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How to Build a Chicken Coop - The Easy Way


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How to Build a Chicken Coop - The Easy Way

  1. 1. How to Build a Chicken Coop – The Easy Way How to Build a Chicken Coop
  2. 2. Introduction Every one of us has different tastes in life. Habits and hobbies also differ with individuals. There are many of them who love pets and some of them don’t even stand near them. Chickens are seen mostly in houses as raising them yields you benefits. You get meat, eggs and also the fertilizer for the garden. It is indeed an interesting job to be done. Building a chicken coop is a complex procedure until all the needs of chicken is met properly. Materials Required: Straw Net Plywood Lumbar Sheets Waterers Feeders Tools Required:
  3. 3. Nails Hammer Instructions: Difficulty: Easy Step One Finding the right place for chicken coop Before starting off with the job, make sure that you select the best place to build up a chicken coop. When you are choosing the place, be assures that the rain water does not stagnate near the coop and the surroundings. Step Two Determine the size of the chicken coop After selecting the place, decide about the size of the coop and how big it has to be. If you are to raise heard of hen then you have to make sure that each of them are able to accommodate themselves well in the coop. It is estimated that about eight to ten square feet of space is required for each bird. Step Three Set up the design for the coop While designing the shelter, make things sure so that no trouble arises after completion. The door should be large enough for you to enter for collection of egg and also for cleaning process. The ventilation would be perfect if done to the south facing direction as it works out for both summer and winter climates. Step Four Check out for the materials to build coop
  4. 4. You can easily build a chicken coop with the materials that are easily available. It could be anything from plywood, scraps, old shed or even lumbar. The material is your choice. Step Five Mapping interior of coop and fencing Just as the outside the interior of the coop also should be well designed and maintained. Nest box and perch space is two important factors which are to be mandatory. A nest box should be present for every four to five hens. In case of perch space it is highly recommended to have six to ten inches of space for each chicken. Fence the yard with wire or proper fencing and it has to be 4 feet in height. Step Six Additional materials to be bought You can finish up the fence with the materials that you have in handy. But you can add up to the finish with some extra things like the straw, waterers, feeders bought from outside for extra comfort. Make sure to cover the entire yard to protect from predators birds. Tips and Warnings In winter make sure that the windows are closed and also offer proper heating source to make them warm. This can be done by installing a lamp inside. To make the hens clean always spread out straws in the bare areas as chicken has the tendency to scratch in the dirt. Make sure that you build up a coop in bare area as they can catch up with a branch escape from the yard. Article Source: How to Build a Chicken Coop
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