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Course leaflet thessaloniki


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2st RECIPE European project Conference

Published in: Education
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Course leaflet thessaloniki

  1. 1. Course fee: € 490 - Includes course materials and cultural visits. Accommodation & Subsistence: € 800 Five days in single room including all meals and a social & cultural evening. Total payment: € 1290 Cancellation fee (after 20 August 2016): € 200 Funding: Our course is an In-service Training Course under the new Erasmus+ program. Teachers, school leaders, school librarians and other staff from pre-primary, primary and secondary educational institutions in the programme countries can take part and must apply for funding from your NA before 2nd February 2016 Course PIC number: 947279206 Contact your National Agency (NA) for more information Important: You must register your organisation on the European Commission Authenication Service (ECAS) and you need a PIC code before applying for Erasmus+ funding. Find a step-by-step guide to register your organisation on ECAS and PIC: Signing up to: Gert Larsen International Coordinator Albertslund, Denmark +45 20129048 Britt-Mona Vang Educational Development Advisor Secondary schools, North-Rogaland "Ungdomstrinn i utvikling" We work in five countries to research, develop and disseminate innovative, trans-European training and support systems . The objective is to enhance the quality, performance and practice of school leaders, teachers and Regional Education Centres/centralised public institutions in reducing Early School Leaving and encouraging young people to complete an youth education. This improves the quality of lifelong learning for students still at school and their capacity to benefit from it throughout their adult lives. Join the course with funding from your NA Erasmus+ Training Course PIC number: 947279206 RECIPE Education Centres & the best practices to prevent ESL 03/10 - 7/10 - 2016
  2. 2. RECIPE Objectives Our overall objective is to explore and enhance the quality and performance of school- REC partnerships and thereby help schools throughout Europe meet the 2020 headline target of reducing early leaving to below 10%. We aim to do this by progressing a broad, inter-related set of LLP objectives and priorities fo- cused on Priority 1.2.4 for Comenius multilateral pro- jects, i.e. “Reducing early school leaving, improving the learning of students with migrant backgrounds and Roma pupils as well as promoting gender equality and inclusive approaches to learning”. Through collaboration between partners we intend to develop and disseminate better quality, trans European training and support systems for our target groups of teachers, school leaders, teacher trainers, in all European countries. These systems encompass training courses for both the induction of teachers and for their continuing professional development in relation to the needs of their local communities disadvantaged groups. Training course objectives  To inform and visualize the outcomes of the Comenius project RECIPE  To inform about and present the importance of centralised, coordinated actions (REC)  To exchange experiences in how to prevent Early School Leaving and encourage to after-compulsory-education  To explore, develop and evaluate “best practice” from a number of European teachers, trainers, principals and policy makers  Encourage and motivate course participants to include the European and international dimension in their future projects and actions plans for their local activities  Demonstrate and share the best practice between RECIPE partners and the course participants. Course activities The course is prepared with a variety of activities, including participants active participation. “Ice-breaking activities” Plenary sessions Reflection groups Participants presentations Café innovation activity School visits RECIPE marketplace – an opportunity for delegates to present and share own experiences and details of home institutions and culture. The training event will offer cultural events based on Greek culture. Invited speakers: Phd Lisbeth M. Brevik, Associate professor at the University of Oslo Mrs. Margarida Brandão, The EPIS Foundation in Portugal Phd Mette Pless, Associate professor at the Center for Youth Research at Aarhus University, Denmark Pat Hanrahan, Director of Clare Education Centre , Ireland Rory Mcgann, Lecturer in ICT/Digital Learning Department of Reflective Pedagogy & Early Childhood Studies, Ireland Dr. Christos Georgiou, Head Teacher, Greece Conference Venue CAPSIS HOTEL THESSALONIKI Comfort, professionalism and superb level of services represent the Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki. The course is hosted by The Directorate of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki