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Novidades do Google I/O 2014 - Uma Visão


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Palestra sobre as novidades do Google I/O 2014 e demos das principais tecnologias e plataformas

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Novidades do Google I/O 2014 - Uma Visão

  1. 1. As Novidades do Google I/O 2014 Uma Visão José Papo DevRel Manager - Google Brasil +JosePapo @josepapo
  2. 2. “Algorithms have already written symphonies as moving as those composed by Beethoven, picked through legalese with the deftness of a senior law partner, diagnosed patients with more accuracy than a doctor, written news articles like a seasoned reporter, and driven vehicles on urban highways with better control than a human driver.”
  3. 3. Os próximos 5 bilhões
  4. 4. Android Auto
  5. 5. Android TV
  6. 6. Android Wear
  7. 7. Android Studio
  8. 8. Google Cardboard VR
  9. 9. DEMOS!
  10. 10. Material Design
  11. 11.
  12. 12. DEMOS!
  13. 13. Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Datastore Compute Compute Engine App Engine App Services BigQuery Cloud Endpoints Storage
  14. 14. DEMOS! Images by Connie Zhou
  15. 15. OBRIGADO! José Papo @josepapo +JosePapo