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Temperate forest


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Temperate forest

  1. 1. Temperate Forest
  2. 2. Characteristics• Temperate forests have a moderate climate. They are home to many plant and animal species.• The soil in temperate forests is rich in nutrients. Temperate forests are often cleared to make way for farms, houses, and golf courses.• Seasons change the look of temperate forests every few months. The four seasons are winter, spring, summer, and fall.
  3. 3. •The obvious element of climate in the temperaterainforest is precipitaion.•This is a small biome in terms of area covered.•Precipitation varies from 28 inches per year in thenorhwestern section of the biome to 60 inches peryear in the southeastern part; in most areas theprecipitation is distributed evenly throughout theyear.
  4. 4. •The average temperature in temperateforests is 50 degrees fahrenheit. Summersare mild and average about 70 degreesfahrenheit, while winter temperatures areoften well blow freezing.•The average yearly precipitation is 30-60inches.
  5. 5. FAUNACougar Wallabies
  6. 6. Giant PandaPossums
  7. 7. Wolves
  8. 8. FloraFir Juniper
  9. 9. Spruce Ferns
  10. 10. Thank You ForWatching!!!
  11. 11. Prepared by: Mini R.T. 4Trisha Danielle NunagAriane Rose Pangilinan Piela Nica Pineda