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Client Services


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Attached are client services provided. If this seems like a fit for your group please contact me.

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Client Services

  1. 1. Employee Benefits Brokerage Services March 2009 Prepared for Prospects Presented by: Jon P. Carroll Van Meter Insurance
  2. 2. Executive Summary Van Meter Insurance combines years of experience with leading-edge products to provide exceptional service and value to our customers. We provide a full range of brokerage services including employee benefits, property and casualty, and financial and retirement. Headquartered in Kentucky, we think globally but act locally, with personal services designed specifically for each individual client. VMI shares information and resources with national networks of brokers to ensure we can meet your every need, and find answers to your questions quickly and efficiently. Our Value Proposition Our goal is to achieve a long-term relationship focused on bringing value to your employee benefits management and insurance programs. We are committed to utilizing our collective talent to support your insurance goals. We promise to identify activities that drive claim frequency, and implement an action plan to control health care costs. We will identify training needs and provide on-site assistance to actively address your health care costs and promote a healthy work environment for your employees. Carrier Analysis/Situation Analysis You face many employee benefit challenges, including internal resources, time management, employee education, compliance with federal and state legislation, trend increases, pharmacy costs, and increased litigation activity. This challenging environment dictates a change in the way you purchase and manage your insurance programs. In order to compete in your marketplace you must adopt a total cost of employee benefits management philosophy based on data-driven decisions and globally positioned communications. We specialize in evaluating, negotiating with, and recommending insurers and providers to our clients, and we employ rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives when considering a vendor. Plan Implementation Securing the best insurance package for your business begins with planning. Analyzing all your risks is critical to successful implementation of your employer group benefits. Van Meter Insurance will partner with you by providing ongoing assistance, consultation, and service that will help you control your insurance expenses and promote health care consumerism. Data Analysis Data analysis allows you to manage and reduce your claims activity. By analyzing your losses with a sophisticated data analysis tool, we can help you develop cost containment strategies and employee communication campaigns that will target areas with the highest potential to reduce high-dollar claims and high utilization. Communications Understanding the increased complexity of employee benefits is a challenge. Staying abreast of the issues you face and developing strategies to meet the constant demands of business can give you a competitive edge. VMI’s communication programs will help you stay on top of the changes affecting the employer group insurance industry and consumer-driven employee programs.
  3. 3. Employee Benefits Services Our range of value-added services includes delivering you custom solutions for all of your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health & wellness education and training, claims analysis, and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs. Wellness Campaign VMI is committed to keeping you and your employees informed. We can build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your employees’ needs. Through our online services, we can deliver you payroll stuffers, posters, ready- to-use employee newsletters, and educational brochures on health & wellness designed to help you drive consumerism in your workplace. Controlling your Pharmacy Costs Did you know drug benefit costs are rising 15 – 20% per year, and account for 10 – 15% of total health care expenditures? Repair your pharmacy benefits program with ZywaveRx™, from VMI. With ZywaveRx, we provide you access to exclusive, extremely favorable terms for your pharmacy benefit plan that include discounts guarantees and annual claims validation audits, along with expert resources and full savings analysis. Education & Training We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Our employee seminars are designed to help educate employees, create health-conscious employees and reduce high claim utilization and high- dollar claim expenses. They also provide an atmosphere for team building. Together, we can determine the topics that best suit your needs. We also will provide you with educational articles and newsletters to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR-related topics. Legislative Briefs and Plan Design Concepts Do you find it difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance, your industry, and your business? Do you need help recognizing and assessing all the trends that may have an impact on your business? VMI’s Legislative Brief and Plan Design concepts help you understand the latest issues affecting employee benefits insurance, and help you to address those issues. Employee Handbooks We are committed to helping you offer collateral on all levels to your employees, including a complete employee handbook. Our dedicated staff of professionals can help you develop and implement the employee policies to promote a healthy culture for your entire workforce and maintain a positive work environment by offering solutions for your organization’s human resource challenges. Benefit Statements Benefit statements are a successful and cost-effective tool that can assist you in delivering the value of your employer-sponsored benefits to your employees. Your employees will have a greater appreciation and understanding of their benefits, which can lead to improved recruiting efforts and higher employee retention. Claims Analysis Trying to control your claims experience can leave you feeling powerless. We can help. Our tools and resources help you respond to, track, and manage losses as they occur. We can also analyze your aggregate loss history to determine where significant losses are occurring, and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  4. 4. Employee Benefits Services We extend many of our value-added services to you electronically through a Client Portal, your personal VMI Web site. Here is just a sampling of the information that we can deliver to you via the site’s Collaboration Center: Know Your Employee Benefits Health Care Costs Series 2nd Edition: Is Your Drug Plan Hard to Swallow? HR Tools Employee Benefits Survey Live Well, Work Well Healthy Portion Sizes Plan Designs Health Savings Accounts Legislative Briefs EEOC Moves to Protect Retiree Benefits Wellness Services Think About What You Drink Handbook & Policies Employee Handbook with Linked Table of Contents Employer Education Articles & Newsletters Benefits Bulletin Prevention Newsletter Obesity
