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How To Build A Chicken Coop - 3 Things You Need To Know


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How To Build A Chicken Coop - 3 Things You Need To Know

  1. 1. How To Build A Chicken Coop – 3 Things You Need To Know How to Build a Chicken Coop
  2. 2. Let’s face it, building a chicken coop is not exactly the easiest thing to do. There are so many designs to choose from, and each individual wants a different chicken coop that is catered to their needs. You may not have enough room in your backyard, or maybe the current state of your chicken coop is overcrowded. Generally, you will probably encounter similar problems if you decide build one by yourself. So why not purchase one instead? Well, oftentimes, the type of chicken coops that are sold are catered to the general needs of the consumers. This means that you will not be able to own the chicken coop of your dreams. No matter which way you look at it, learning how to build a chicken house will probably be your best option at the moment. At this stage, where do you begin? Since you have no knowledge about this, it seems as if you have hit a dead end. How will you know what precautions and steps you have to take when building a chicken coop? Look around for things you will need
  3. 3. The first and most crucial part about building a chicken house is to know what you want. Start searching the web and going to your local hardware stores. Remember to take notes of the measurements provided of each coop. You will use these measurements as a reference later on for your own chicken house. Consequently, this will give you a rough idea of space that you need in your backyard to build it. After collecting the measurements, start to do research and look for different chicken coop designs which may appeal to you and your chickens. Benefits Before you start to build a chicken coop, you must first weigh the advantages and disadvantages of building it. Your coop will need to be raised enough so that your chickens will not try to escape or fly away. Besides that, you need to find out which location best suits your chicken house and is safe from any severe weather conditions and predators. The major advantage of building your own coop is the costs that you will save. Usually, you can get everything done for less than $100.00 Security Security is an important factor that comes into play when you want to build a chicken house. Your chickens need a safe and comfortable environment for them to rest, sleep and move around at will. Generally, large-spaced coops provide plenty of benefits for your chickens. It has been proven that chickens that reside in large spaces tend to be happier and less stress compared to chickens living in small and constricted areas. They produce more eggs. I know you are anxious to get started on building your chicken house, but you need to make sure that your chickens will be protected. You wouldn’t want a coop without any chickens, would you? If you reside in an area that has many predators such as snakes or wolves, you will need to be extra attentive when it comes to adding security in your chicken coop.
  4. 4. You can choose to set higher fences or build more secure exits. The choice is entirely yours. Just be sure that the doors are sealed properly to prevent predators from invading the coop and eating your chickens. Article Source: How to Build a Chicken Coop /