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Ashley Visual Resume


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my 'At-a-glance' resume - using visual language

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Ashley Visual Resume

  1. 1. <p><strong>Page 1: </strong> Ashley Chris Vinil J P BSc –Physics (American college) + PGDCA + MBA (XIME) + CnC (Crest) = Fulltime Studies until now Born &amp; brought up in India Company Sales &amp; Brand Staffing Training Visual Mktg Mgt Communication DRS RAMMS Solutions D&amp;W Work Experience Ithiel StoryPreso DISCOVER strategic Core messages using Visual Brainstorming; DESIGN Strategic Visuals and Presentations using Visual Story Language; EQUIP individuals &amp; teams in Presentation, Visual Thinking and Biz Storytelling skills Haggai Institute – AV Trainer Equip – Leadership Trainer KMC – Christian Education Chairperson Christian – Preaching &amp; Teaching Things I do Sketching, Reading, Learning, Crafts, VizX by StoryPreso-&gt; www-&gt;storypreso-&gt;com Photography, Networking, Designing, Facilitator, Audio-Visual production, Story-telling, Writing, Motivational Speaker, Presenter Volunteering …Love to hear from you Ashley Chris Cell: +919900331832 Personal: jpashley@gmail-&gt;com Work: +918041716493 Work: ashley@storypreso-&gt;com Skype: Ashley-&gt;Vinil https://www-&gt;google-&gt;com/profiles/jpashley </p>