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The Czech Republic Educational system


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Structure of the Czech Republic Educational system

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The Czech Republic Educational system

  2. 2. Compulsory EducationCompulsory Education Add clip art here. What is the age range for compulsory schooling in the Czech Republic? From 6 – 15 years of age.
  3. 3. Responsibility for EducationResponsibility for Education The responsibility for education is distributed amongst: 1. The central government 2. Each region (14) 3. municipalities
  4. 4. Public education fundingPublic education funding The funding of schools: Capital costs and running costs: • funded by the organising bodies (regions and municipalities from regional/local budgets). Educational costs (salaries and teaching aids): • allocated from the state (central) budget by the MEYS via the regional administration. MEYS Salaries Regional authorities Local authorities Capital costs Running costs Schools
  5. 5. The Ministry of Education,The Ministry of Education, Youths and SportsYouths and Sports is responsible for the curriculum, state and development of the education system; determines the content of education: approves frameworks for educational programmes; accredits educational programmes; is responsible for the state financing policy in education.
  6. 6. Responsibility of municipalitiesResponsibility of municipalities for educationfor education Pre-primary education – nursery schools (not compulsory) Primary education – basic schools (compulsory)
  7. 7. PrivatePrivate (church)(church) educationeducation Private and denominational (church) schools Private schools – established since 1990 (universities – 1999). The schools – usual legal form – a for profit or non- profit grant organisation.
  8. 8. Pre-primary educationPre-primary education mateřská škola (nursery school); attendance is compulsory in a pre-school year; a new law September 2017 the year prior to compulsory schooling is free of charge parents pay a maximum of 50 % of the running (not educational) costs covered by the municipality.
  9. 9. Compulsory educationCompulsory education school attendance is compulsory for nine years, usually from the ages of 6 to 15; pupils start in a comprehensive single structured institution called základní škola; during the second stage it is possible to proceed to gymnázium – secondary school providing general education
  10. 10. Compulsory educationCompulsory education Education (institution) Typical age Základní škola (single structure) – primary education – lower secondary education first stage: 6-11 second stage: 11-15 Lower stage of multi-year Gymnázium (general lower secondary education) 11/13-15
  11. 11. Basic School – primary level Basic School – lower-secondary level 8-years course 6-years course Secondary education with School-leaving exam general fields other fields Tertiary Professional School Secondary education with apprenticeship certificate Secondary education DanceConservatoires Conservatoires 4-years course Bachelor's programmes Master´s programmes Higher Education Institution Kindergarten – pre-primary level Doctoral programmes 3-5 age 6-1415-1920+ 11
  12. 12. Compulsory education – extraCompulsory education – extra infoinfo the school year begins on 1st September and ends on 30th June; lessons of 45 minutes are spread over five days during the week; the timetable is 18-26 lessons at the first stage, 28-32 lessons at the second stage (gradually); the number of pupils per class is between a minimum of 17 and maximum of 30 .
  13. 13. How to start?How to start? How to start a kindergarten - Age, application, if not enough places emloyed mothers have a priority, up to 28 children in a group How to start a primary school – application in April, possible a year later, up to 30 children in a class How to start a secondary school – entrance tests organised by the Ministry of education, equality
  14. 14. Secondary schoolsSecondary schools All upper secondary schools organize A- level - examination – state exam Czech language, maths/English School organizes – 2 subjects School - Vocational certificate
  15. 15. SituationSituation 15
  16. 16. TeacherTeacher Who can become a teacher in the Czech Republic? Teachers of theoretical subjects must obtain a university qualification at Master’s level. Different types of lower vocational qualifications (from non-tertiary education) are sufficient for vocational teachers and teachers of apprentice courses.
  17. 17. School evaluation – Czech SchoolSchool evaluation – Czech School InspectorateInspectorate institution of state administration concerned with monitoring activities in pre-primary, basic, secondary and tertiary education, both public and non-public; provides information on the state of the education system in the Czech Republic and aims to influence it by independent, objective and professional feed-back; evaluates educational conditions, processes and results of school and school services.
  18. 18. Education system of the CzechEducation system of the Czech RRepublicepublic Legislation: pedagogical staff a pedagogical employee IS NOT a civil servant duties and rights of pedagogical staff requested achieved education state contributions to the education of pedagogical staff Special need education law
  19. 19. HeadteachersHeadteachers School heads are appointed by the school founder (municipality, region or the Ministry) on the basis of a competitive recruitment process. The school heads have full responsibility quality and efficiency of the educational process adjustment of educational programs choice of textbooks financial management of the school appointing and dismissing teachers relations with the community and the public.
  20. 20. Thank you!Thank you!