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Scrum in 5 slides


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I had to explain Scrum in just 5 slides to the executives. Think of it as an elevator pitch to get them interested and buy the idea. Feel free to use it. Send me any feedback about your experience.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Scrum in 5 slides

  1. 1. What is Scrum Scrum (n): a simple framework for effective team collaboration for solving complex adaptive problems and delivering highest possible value to customers. • Not a methodology. Just a way of working.
  2. 2. Sprint #n+5 Review Plan Sprint #n+4 Review Plan Scrum vs. Waterfall Plan Design Implement Test Release Review Tangible product is available. Waterfall (Process Driven) Scrum (Value Driven) Sprint #n Review Plan Sprint #n+1 Review Plan Sprint #n+2 Review Plan Sprint #n+3 Review Plan Sprint: < 4 weeks
  3. 3. Sprint: < 4 weeks
  4. 4. Roles & Responsibility • Manages the Product Backlog and value • Optimizes value of the Product Product Owner • Manages them self & the Sprint Backlog • Develop “Done” Increments + Dev. Team • Manages organization Agility • Removes Impediments & coach the organisation + Scrum Master = Scrum Team Flowofservice