  5. 5. Employee Benefits Services Technology Solutions At VMI, we continually look for innovative benefits management resources and value-added services to ensure your customer satisfaction. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver these products and services to you. Client Portal MyWavePortal® - We offer our clients access to a client portal which is a Web tool that allows you to receive information from our agency online, participate in Employee Benefit surveys to find out how you compare to others from around the country, and easily connect with a nationwide network of peers in your industry. MyWaveHR® - How do you currently support your health & wellness initiatives? Whether you’re looking for ready-to- print flyers that feature targeted health & wellness issues to employees, or searching for Medicare Part D information, MyWaveHR combines information and collaboration tools, including two-way document posting, to help streamline your everyday work tasks. You can quickly source insurance-related news, information, and resources 24/7. MyWave® Benefits – How do you access your employer group benefits at a glance? MyWaveBenefits is your one-stop information center that allows you to view your agency’s benefit plan information online. MyWave Elements [INSERT ELEMENTS INFORMATION IF APPLICABLE] HRconnection® Our HRconnection tool offers you access the most powerful HR communication system available, featuring more ways for you to educate and empower your employees than any other site of its kind. It is an easy-to-use employee Web site that serves as a custom company information and employee benefits expert. For employees, it provides 24-hour access to company and benefits information from any computer with Internet access. For employers and human resources personnel, HRconnection increases productivity and cost savings by providing employee self-service and improving employee communication efforts. Decision Master® Warehouse Decision Master Warehouse (DMW) enables us to eliminate potential problems, find the underlying causes, and determine effective solutions. Decision Master Warehouse’s Health Plan Management Report offers over 70 easy-to- use and understand management exhibits to detect problems with your medical utilization or plan cost by comparing your costs to national norms of similar employers. DMW’s powerful querying module, Drill-Down, analyzes the critical components of your data in multiple ways. Drill-Down can answer nearly any question you may have regarding your claims experience. These results will help you formulate focused strategies for reducing utilization and costs. DMW’s Alternative Modeling allows us to experiment with plan design alternatives, and most importantly, determine how plan changes can lead to savings. PlanAdvisor™ Imagine taking the guesswork out of the benefits renewal process. Our PlanAdvisor tool allows us to analyze your benefits plan costs against reliable benchmark information, project the impact of medical plan design changes, estimate your renewal costs, and streamline the plan selection process for your employees.
  6. 6. MyWavePortal® Click+Connect+Communicate Welcome to a whole new way of working — MyWave® is your personalized Web site that allows you to effortlessly click, connect, and communicate with Van Meter Insurance. It’s designed to offer you time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday work tasks. Whether you want to view documents online, participate in plan/program surveys, or connect with over 200,000 peers in your industry, this is the place to be. It’s easily accessible, hardworking, and just one of the many value-added services available to you when you partner with us. "The Community section allows us to easily find out what other companies are doing in a variety of situations. I can get answers quickly from other colleagues in the industry; the Community has become my personal sounding board." Trevor, MyWavePortal User, Northeast Collaboration Center • Our document posting capabilities allow a seamless exchange of information sharing from our agency to you. • Accessible 24/7, postings from our agency are timely, relevant, and easy to locate in one convenient place online. Survey Benchmarking • Participate in benefit plan and/or P&C program surveys • Allows you to determine how your plans and programs compare to other employers across the U.S. Community • Through MyWave® Community, you have access to a vast and knowledgeable network of colleagues from across the country. • Share information and resources via the Community’s interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provide insight into other users’ questions, and allows you to track responses based on topics or individual questions. • Community postings are organized by topic so you can source information quickly and easily.
  7. 7. MyWaveHR® : Your Electronic Human Resource Assistant “MyWaveHR is an extremely valuable resource for us. We particularly appreciate the forms available in the Legislative Guides and the newsletters found in HealthShop.” Julie, MyWaveHR Client User, Midwest MyWaveHR is the helping hand you need for all your Human Resource needs. Whether you are looking for Legislative information, employee communications, industry-related Web sites, or consumer- related healthcare information, MyWaveHR has it readily available for you in one easy, convenient location. Compliance Looking for quick answers to tough legislative questions? MyWaveHR’s Compliance has the answers you’re searching for. You will be directly linked to an exclusive set of comprehensive guides full of federal legislation. Complete guides include COBRA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Section 125, and FMLA. Within each guide, sections include Related Articles, Q&A, Forms, and Quick Reference. A search function is also available to help you easily source information by allowing you to browse all or only particular sections within each guide. Documents on Command When you need to resource information fast, the Documents on Command section of MyWaveHR provides instant access to a library of downloadable articles covering a variety of topics — exactly when you need them! Articles are conveniently grouped by general category and include: Benchmark Surveys & Statistics, Compliance & Plan Designs, and Employee Communication & Education — to help you easily locate all the resources available to you. Or, use its keyword search function to find related documents. Resources MyWaveHR’s Resources provides useful links and articles to industry-related Web sites —all through the convenience of your
  8. 8. MyWaveHR® homepage. In addition, use the helpful search function so you can promptly find all the information you are looking for, as well as any related documents from the Documents on Command section. And if you still cannot find exactly what you need, use the convenient, “contact your broker representative” help link. So many helpful resources — all at your fingertips. HealthShop Want consumer health- related articles in professional looking newsletters to give to your employees in a snap? No problem! MyWaveHR supplies you with HealthShop — comprehensive, consumer information, in ready-to- print newsletters. Topics include: At the Doctor’s Office, At the Pharmacy, Home Care, and Your Health. Use these newsletters to help your employees make smart and informed healthcare decisions.
