the clients database and made some marketing campaings using CRM.<br />We designed a brand new website for Grupo Microsegur and using a CMS platform. We added contents frequently and also managed Micronews newsletter. That newsletter was sent to a clients segmentated database according to their interests (security, energy, safety, health, etc.).<br />I was the pricing coordinator for Grupo Microsegur and developed all the price tables according to each equipments. I was also involved in negotiating margins with suppliers, calculating profits and check on key products. These are some of the brands I´ve worked with<br />Besides that we developed lots of marketing and communication actionssuch as events for clients, Google Adwords Campaigns, Press Ads, thematic e-mailings and lots of direct relationships.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  44. 44. Publicátio, Lda. (a WPP Group Company) ▪ Lisbon▪ November 08 – June 2011<br />Function: Marketing and Media Manager<br />Role and mission<br />Responsible for analyzing, planning, implementation, following and post follow-up of all kind of marketing and advertising campaigns in the media agency. Managed a 3 elements team.<br />Main achievements<br />Planned , developed , implemented and controlled online and offline campaigns – Including KPI´s (SEO, SEM, Google Adwords / Analytics, Social Marketing, Websites advertising, TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, etc.)<br />Media planning (including KPI´s),negotiation and buying Media space. Contacts with media supports and discuss profits, margins and results (ATL, BTL and TTL Campaigns). This includes buying and negotiating media space in supports such as TV, Radio, Press, Internet and New Media in national and international markets such as Brazil, U.K., U.S., Spain, etc.<br />Briefings analysis, online and offline (traditional media) campaigns organization, implementation, management, reporting and follow-ups. This includes interacting with all kind of stakeholders and performing inherent presentations.<br />Data analysis and reporting regarding trends, forecasts, stats and other media indicators regarding campaign impact, activity reports and other pre, during and post campaign reports.<br />Responsible for analyzing campaign results (during and post-campaign) and develop all kind of reporting.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  45. 45. Publicátio, Lda. (a WPP Group Company) ▪ Lisbon▪ November 08 – June 2011<br />Function: Marketing and Media Manager but… What did I do there?<br />We used to analyse the Briefings from the clients.<br />Then we´d Brainstorm and do some inherent analysis...<br />This was my team. I was their manager.<br />... and try to reach for the best solution for their objectives.<br />We choose the best online and offline media supports to veículate their messages...<br />Then we do all the media space reservations...<br />Then when the campaign is adjudicated...<br />And do the media space buying.<br />... we negotiated with the media supports according with the plan. <br />... and gather all marketing materials...<br />...and present our ideas to our clients.<br />... and put the campaign going.<br />We do all the campaigns Monitoring.<br />And after the ending, we check the impact and results...<br />... and present it to our clients.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  46. 46. And what kind of campaigns I´ve developed? (including portuguese and foreign media supports)<br />Publicátio, Lda. (a WPP Group Company) ▪ Lisbon▪ November 08 – June 2011<br />Online – including the planning, developement and control of lots of Google Adwords Campaigns, website campaigns and E-mail Marketing.<br />TV – including TV Spots, telepromotions on live TV, sponsorships, etc.<br />Mobile – SMS campaigns – including message development.<br />Press – including all kind of ads, publireports, and booklets.<br />TV – including Radio Spots, direct promotions on live Radio, sponsorships, etc.<br />Outdoor campaign and other supports - such as brochures, merchandising, etc.<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  47. 47. And these are some of the brands I´ve worked with…<br />Publicátio, Lda. (a WPP Group Company) ▪ Lisbon▪ November 08 – June 2011<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  48. 48. Where have I learned?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  49. 49. LX School (Lisbon) – Post. Grad. Digital and Web MarketingSpecialistdegree<br />UniverdadeAutónoma de Lisboa - UAL / EGN – Business and Management School of Lisbon - Master in Business Administration (MBA) – IPMA /PMP - Project Management Specialist <br />Instituto Superior de Linguas e Administração – ISLA (Lisbon) - Laureate International Universities Group - Bachelor Degree - Marketing, Adv. and P.R.<br />EscolaProfissional de Comunicação e Imagem – EPCI Professional School in Lisbon) - Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations technical degree<br />Escola Secundária da Cidadela – High School in Cascais – Computer Science Specialist<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  50. 50. Basically my GPA´s were:<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  51. 51. What other Skills do I have?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  52. 52. Image and Communication<br />Graphic Design and Image Editing<br />CRM Platform <br />SAP Platform <br />Google Adwords & Google AdwordsAnalytics<br />Languages<br /><ul><li>Portuguese - Native
  53. 53. English - Fluent
  54. 54. Spanish - Conversational
  55. 55. French - Basics</li></ul>IT Skills<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, FrontPage, MS Project)
  56. 56. Corel Draw
  57. 57. Adobe Photoshop
  58. 58. Illustrator
  59. 59. Quark Express
  60. 60. Freehand
  61. 61. MarktestMediamonitor
  62. 62. SPSS</li></ul>E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  63. 63. What do I enjoy doing?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  64. 64. Reading<br />Fashion<br />Art<br />Sports<br />Music<br />Gadgets<br />Cooking<br />Travelling<br />Movies<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  65. 65. How can you contact me?<br />E: | M: (+351) 916 008 844<br />
  66. 66. Mobile: (+351) 916 008844<br />E-mail:<br />Website:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Download my CV here (need internet connection)<br />"Personality begins where comparison ends" - Karl Lagerfeld.<br />