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Learn more about Colt\'s vCloud service, a VMware solution.

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  • Hosted in Tier 3 Colt DC with 99.995% availabilityExisting VMware users can export from their environment and import into the cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud is the cloud infrastructure composed of two or more clouds (private or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardised technology that enables data and application portability (APIs, management tools, etc).Three cloud varieties: Private, Public, and Hybrid. Private cloud is internal to the customers Public Cloud is a cloud infrastructure made available to the general public e.g. Amazon, Google etcHybrid cloud is bridging clouds in a seamless manner. Remain unique entities but are bound together by standard technology that enables data and application portability.The VMware vision is to facilitate the extension of a customer datacenter to a vCloud Service Provider Cloud so resources are available on demandThis bridging is achieved using a common platform, security, and management model.Bridging definition – that you have multiple clouds in your environment and have a single pane of glass to monitor these clouds and be able to import and export between these clouds through OVF format. Bridging – today (multiple clouds in the environment) eventually VMware will be able to do Federation Cloud – 2 or more interoperable clouds enabling data and application portability -- NOT TODAY – even though businesses want it.vCloud API is wide open standard – not necessarily VMware. Might been even on Zen. Just like OVF is wide open. The API is the only thing that isrequired to go from one cloud to another. And as you are growing and as you need additional capacity for seasonal peak you can expand into the public cloud for temporary capacity or build small private clouds based on where you are. This is possible because VMware is giving an open and interoperable environment enabling the customers for hybrid cloud.
  • Underlying vCloud Director is vSphere (vCenter and ESXi)VMware vShield provides network edge security for tenants of the cloudVMware Chargeback provides the metering and billingvCloud Director provides; User Self Service through vCloud API and web-based portalCatalog which is used to store templates and media for provisioningSecurity including firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) services and role-based security accessOrganisations are customers (or tenants) of the cloud and include:Virtual Datacenters which are a collection of resources (CPU, RAM, storage and network)vShield Edge virtual appliance provides network edge security for the Organisation
  • Some of the service characteristics of the different models include the followingCustomers can have one or more vDCs of different types in their Organisation
  • Colt Enterprise vCloud

    1. 1. Colt enterprise vCloudA VMware vCloud Datacenter Service<br />Jack Pannekeet, Solution Architect<br />
    2. 2. What is the Colt enterprise vCloud?<br /><ul><li>Enterprise-class cloud service built on an approved/certified VMware cloud infrastructure technology
    3. 3. Infrastructure-as-a-Service in a flexible, scalable and secure manner
    4. 4. Delivered on highly-available and secure Colt managed infrastructure
    5. 5. Delivered via private network (e.g. Colt IP VPN) or public (Internet)
    6. 6. A “self-service” portal to create, configure and administer
    7. 7. Self managed initially, managed service in development
    8. 8. Secure multi-tenancy (isolation, firewalls, authentication)
    9. 9. Application portability for existing VMware users</li></li></ul><li>Flexible Cloud Deployment Models = Choice<br />Cloud Computingis a way of doing computing<br />vCloud ServiceProviders<br />Bridging<br />Enterprises<br />Hybrid Cloud<br />Composition of two or more interoperable clouds, enabling data and application portability<br />Public Cloud<br />Accessible over the Internet for general consumption<br />Private Cloud<br />Operated solely for an organization, typically within the firewall<br />Common Platform, Security Model, & Management Model<br />
    10. 10. vCloud Director Architecture <br />VMware vSphere<br />Colt enterprise vCloud<br />VMware vShield<br />User Self Service<br />Catalog<br />Security<br />VMware Chargeback<br />Organisation A<br />Organisation B<br />vShield<br />vShield<br />VMware vCloud Director<br />Virtual Datacenter<br />Virtual Datacenter<br />Virtual Datacenter<br />