  9. 9. "We currently create plan summaries using Excel for each of our clients. MyWaveBenefits will now make this available to them online and free up some time for us." Kaye, MyWaveBenefits User, West Coast MyWaveBenefits is your one-stop information center that allows you to view your company’s benefit plan information online. And to help simplify things even more, we’ve stored all this valuable plan information in one easily-accessible location—making it just a mouse click away. Benefit Plan Information Want to be able to see the different plan types that your agency chose for the year? MyWaveBenefits can easily provide you with this wealth of information. Once you select a plan type, the current related policies will automatically appear, allowing you to view each plan’s basic information. If you select a specific plan type such as dental, you will be able to see that plan broken down by plan type, year, and name, as well as policy number, and issuing carrier. You can drill-down and see even more detailed information by selecting the Benefits tab – displaying your agency’s current plan design. Another great benefit is that the system holds plans that are currently in place, in addition to prior plans, allowing you to compare plan information from year to year. Rate Information Would it be helpful to know specific information about the benefits elected by your agency such as monthly fees? And how great would it be to know rate structure information? With MyWave®Benefits, this beneficial information is just another valuable component you’ll have access to, with the ease of a click of the mouse. By clicking on the Rates tab within the plan type you selected, you’ll be provided with a detailed summary of the policy’s rate information including such valuable information as rate structure, employee count, and rate amounts. MyWave® Benefits: Your Benefit Plan Information Center
  10. 10. Sample MyWave® Homepage Brought to you by Van Meter Insurance MyWaveHR® MyWaveHR is the helping hand for all your Human Resource needs. Benchmark Surveys Allows you to determine how your plans and programs compare to other employers across the U.S. MyWave® Community Share information and resources via the Community’s interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provide insight into other users’ questions, and to track responses based on topics or individual questions. Collaboration Center Two-way document posting capabilities allow a seamless exchange of information sharing and collaboration. Users can download and share documents, make updates, and track a document’s history – simplifying updates to reports, worksheets, questionnaires, and policies.
  11. 11. Page 12 How does your current broker COMPARE? What Van Meter Insurance Provides: Current Broker? Insurance Market Access We provide access to virtually all insurance and administration markets. Strategic Planning We will develop a customized strategic plan for you that defines objectives and outlines the actions needed to fulfill those objectives. Our strategic planning services ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling your benefits needs. Five-Star Service We pride ourselves on the level of knowledge and service we bring to our clients. All of our clients are assigned a team of specialists dedicated to serving their needs. Each client accesses our team through a single point of contact, making working with us seamless and easy. Experience We are dedicated and committed to excellence in our service to the business community. Technology We use leading-edge technology to provide our customers with the latest data analysis, legislative, communication, and human resources administration tools. Actuarial Services When needed, we employ the services of professional actuaries to assist with calculations critical to your employee benefits plans. Data Analysis Using employee claim data from your carrier or TPA, our Internet-based Decision Master® Warehouse system analyzes your data and shows how and where to adjust your plan design to save money. We can even model recommended changes to show you the potential savings. Legislative Briefs Our exclusive Legislative Brief publication summarizes recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits including COBRA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, FMLA, and Section 125. Client Portal All of our clients receive access to a personalized Client Portal. The site is devoted to helping you with plan administration, legislative compliance, employee communication, and more! Custom Communication Through MyWaveHR® , we can assist you with all phases of employee communication, from employee meetings to payroll stuffers and informative brochures about employee benefits and wellness. Human Resources Tools HRconnection® is available to you exclusively from VMI. This Web-based tool is a complete employee communication system that helps you improve communication, increase productivity, streamline processes, and save money for your human resources department. Pharmacy Benefits Services Through arrangements with two leading pharmacy benefits managers, we have access to national pharmacy networks, significant discounts, pharmacy benefits modeling tools, and more. Voluntary Benefits We have a experienced and highly knowledgeable staff who can help you with this growing and important area of employee benefits. Community When partnering with VMI, you gain access to professionals from all over the country through the Community section on the Client Portal. An answer to a problem you have is just an e-mail away. As an example, one client writes, “We just recently implemented a premium only cafeteria plan. Can anyone tell me how this will report on the W-2s?” This question was answered quickly, saving them time and resources.