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whereareyoufromandgo​ingto by Maria Curado


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Smamit7 ERASMUS+ Course.Participants in dialogue: whereareyoufromandgo​ingto from Maria Curado Portugal

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whereareyoufromandgo​ingto by Maria Curado

  1. 1. SLAMit The SLAMit 7 course Zagreb, 29th october - 3rd november 2017 Wherearewefromandgoingto maria curado
  2. 2. The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled (Plutarch )
  3. 3. Howtokindleit? • Accept responsilibity: what`s wrong with it? How can you make it better? • Do it. If you don`t do it, it won`t exist • Do not be right, it`s wrong to be right • Ask questions • Be critical, rebel against something • Read the world to read the word • Read the word to (re)read and to (re)write the world • …
  4. 4. So, what? She has only been kindling the fire…
  5. 5. Reading is extremely dangerous… [It can make you (extreeeeeeemely) AWARE , FREE, POWERFUL…]
  6. 6. How many different readings can you make? Are they countable?
  7. 7. What`s a book? A paper book? A digital book? Any other resource providing material for you to think, …?
  8. 8. Things have been changing… Images source: Internet
  9. 9. Is that so awful that things are changing?
  10. 10. Of course not. It`s quite easy: you only have to refuse being a” mass man”(Ortega y Gasset; 1929) Can you see a “niche market” here?
  11. 11. We could. Main business: Thinking • • dex.php/biblioteca • orosae.31
  12. 12. and it sells like…hell
  13. 13. Just because it is the heart and soul of the School provides access to quality information is the foundation of a quite meaningful pedagogy enhances teaching skills
  14. 14. . builds capacity for critical engagement . produces knowledge which can be transformed into wisdom . values education . integrates and generates the culture of the School . gives access to the librarian`s expertise
  15. 15. . helps teachers to be better teachers . provides training . builds collaborative relationships, interest and motivation . promotes creativity . meets individual and special needs . improves transliteracies . models teachers`good practices and student-learning behaviour
  16. 16. . provides quality information in multiple formats and platforms . connects community and the world, building citizenship and longlife learning capabilities . increases team work, responsibility (online too) . gives diferente perspectives on the same topic etc, etc, etc,…but,
  17. 17. just because students are digital natives, should we assume they know
  18. 18. Are we proud? Are you proud? Do you exactly know when/where you started?
  19. 19. we are never satisfied That`s the reason why we continue Reading on, as a member of READ ON project, within a CREATIVE EUROPE (four years, six partners, lots of different and interesting activities connected with readind and writing)
  20. 20. There`s one of them (reading for pleasure) 2015/16 -
  21. 21. Viajar Em sonhos viajo... Busco sentidos diversos em sinais dispersos em palavras escondidas... E , assim, vou escrevendo lendo e escrevendo as histórias que sonho, as personagens que imagino, os sentimentos que sinto... E, tu, meu leitor, és meu parceiro nesta aventura que sonho, viajando. (Lendo-escrevendo.)
  22. 22. Thank you very much for your kind attention. See you around! 2015/16 - maria curado