Affordable addons & custom web part software


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Citytech Software Private Limited is an IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key industry verticals and horizontals. Established in 1993, we have developed competencies in developing and implementing web-based solutions, client server applications, ERP and Payroll management software and Point of Sale Solutions. Our need-driven deployment of domain and technology expertise brings to customers a range of solutions and products that enhance their performance and competitiveness.

Incorporated with state of art technology, our development center in Kolkata, India, constitutes of hand picked highly skilled professionals that serve the needs of our growing client network that stretches world wide covering USA, Australia, Europe and Asia. To offer global competitiveness, we deploy a global outsourcing model to leverage local competencies in the ever changing environment.

We have 3 state of the art development centers in the downtown Kolkata, India. Our Dubai office looks after our customers in MENA Region.

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Affordable addons & custom web part software

  1. 1. Like always, Citytech Software this time too drives in with a cargo of customizable web-part tools, branded as Addon Works. Webmasters can thereby throw their weight around competitors with better, streamlined & cost-efficient tools by managing their business portals seamlessly, especially their ecommerce sites. By using Add-on Web-part Utility Tools, which include various software packs (each with individual solution), such as AW Ecommerce Tracking, AW Bulk Attachment Utility, AW Search, AW Data Export, AW Bulk Edit, AW Magento Promo Popup, AW Currency Converter, AW Alert Messenger amongst many others, webmasters can better manage, leverage, and experience delicate ease-of-working like never before since now on! Monitoring their online sales, visitors’ activities on their sites, data exporting to their preferred formats, and calculations, besides many others, comes as a cakewalk. Do these solutions interest you? If yes, dive into the sea of their Add-on Solutions & pick your choices.
  2. 2. How does Citytech Addonworks deliver its services? • By providing Value-added services for website development & maintenance. • By giving you edge across all major ecommerce and CMS platforms. • By helping you to theme your existing site. • By aligning global outsourcing model with yours to beat local competition. • By streamlining your ecommerce site with tools to better fit with changing market environment. Here are only a few services listed out. For further details, keep diving on.
  3. 3. AW Ecommerce Tracking: How does it help you? • By deploying AW Ecommerce Tracking system, tracking the latest cart subtotal as well as product left in the cart becomes easy. • Allows you to know the revenue you’ve earned from your visitors’ carts on every day or week basis. • Allows you to get reports about products which are often left abandoned in carts by your visitors. • Helps you visualize visits and the content of the cart your visitors’ abandoned in their log. • Featured with Tracker Web Part, Ecommerce Orders & Products, & Product/Category Page views. Use AW Ecommerce Tracking Solution
  4. 4. AW Backup: How does it help you? • As its name reflects, AW Backup manages database backups on ASP.NET StoreFront. • Single Click-away service serves the purpose. • Storing & Downloading database files by Single Click-away Service for emergencies. • Helps incorporate with other web/windows applications. Incorporate AW Backup Solution
  5. 5. AW Magento Promo Popup: How does it help you? • Product promotion gets redefined, without annoying webpage visitors. • Helps draw attention of the visitors by creating overlay popup with texts and images. • Enhances looks of the webpage. • Appears over header or at bottom of the page. • By using WYSIWYG editor, putting up various sorts of texts, widgets, static as well as dynamic images becomes easy. Buy AW Magento Promo Popup Solution
  6. 6. AW Bulk Attachment Utility: How does it help you? • By using this InfoPath form, attaching user chosen Source FTP Directory to InfoPath Form Library becomes a breeze. • Facilitates attaching more than one file into a single Library item. • Automates attachment of any type of file formats. • Item-wise document name maintenance is allowed. • Allows bulk uploading of attachments from any FTP Server to the form Library. Best Solution for Bulk File Attachment
  7. 7. Still miles to go to learn all Products of Citytech Addonworks. Better learning them phase-by-phase than at a time! We’ll get next opportunity to serve you as well:  Diving across all of them at one go may take more of your precious time. If feel irresistible to view them just now, please click here. Committed to deliver the best support, Citytech Addonworks team looks forward to streamlining all of its solutions as per time and web requirements. Being so, rest assured your web ventures will remain a step ahead of your competitors. Check out some more Addonworks by the sideline.
  8. 8. In order to Contact Addonworks Client Support Team, please use the information below. Visit for complete information.