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Organizing a marathon


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Understanding Business Project. MBA 1st trimester!

Published in: Business
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Organizing a marathon

  1. 1. Presented by: Joy Biswas: 1528014 First trimester, MBA CUIM.
  2. 2. Because she can…
  3. 3.  To increase the popularity of women sports in India.  To bring it at par with the men’s sports events.  Main motivation: Indian Women Kabaddi team. They won the World Championship in 2011 and still no one was there to welcome them at the airport. They had to go home on auto with the glittering trophy by their side.  Charity amount donated to: Go Sports Foundation, Bangalore.
  4. 4. Golden Feet: #BelieveForAChange!
  5. 5. 5th September, 2015 5:00 a.m.
  6. 6.  Registration: Both online and offline.  Online registration at:  Offline registration at 4 kiosks around the city: Forum Mall, Phoenix Market City, Ulsoor lake and Orion Mall.  Registration Charge: Rs800 for men, Rs 400 for women, Rs200 for senior citizen.  Age criteria for participation: 18+ and above years.
  7. 7.  Total number of runners expected: 2500.  Ratio: Men: 56% (1400) Women: 40% ( 1000) Senior Citizen: 4% ( 100)
  8. 8.  On the day of the race:  Reporting time: 4:00 am  Warm-up: 4:20 am  Race starts: 5:00 am sharp.  Race Route: The race starts from Kanteerava Stadium, follow a route around ulsoor lake, 100ft road, Indiranagar, Hosur and back.  Facilities provided: Marathon jerseys, Medical facilities: doctors and ambulance facility, food, sports drinks and water, Portable washroom, police security and traffic maintenance. Checkpoints every 6kms.
  9. 9.  Imminent badminton player from Bangalore: Ashwini Ponappa.  The famous Indian badminton player will grace the event by announcing the race open.
  10. 10. Organizing the marathon
  11. 11.  Permissions:  Police and Traffic: The local police and traffic stations has to be duly informed about the event.  Process: Written documentation about the race in full details. The route, number of participants, facilities and timings.  Sports Authority of India: The SAI has to informed about the event in written. Once they give a nod we can go forward.  State Government: The state government has to be informed about the event well in advance so that it does not clash with any public event called by the Government.
  12. 12.  Charity Sponsor: “Milaap Association.” They will help us get more people for the event and also publicize the event. They will further help us to raise fund and are ready to donate 15 lakhs for the event.  Associate Sponsor: Cycle Agarbatti.  Medical Sponsor: Lion’s Club, Bangalore. They are ready to assist us in our motive by providing us with free service of 8 general physicians.
  13. 13.  Sports Apparel: Vendor Contacted: “Sportix.”  Ambulance: Sanjeevani Ambulance Services, Bangalore.  Food and Drinks: Water bottles, sports drink, buns, banana, lunch boxes.  Portable Washrooms: Best Sanitation, Bangalore.
  14. 14.  Radio Promotion: Radio Indica.  Online Promotion: Outsourced to Influence, Kolkata.  PR promotion: Influence, Kolkata.  Newspaper Advertisement: Times Of India, front page.  Website Design: digeee, Bangalore.  Hoardings and banners.
  15. 15.  Office Supplies: Chairs, tables, forms, pens, papers, badges, Stopwatches.  Kiosk Rent.  Medals Cost.  Certificate Cost.
  16. 16.  Camera Rental: book my lens.  Microphone Rental: book my lens.  Car rental: Carzonrent.  Bike Rental: Carzonrent.
  17. 17.  Volunteer charges.  Travelling expense of volunteers.  Volunteers needed: 60.
  18. 18.  Registration fees.  Sponsor by Cycle Agarbatti.  Donation from “Milaap”.  Expected Charity by people.
  19. 19.  Excel Sheet:  Revenue Model.xlsx
  20. 20.  Total Revenue (expected): Rs 50,40,000.  Total Expenses: Rs 31,04,000.  Charity donated to: Rs 19,36,000.
  21. 21.  We have a bank account at South Indian Bank, Christ University.  All transactions are done through that account only via safety measure of “VerifiedbyVISA”.  Bank Account no: 0656184022090710.
  22. 22.  Police: Inspector Lakshmi Narayan. (3star)  Milaap: Mr Alaister.  Lion’s Club: Called the reception.  Sportix: Mr. Allen Jose.  Sanjeevani ambulances: Called the reception.  Best Sanitation: Called the office.  Radio: Mr. Althamash Hamid.  Digeee: Mr. Zakki.  Influence: Myself.  Times of India: Called the Bangalore Office.