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Machine learning and TensorFlow


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Palestra sobre Machine Learning e TensorFlow com aplicações e APIs do Google disponibilizadas para desenvolvedores, startups e empresas

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Machine learning and TensorFlow

  1. 1. Machine Learning and TensorFlow Artificial Intelligence Present and Future José Papo Gerente de relações com startups e developers Google América Latina @josepapo
  2. 2. “Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re re-thinking how we’re doing everything” Sundar Pichai CEO, Google
  3. 3. “Machine learning will cause every successful huge IPO win in 5 years.” Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman, Alphabet
  4. 4. Basic Concepts
  5. 5. ● Artificial General Intelligence ● Artificial Superintelligence ● Artificial Narrow Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. Machine Learning (Narrow AI)
  7. 7. Deep Learning (ML on Steroids!!!)
  8. 8. What’s different now from 10 years ago? WAY MORE DATA More Compute Better Algorithms
  9. 9. Machine Learning at Google
  10. 10. Products using Machine Learning
  11. 11. TensorFlow
  12. 12. ● Open source Machine Learning library ● Especially useful for Deep Learning ● For research and production ● Apache 2.0 license
  13. 13. Raspberry Pi DatacentersYour laptop Android iOS Portable & Scalable
  14. 14. A multidimensional array. A graph of operations.
  15. 15. Data Flow Graphs Computation is defined as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to optimize an objective function ● Graph is defined in high-level language (Python) ● Graph is compiled and optimized ● Graph is executed (in parts or fully) on available low level devices (CPU, GPU) ● Data (tensors) flow through the graph ● TensorFlow can compute gradients automatically
  16. 16. Image source: Wikimedia + = A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style ?
  17. 17. Image source: Wikimedia + = A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
  18. 18. Image source: Wikimedia + = A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
  19. 19. Most popular ML open source project on GitHub
  20. 20. Cloud, Mobile, Machine Learning
  21. 21. Cloud Machine Learning APIs See, Hear and Understand the world
  22. 22. Cloud Natural Language Cloud Speech Cloud Translate Cloud Vision
  23. 23. Faces Faces, facial landmarks, emotions OCR Read and extract text, with support for > 10 languages Label Detect entities from furniture to transportation Logos Identify product logos Landmarks & Image Properties Detect landmarks & dominant color of image Safe Search Detect explicit content - adult, violent, medical and spoof Cloud Vision API
  24. 24. Confidential & ProprietaryGoogle Cloud Platform 34 Cloud Natural Language API Extract sentence, identify parts of speech and create dependency parse trees for each sentence. Identify entities and label by types such as person, organization, location, events, products and media. Understand the overall sentiment of a block of text. Syntax Analysis Entity Recognition Sentiment Analysis
  25. 25. Confidential & ProprietaryGoogle Cloud Platform 35 Cloud Speech API Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) powered by deep learning neural networking to power your applications like voice search or speech transcription. Recognizes over 80 languages and variants with an extensive vocabulary. Returns partial recognition results immediately, as they become available. Filter inappropriate content in text results. Audio input can be captured by an application’s microphone or sent from a pre-recorded audio file. Multiple audio file formats are supported, including FLAC, AMR, PCMU and linear-16. Handles noisy audio from many environments without requiring additional noise cancellation. Audio files can be uploaded in the request and, in future releases, integrated with Google Cloud Storage. Automatic Speech Recognition Global Vocabulary Inappropriate Content Filtering Streaming Recognition Real-time or Buffered Audio Support Noisy Audio Handling Integrated API
  26. 26. Mobile Vision API Providing on-device vision for applications
  27. 27. Face API faces, facial landmarks, eyes open, smiling Barcode API 1D and 2D barcodes Text API Latin-based text / structure Common Mobile Vision API Support for fast image and video on-device detection and tracking. NEW!
  28. 28. Face API Photo credit
  29. 29. Text Detection Latin based language Understand text structure Photo credit Getty Images
  30. 30. Barcode Detection 1D barcodes EAN-13/8 UPC-A/E Code-39/93/128 ITF Codabar 2D barcodes QR Code Data Matrix PDF-417 AZTEC UPC DataMatrix QR Code PDF 417 Video and image credit Google
  31. 31. Machine Learning Democratization Use Cases in Latin America
  33. 33. Machine Learning
  34. 34. AGENDA • Otimização do broadcast • Otimização do processo billing • Personal Cloud Machine Learning
  35. 35. operacion al comercia l usuário s 3perspectiva s
  36. 36. Otimização do broadcast • Reduzir a quantidade de envio de mensagens de estímulo mantendo a mesma taxa de retorno. comercia l Desafio Proposta • Identificar o comportamento ou características dos usuários mais propensos a responder ao estímulo.
  37. 37. Otimização do broadcast • Text Mining para tratamento das frases, classificando-as, como por exemplo, pela ideia transmitida. • Análise de modelos preditivos para seleção dos clientes mais propensos. comercia l Processo de análise
  38. 38. Otimização do broadcast • Prever quem não irá responder a nossa oferta nos dá a possibilidade de pensarmos em algo diferente para este usuário e desta forma conhecê-lo um pouco mais. • Redução de média 40% nos envios de broadcast. comercia l Resultad o
  39. 39. Otimização do billing • Aumentar o sucesso nas cobranças dos serviços prestados. Desafi o Propost a • Identificar os clientes mais propensos em determinados horários. operacion al
  40. 40. Otimização do billing • Tratamento e enriquecimento da base de dados com BigQuery. • Análise de modelos preditivos para criação de escore de crédito. Processo de análise operacion al
  41. 41. Otimização do billing Proposição de uso
  42. 42. Otimização do billing • Redução de custos com infraestrutura de TI, uso mais inteligente de recursos. • Melhora de 42% em média na acertividade do billing. Resultad o operacion al
  43. 43. Personal Cloud • Detectar objetos e faces dentro das fotos dos usuários do Personal Cloud para possibilitar busca e criação de álbuns de forma automática Desafi o Propost a • Utilização da API do Google Cloud Vision. usuário s Busca por tags e álbuns automáticos
  44. 44. Otimização do broadcast Processo de análiseusuário s pé dedo bolsa óculo s praia
  45. 45. Don’t Think Outside The Box, Think Like There is NO BOX!
  46. 46. Want to learn more? Udacity class on Deep Learning, Guides, codelabs, videos MNIST for Beginners, TF Learn Quickstart, TensorFlow for Poets, ML Recipes, TensorFlow and Deep Learning without a PhD, Learn More...
  47. 47. OBRIGADO! José Papo @josepapo