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Social Media and Public Health


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I gave a talk to students in the EHS 688: Topics in Environmental Health Sciences and Nutrition Class last week. Here are the slides! Working on getting the links to work. Check out the homework I made for the class before the talk!

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Social Media and Public Health

  1. 1. Social Media: A Critical Tool for Public Health and Academic Research? @joyclee @pfanderson
  2. 2. I gave you homework
  3. 3. Presenter Disclosure Social Media Editor JAMA Pediatrics
  4. 4. Agenda •  Definition of Social Media •  How to Use Twitter •  Public Health Applications of Social Media •  Social Media and my Research
  5. 5. I’m a Pediatrician
  6. 6. Diabetes Specialist
  7. 7. Clinical and Health Services Researcher Since this was a talk about my “research” you can visit my publications here andpublishing.html
  8. 8. These are the friends I met who Introduced me to Twitter 2 yrs ago
  9. 9. When they told me that they met individuals on Twitter, my initial response was, “You’re joking, right?”
  10. 10. What is social media?
  11. 11. Social Media Web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals
  12. 12. Social Media
  13. 13. What is Twitter?
  14. 14. It’s a microblogging platform, a place to have a conversation
  15. 15. How do you use Twitter?
  16. 16. First, set up your profile and choose your name @_________
  17. 17. First, set up your profile and choose your name @joyclee @pfanderson
  18. 18. @urbandata @mindofandre @risalavizzo @hhs_drkoh
  19. 19. “Who is that egghead?”
  20. 20. An Unengaging Profile
  21. 21. An Engaging Profile (s/p a social media intervention)
  22. 22. To tweet, hit this button
  23. 23. Tweet You only have 140 characters to say something
  24. 24. Tweet
  25. 25. Use a link shortener to save space
  26. 26. Announce an event
  27. 27. Retweet someone else’s tweet RT (Retweet), MT (Modified Tweet) H/T (Hat tip)
  28. 28. To follow and to be followed
  29. 29. To follow and to be followed
  30. 30. To follow and to be followed
  31. 31. Use mentions to reach out to specific individuals
  32. 32. #hashtags=topic or group
  33. 33. #Hashtag=Conference
  34. 34. Tweetchat: #sm4pm
  35. 35. So now you know how to use Social Media, but why would a public health care professional use it?
  36. 36. You don’t feel like tweeting your morning breakfast
  37. 37. You’re not Miley Cyrus
  38. 38. You have better things to do than put your math skills on display
  39. 39. Neither are you mother monster (Lady Gaga)
  40. 40. Here is a comprehensive list of resources you can use to explore Twitter for Public Health twitter-hashtags-by-pf-anderson
  41. 41. But first, let’s discuss Rules of Engagement
  42. 42. Separate the Personal from the Professional       Lady Gaga by night Dr. Joyce Lee Associate Professor by day
  43. 43. Follow the 12-word Social Media Policy from the Mayo Clinic “Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry
 Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete
 Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal”"
  44. 44. Don’t talk about patients, even in general terms Remember HIPAA! If you wouldn’t say it in an elevator, don’t say it online -Dave Ekrem
  45. 45. Here is my top 10 list on why I use Twitter
  46. 46. First: To follow movements and people that can help inform your work/research
  47. 47. #quantifiedself (#qs2012/#qschat) #mhealth #dataviz
  48. 48. The Quantified Self Movement Mood Tracker Sleep Monitor Heart Rate Recorder Calorie Counter GPS Logger Pedometer
  49. 49. A curated, organized list of #mhealth apps that I didn’t have to compile!
  50. 50. I am thinking about this paradigm for creating #mhealth/ #dataviz interventions in teens for diabetes
  51. 51. #dataviz
  52. 52. Click on image for these amazing #dataviz libraries
  53. 53. I had students create this amazing dashboard (click image for blogpost)
  54. 54. And you even hear about wacky things like….
  55. 55. Now that’s an #mhealth app!
  56. 56. Second: To crowdsource solutions to your research problems and find collaborators
  57. 57. I used Storify to curate the content so that I could use it for the homework and my talk
  58. 58. The traditional way to seek help
  59. 59. Computing Community Consortium NIH/NSF Margie Morris, PhD Clinical Psychologist Senior Researcher Intel Wendy Ju, PhD Director of Research Stanford Design Lab
  60. 60. Third: To provide you with information to help with your traditional research endeavors
  61. 61. is slow compared with
  62. 62. Fourth: To provide you with tools to help with your traditional research endeavors
  63. 63. 11:23 AM
  64. 64. 11:41 AM
  65. 65. 11:49 AM
  66. 66. 12:07 PM
  67. 67. With social media, the task took less than 1 hour! (30+ by hand)
  68. 68. Fifth: To translate your research
  69. 69.
  70. 70. Tangle.js A very cool interactive #dataviz tool (click Image for document)
  71. 71. “Research (by two blogging economists at the World Bank) suggests that academic papers cited by bloggers are far more likely to be downloaded. Blogging economists are regarded more highly than non-bloggers with the same publishing record.”
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Sixth: Unexpected Networking
  74. 74. Academia is a social process that depends on networking
  75. 75. •  Media Interviews •  Workshop Presentations •  Lecture Invitations •  Committee Invitations A Doctor? At a •  Design Conference? Grant Opportunities •  Dissemination Vineet Arora FutureDocs
  76. 76. Seventh: To create new opportunities for education and engagement
  77. 77. Have a Conversation before the class even begins
  78. 78. Eighth: To be part of a larger dynamic and real-time conversation that can lead to new ways of approaching clinical care and research
  79. 79.
  80. 80. Ninth: To facilitate bidirectional communication between providers and patients
  81. 81. Diabetes Online Community (#doc)
  82. 82. Glucose Sensor + Flovent = Rash-free?
  83. 83. iSeismometer iPhone app + CGM on nightstand = effective alarm Click on image for link
  84. 84. Tenth, A Personal Reason
  85. 85. Tenth, a personal story about how I have used social media See this slideshare and check out
  86. 86. Social Media is not going away
  87. 87. Check out the Storify embedded at the bottom of the homework Here are some highlights in the next slides
  88. 88.
  89. 89. @foodbornechi
  90. 90.
  91. 91.
  92. 92. Thanks to: @pfanderson Dr. Mancuso #publichealth Twitter community Find me at: @joyclee