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London Ep2009 Delivered

  1. 1. Alt. Ready or not, Personal Learning Environments are coming - John Pallister ePortfolio 2009, London - June 2009
  2. 2. A ‘modern’ man, a learner in 2009 • Listens, watches (lurks) • Increasingly participate, contribute, share • Reflects and learns – anywhere anytime • Obsessive Internet addiction
  3. 3. Motivation: failure … found that It was not possible to introduce ePortfolios when the ePortfolio process was not fully integrated into the curriculum;
  4. 4. Something to do with personalisation and learning environments • On a mission to sort it out!
  5. 5. preparation • Thinking – based on experience • Searches – web-based • AND – promoted discussion in: – Twitter – Becta Collaboration + Research List – MirandaNet – TES – LinkedIn – ePortfolio + PLTs Group
  6. 6. ‘everyone’ telling schools to: “put personalising learning at the heart of their vision for transforming teaching and learning”
  7. 7. Personalised Learning; what is it? • means different things to different people; • Lots of discussion – talking about different things; • schools confused about what it is that they need to introduce, implement or support
  8. 8. confusion - who personalises ‘it’? • ‘Personalised’ - done to the ‘learning’; that it had been structured, organised or presented for the consumption of the learner. [passive] • OR the learner ‘personalises their own learning; organising their own learning; organising their own time; seeking info, advice and support from anyone who is appropriate and available accessible [active]
  9. 9. Assessment for Learning (AFL) and curriculum choice are identified in most attempts at defining personalised
  10. 10. But that is the ePortfolio process • The ePortfolio process is consistent with Assessment for Learning; • If schools promote the ePortfolio process they will be supporting personalisation; they will be doing what they are being told to ‘do’!
  11. 11. Curriculum choice for learners • Learners need to be able to ‘see’ the curriculum options that are available to them; • Learners ‘expect’ to have their ‘voice’ listened to; they expect to be able to exercise choice; • Learners ‘expect’ a curriculum based on their interests, abilities and aspirations, they want a ‘Me-curriculum’.
  12. 12. Need a ‘learner facing’ and learner accessible curriculum • If the learner is to make choices and take an active part in their own learning they need to know what is expected of them and what is available to them; • Schools need to make it clear, to learners what their ‘offer’ is.
  13. 13. Competition for the ‘old’ school • The learning environment provided by the school, is complemented by those enabled by technology; • If learning is metered-out and controlled by teachers in a ‘traditional learning environment’, during school hours, the learner can now access learning opportunities whenever they want to, as long as they have internet access; the required skills and the motivation; • The boundaries between formal, planned learning and unplanned learning are likely to evaporate as Web 2+ increasingly provides, and is recognised, as providing a space and a tool-set capable of supporting learning.
  14. 14. Learners ‘do’ personalised learning in their Personal Learning Environment • To ‘do’ personalised learning they need a new skills set to operate in their Personal Learning Environment; • Nationally, Personal Learning and Thinking skills have been defined.
  15. 15. STOP PRESS - Learners operate in Personal Learning Environments - now • Can a learner ‘operate’ in a PLE without following the ePortfolio process? • Can a school decide not to respect or support their learner’s Personal Learning Environment? • ‘competition’ no longer just from the school ‘next door’ – global competition to provide 24/7 learning environments, here today – prepare for tomorrow!
  16. 16. In support of the school: • They have teachers who can …..
  17. 17. Also • Deque of slides compiled to support this presentation • Presentation on Web-based Curriculum Mapping that supports this presentation; • Discussion being promoted via Twitter, MirandaNet and Google Group