    11. 11. Colt Service Offerings<br />Basic vDC<br />Committed vDC<br />Pre-production Test/Dev<br />Tier 2/3 (e.g. Share Point)<br />Production<br />On demand (PAYG)<br />Allocation pool + burst<br />Reserved pool<br />Variable<br />75%<br />100%<br />Customer Self Service<br />Customer Self Service<br />Customer Self Service<br />Virtual Machine Usage<br />Recurring Service<br />Recurring Service<br />Based on vCPU speed<br />Small, Med, Large<br />Custom<br /><ul><li>Service is based on a Virtual Datacenter (vDC) which is a collection of compute, storage and network resources
    12. 12. Customers can have one or many vDCs of varying type</li></ul>Offering<br />Dedicated vDC<br />Target Use Cases<br />Consumption Model<br />Resources Guarantee<br />Management<br />Charging<br />Packages<br />
    13. 13. Service Characteristics<br /><ul><li>Charged on per-VM resource usage
    14. 14. Variable end of month billing</li></ul>Basic vDC (PAYG)<br /><ul><li>Resource pool is unreserved
    15. 15. Resources allocated on demand (if available)
    16. 16. Resource is committed when VM created
    17. 17. Predictable performance
    18. 18. Charged for resource whether used or not
    19. 19. Predictable end of month billing</li></ul>Committed vDC<br /><ul><li>Pre-allocation of required resource
    20. 20. Resource is committed to customer
    21. 21. 75% of resources are guarantee
    22. 22. 25% is burst-capacity
    23. 23. Predictable performance
    24. 24. Predictable end of month billing</li></ul>Dedicated<br /><ul><li>Separate physical resources, not shared
    25. 25. 100% of resources are guaranteed</li></li></ul><li>Accessing the Cloud<br />Administration is via HTTPS connection to a unique customer URL<br /><ul><li>vCloud Self-service Web portal
    26. 26. vCloud Application Programming Interface (API)</li></ul>Consumption of the VMs is via the following access points:<br /><ul><li>Public interfaces (IP Access)
    27. 27. Private network (Colt IP VPN etc)
    28. 28. vCloud Self-service Web portal (remote console)</li></li></ul><li>Cloud Access<br />
    29. 29. What do customers create in vCloud?<br /><ul><li>Virtual Machines (VMs) contained within a vApp
    30. 30. What is a vApp?</li></ul>Multi-tiered VM container<br />Contains one or many VMs<br />Includes application-level properties and actions (such as start, stop, clone)<br />Can contain unique vApp network (private to VMs within vApp)<br />Provides portability of application<br />
    31. 31. What do customers create in vCloud?<br /><ul><li>Virtual Machines (VMs) contained within a vApp
    32. 32. What is a vApp?</li></ul>Multi-tiered VM container<br />Contains one or many VMs<br />Includes application-level properties and actions (such as start, stop, clone)<br />Can contain unique vApp network (private to VMs within vApp)<br />Provides portability of application<br />
    33. 33. vCloud Catalogue<br />
    34. 34. vCloud Security<br />vCloud service is ISO27001 certified<br />vSphere provides the foundation for Multi-tenancy<br />EAL4+ Certified<br />Provides isolation between the guest and the host<br />vCloud Director is designed for multi-tenancy & enforces segregation<br />vSphere and infrastructure layer is totally abstracted from customers<br />Customers can only view resources associated with their organisations<br />Unique URL per customer organisation<br /><ul><li>vShield provides multiple edge security services</li></ul>Source, destination and port based access rules<br />Configure network address translation (NAT) at the network edge<br />
    35. 35. VMware vCloud Connector<br /><ul><li>Facilitates migration of VMs from customer cloud to Colt vCloud
    36. 36. Plug-in for vSphere Client
    37. 37. Virtual Appliance installed on customer’s vCenter server
    38. 38. Credentials for Colt vCloud entered into vCloud Connector
    39. 39. VM will be powered off, exported and uploaded in the background</li></li></ul><li>vCloud Connector<br />
    40. 40. Summary<br />Sole VMware Partner in EMEA with certified solution<br />Application portability from existing vSphere environment<br />vCloud Connector facilitates simple migration<br />Enables VMware customers to extend to the public cloud <br />Delivers IT as a service in a flexible, scalable, and secure manner<br />Backed by Colt information delivery platform<br />