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Young marketers elite 2013 assignment 12.1 - tuong cuong


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Young marketers elite 2013 assignment 12.1 - tuong cuong

  2. 2. CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND 1 Empower the next marketing generation YoMost in the past is really No.1 when it comes to Valentine. However, in the recent years, YoMost is gradually fading and overwhelmed by other brands such as Close-up or Cornetto. To remain relevant and updated, YoMost has to take some steps closer to the youth, and Digital choice is trendy and efficiency. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • Enhance the Brand Image in consumers' perception: Whenever it comes to Valentine's Day, YoMost is one of the 1st brands to appear. • Create a simple but effective,trendy and unique method for couples to express their love to the other half EXAMPLE: CREATIVE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN Question 1
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE Empower the next marketing generation • Vietnamese Young Couple whose lives stick with their smart phones. • Age: 18 – 30 • Life style: dynamic, eager for something unique, love to express. "I want to make my lover happily surprise on this special day. However, it’s challenging finding something new, unique but still sweet and can reflect our own characteristics. " CORE INSIGHT
  4. 4. Campaign YoLove of YoMost - Inspiring live out every second on Valentine's Day 2014, YoMost bring to Augmented Reality application products (YoLove) with the task of transmitting messages of love between two people. 5 Empower the next marketing generation CONCEPT STRATEGY Under Digital Platform, YoMost engage youth by giving a way for them to creatively, personally express their love. YoMost then revive to once again become an ambassador of love in Valentine’s occasion.
  5. 5. Empower the next marketing generation "Tỏ tình độc đáo, sáng tạo thiệp YO" và "Ứng dụng YoLove, tỏ tình phong cách YO“: when you buy a tornado YoMost will be presented with 1 YoLove card templates and manual YoLove application, which make paper card become lively compositions on phone, to confess your feelings. "Gửi thiệp YoLove, trúng buổi hẹn hoàn hảo“: When using YoLove, the user can choose one of the prizes to enjoy "perfect appointment" with your love Idea
  6. 6. DEPLOYMENT PLAN 7 Empower the next marketing generation 1.Viral Clip (7th Jan, 2014) "Phút Yêu Đầu (First Moment) – YoMost Valentine 2014 “ With the signature song of YoMost Valentine as theme song, the video presents the highlights of the YoLove app through a love confession story to inspire the viewers on professing their love this Valentine's Day
  7. 7. 7 Empower the next marketing generation 2. MOBILE APP “YoLove - Augmented Reality App“ The application uses Augmented Reality technology to show effects lively and message cards with YoLove. The salient features: - Speaking love most creative way. - Write love messages by hand. - Ultra-kool effect on every message when scanning cards. - Effects lively, unique card, design card with 5 diverse sample. - Opportunity winner, "The perfect date" for Valentine's Day with him/her
  8. 8. 7 Empower the next marketing generation 3. SOCIAL MEDIA Continually updated photos and information related to the campaign. Fanpage youthful style, positive for exchanging and sharing of know-how to enjoy life and perfect love 4. WEB BANNER Standard and expandable banners with flying hearts effects are arranged on website for youth such as
  9. 9. 7 Empower the next marketing generation 5. WEBSITE details of the campaign, the landing page of the banners and store the data of the participants. The main sections: - Information programs. - YoLove on mobile. - YoLove on your computer. - YoLove Contest: instructions on how to receive the award for the couple, and keep messages and reasons award for user.
  10. 10. CAMPAIGN OUTCOME/RESULT • Wide-spread viral clip with remarkable impact: after 1 month, 219.600 views, 462 likes on Youtube, 4469 likes on Fb Fanpage • Hundreds of couples have created their own work • Thousands of love words have been sent • Quote" Could you be my Valentine?" in the viral clip has been widely spread and used on social network as well as in reality. • Simple & cost effective based on Digital platform Empower the next marketing generation
  11. 11. 1 Empower the next marketing generation STEPS OF CREATIVE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN Question 2
  12. 12. 1 Empower the next marketing generation STEPS OF CREATIVE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN Question 2 Background Insight Direction/approve Big idea communication mess Digital engagement tactics Detail execution
  13. 13. 1 • A good creative digital is come from the background and positioning of brand in the market, deep understand about competitors and market: • A good digital campaign should hand in hand with detail execution: Viral clip/ pr/social traffic/ content facebook, instagram/key visual/tactis/kols
  15. 15. • BACKGROUND BACKGROUND Lipton is the market leader of tea market in Vietnam. They want to remind customer about the effective of tea and bright their day.
  16. 16. INSIGHT Lipton is the market leader of tea market in Vietnam. They want to remind customer about the effective of tea and bright their day.
  17. 17. DIRECTION Lipton moment education, it is suitable for young adults. Not only healthy but also modern bright spirit. -> share the brightness -> shinning Vietnam
  18. 18. BIG COMMUNICATION BIG IDEA Lipton is the accompaniment in all moments of your urban lifestyle, to make all moments to be bright - meaningful - and memorable. Sharing your brightness to create a brighter community
  19. 19. DIGITAL EGAGEMENT Engage with young adult by inspiring them with modern spirit "Be bright and share the brightness" through photo contest, moblie app and facebook what is the trends of nowadays. Use Mr.Tea what is a character is closness to the user.
  20. 20. DETAIL EXECUTION  Promote for Mr.Tea  Viral Clip: My Tam – Song tuoi sang  Mobile app: Tuoi sang Lipton  Facebook app: Tuoi sang Lipton  Shining Vietnam billboard  Photo contest