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Ecommerce addons


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In order to run an eCommerce Site successfully, site administrators may need lots of e-commerce plugins. Select yours on the basis of your store CMS. offers various crucial eCommerce add-on. Check out this site for your selection.

Watch out this presentation to have a knowledge of how e-commerce web-part utility tools may serve your business purposes and help you reach your goal smoothly.

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Ecommerce addons

  1. 1. Control, Rule, & Drive your eCommerce Store the way you like! BY LINKING YOUR IMAGINATION TO AN AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM
  2. 2. So, Automation is the only solution? Only a fool will say like it. No Solution can be ultimate ever!
  3. 3. Getting Confused? Stop being so. Let first your imagination speak to you. Goal will then automagically snowball itself.
  4. 4. In-between? Implementation of successful strategies & ecommerce tools comes in-between. Only the right kind of them can bring you to your goal. So, setting goal comes first of your priorities.
  5. 5. Need simplification? Let’s uncork & clarify it. As you set goal for your eCommerce site, planning strategy will become easier. Making selection of right tools or web-part utility tools will be equally easier.
  6. 6. A Preamble Never were the solutions to run an eCommerce site so difficult before! Maybe, it sounds contradictory, but it’s the reality. Here lies a wide gap between imagination & materialization. The gap is doubling yet again due to an increasingly high competition. In order to bridge the gap, automation will be the dynamic solution for it. Good to see you applying it, so you can mint money automatically.
  7. 7. Why to automate? Day-to-day eCommerce activities are huge in size & volume. Integration of the right tools can give relief to the site administrators from them. So, application of the right ecommerce tools is a major decision to make most out of the automation.
  8. 8. Are you quite informed of ecommerce tools? Informed decisions render faster success. Turn over the next pages to build an informed decision.
  9. 9. Do you know which CMS has been used to build your eCommerce Store? Knowing your eCommerce CMS is a mandatory to select appropriate eCommerce tools/ eCommerce add-ons/ web-part utility tools according to your needs. If you don’t know of it yet, just copy-andpaste your website URL here. As you know of it, making a selection of right addons to automate ecommerce site’s administrative activities will be just very simple.
  10. 10. What eCommerce Add-ons will be fit for your site if it is using SharePoint CMS? As their names reflect, their contribution reflects accordingly. For example, uploading of new products & deleting of old products become automated by the integration of an AW Bulk Attachment Utility. All these web-part utility tools are meant for the automation of various sites’ administrative activities of a SharePoint CMS based store.
  11. 11. When a store is on AspDotNetStorefront CMS, which eCommerce web-part utility tools will be fit for its administrative automation? Automate reporting of sales, inventory status, statistical trading, etc., or managing of database backups, besides coming up with visitors’ preferred language, by incorporating these AspDotNetStorefront add-ons. Leave maintenance of your ASPDNSF store to dedicated team.
  12. 12. If Kentico CMS builds a store, what will be the appropriate add-ons for its administrative automation? Kentico CMS helps build superb marketing-friendly store. Although its administrators get many tools as integrated by default, there are some other crucial Kentico CMS add-ons which can make three backend tasks easier for the site administrators. They include tracking cart updates, zooming images, and converting currencies.
  13. 13. What add-ons will you integrate into a Magento CMS based store for administrative automation? Magento CMS is already highly-popular. Many useful administrative tools are available with it on purchase. What this AW Magento Promo Popup can offer to its site administrators is perhaps new to them. Contrary to the general view, promo popups are oftentimes good to launch a new product or make visible to visitors more prominently. This ecommerce web-part will be essential for them.
  14. 14. Which add-ons do you recommend for a Concrete5 CMS based store? Install this ecommerce add-on to allow site administrators to add social media widgets of their social media profile page (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). It’s a great way to promote your site simply with social media buttons(Like, Follow, etc.). Don’t you think your store will get wider exposure on Social Platform automagically with installing this Social Media add-on?
  15. 15. The Art & Science of Understanding Appropriate Web-part Utility Tools for Administrative Automation Administrative automation gives pleasure of running an ecommerce store successfully. So, incorporate need-based & appropriate web-part utility tools into your store. Site administrators will then be able to focus on core areas of doing business more widely, thereby being able to satisfy their clients more and more, and minting money more profusely. Don’t you want to achieve them? If yes, look at the CMS technology of your site & identify right add-ons for your site.
  16. 16. Where to shop eCommerce add-ons from? AddOnWorks must be the right place to shop eCommerce add-ons or plugins. For 5 leading eCommerce CMSs, it has introduced those web-part utility tools, absolutely crucial for administrative automation. Explore its store on
  17. 17. Reasons to shop from  One-stop Store for eCommerce Add-ons  Installation Assistance  Personalized Guide  Dedicated Maintenance*  Very minimum price, maximum service
  18. 18. What if you install a free plug-in? Very often, free ecommerce plugins don’t work properly. Nor will they help you reach your goal successfully. Top of all, free plugin offers are oftentimes a ploy to trap you into taking their linked services and also to steal your data sneakily. So, beware of any free offers of eCommerce add-ons! Get them from ethical development company only, like
  19. 19. Does AddOnWorks have its any parent company? Citytech Software Private Limited is its parent company. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified Company, besides being an AspDotNetStorefront development partner company and Kentico CMS Gold partner company. To know more of it and its valuable clients, you may visit the site of Citytech Software Pvt. Ltd. It is
  20. 20. Want the Contact Details of them? It is here below.
  21. 21. Thank you We are always at your service.