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Why your credit report demands attention


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Why your credit report demands attention

  1. 1. Why Your Credit Report Demands AttentionWhile few people realize it, a credit check is needed to ensure that you keep it free from errors. As avital financial document that details all your financial history, it’s the same reference used to calculateyour credit score. And with today’s system getting more and more stringent, it’s essential to ensure thatyou go through your credit report to avoid errors and discrepancies.After receiving a credit report, it is important that you check the areas where mistakes often occur.Wrong personal informationEverything about a credit report is important; from using the correct punctuations to spelling your namecorrectly. Misspelling your name may cause you to get mixed up with a different person with probably ahistory of bad credit. Updating your address is also very significant; having an out of date record mayincrease your risk of not knowing that somebody might already be using your credit accounts. Hence, tokeep good credit scores, a credit check is always necessary to determine the accuracy of your creditstatements.Errors in public recordsCredit reports, while they show your capacity to pay, they also incorporate your incapacity to pay. Theyshow if you are bankrupt, financially unstable and financially irresponsible. These details are available onpublic records for a certain but lengthy period of time. If by chance, you come across a detail that youthink has been mistakenly recorded, you can have it deleted supported by valid documents. This actionwill help you improve your credit score.Unknown accounts or activityIn the accounts section, you will find details about your current balances, dates of when each accountwas opened and your credit limits. When a credit check of a certain account acquaints you with a certainaccount you are not aware of, then this should be reported and taken cared of immediately as it mightbe an issue of identity theft. Others might be using your account without your knowledge. Other areasthat demand your attention are charge-offs or incorrect details concerning late payments.Frequent inquiriesAn individual that has a credit card account should always remember that frequent inquiries about theircredit report can bring down their credit score. An example is letting an insurance company glancethrough your credit history to review your credit behavior. Filter the necessary inquiries and make surethey are deleted from the credit report after two years.End NoteErrors in the end note can be easily corrected by informing those who are responsible in the companyfor creating the credit reports. Just report the error and support your claim by presenting valid
  2. 2. documents. You should always remember that in presenting valid documents, always keep the originalcopy for yourself and only give away copies of those documents.