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  1. 1. mobile flipped curated
  2. 2. It's not optional!
  3. 3. curation
  4. 4. Lopes  de  Santos,  Jaci.  “Book  Photo.”  22  Aug.  2011.  Flickr.  Web.  22  Oct.  2011.  <hDp://>.     Not the only brand!  
  5. 5. Nunley,  Donnie.  “Luminous.”  13  Aug.  2011.  Flickr.  Web.  18  Oct.  2011.  <hDp://>.  
  6. 6. Magic  Madzik.  “My  Mess.”  25  Feb.  2009.    Flickr.  Web.    26  Sep.  2011.    <hDp:// cefeida/3310344604/>.  
  7. 7. “Binghamton  University  Libraries.  “Book  Collec^on.”  26  Feb.  2008.    Flickr.  Web.     27  Sep.  2011.    <hDp://>.  
  8. 8. hDp://­‐cura^on-­‐defini^on    
  9. 9. ARE  YOU  A   CURATOR?    
  10. 10. hDp://­‐post/art-­‐steal-­‐director-­‐talks-­‐barnes-­‐founda^on-­‐15440     The  first  ^me  I  walked  into  the  main  gallery  at  the  Barnes,  I  got  chills.   To  this  day,  every  ^me  I  go,  I’m  reminded  how  powerful  and   important  this  place  is.  It’s  not  just  a  bunch  of  pain^ngs  on  a  wall  -­‐-­‐   rather,  the  en^re  collec^on  is  itself  a  work  of  art.  
  11. 11. The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators   This is a guide for how we can build “info molecules” that have a lot more value than the atomic world we live in now. First, what are info atoms? A tweet is an atom.A photo on Flickr is an atom.A conversation item on Google Buzz is an atom. A Facebook status message is an atom.AYouTube video is an atom. A curator is an information chemist. He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule.Then adds value to that molecule. Robert Scoble 27 Mar. 2010   Interview  with  Howard  Rheingold    
  12. 12. The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators Robert Scoble 1. Real-time curators need to bundle. 2. Real-time curators need to reorder things. 3. Real-time curators need to distribute bundles. 4. Real-time curators need to editorialize 5. Real-time curators need to update their bundles. 6. Real-time curators need to add participation widgets. 7. Real-time curators need to track their audience.  
  13. 13. Wilson,  Sally.    “Content  Cura^on.”  24  Jan.  2013.  Flickr.   hDps://      
  14. 14. hDp://­‐content/uploads/2012/12/cura^on-­‐by-­‐mike-­‐fisher.png       Collec,ng  is  what  kids  do  when  asked  to  find  resources  for  a  par,cular  topic.   Usually,  it  represents  the  first  3  or  4  hits  on  a  Google  search,  without  meaning,   discernment,  or  connec,ons.     Cura,ng  is  different.  It’s  the  Cri,cal  Thinker’s  collec,on,  and  involves  several   nuances  (see  Figure  1)  that  separate  it  as  an  independent  and  classroom-­‐worthy   task.    Mike  Fisher   hDp://^on-­‐or-­‐cura^on.html      
  15. 15. is a thing of beauty!
  16. 16. #   books   journal  ar^cles   mobile  apps   aggregated  content     infographics   google  docs   ebooks   presenta^ons   student  work   museum  collec8ons   So  much  stuff!!  
  17. 17. Curating is: •  Targeted  &  selective   •  Intentional   •  Like  telling  a  stor4  (with  voice  &   contex9)   •  Like  staging  museum  exhibit   •  A  generous  act  of  passion  
  18. 18. hDp://    
  19. 19.  hDp://links.eqen^­‐cura^on-­‐101/  
  20. 20. Brad  Ovenell-­‐Carter  
  21. 21. Curation for search 1.  
  22. 22. hDp://    
  23. 23. Curation tools as search tools! hDp://  
  24. 24. hDp://      
  25. 25. hDp://     hDp://    
  26. 26. hDp://  
  27. 27. hDp://    
  28. 28. hDp://  
  29. 29.   hDp://     Are  we  building  knowledge  ci,zens?     Everybody  is  becoming  a  specialist  in  library  science.     You  do  it  for  yourself  to  organize  your  memory  but  at  the  same  ^me  you     organize  the  memory  for  others.       Every  ^me  that  you  that  create  a  link,  every  ^me  that  you  put  a  tag,  you   are  organizing  the  common  memory.     You  exercise  the  role  of  the  keeper  of  a  library.  So  this  is  a  very  new   thing  and  I  think  that  the  ques^on  of  categoriza^on  is  very  important.   You  do  it  in  a  conscious  way.     HR:  So  it  sounds  like  you  are  talking  about  something  for  which  we  don’t   have  a  word  yet,  that’s  kind  of  like  a  knowledge  ci,zen.       PL:  That’s  it,  yes.    A  ci^zen  of  the  knowledge  society.    
  30. 30. INADEQUATE!
  31. 31. hDp://­‐cura^on-­‐for-­‐educa^on-­‐and-­‐learning-­‐robin-­‐good-­‐emerge2012-­‐98ccaad217074a07b9bff8b76effab8e    
  32. 32. determine relevance   detect crap   search without Google/it’s not about the answer     find a niche/take a lead maximize the new OER resources even a kid can be a trusted guide   develop digital literacies not on the test take responsibility for learning   Curation to promote learning
  33. 33. If we can teach our students to curate, rather than merely collect, information, they become better evaluators of resources – and better researchers and writers.   Pearle, Laura. “Curated v. Collected.” 25 Jun. 2011. Venn Librarian. Web. 27 Sep. 2011. <>.
  34. 34. hDp://d20innova^­‐content-­‐cura^on/     Nancy  White   “My  goal  was  to  come   up  with  a  framework  to   define  cura^ng  in  the   educa^onal  sense,  in   order  to  answer  the   ques^on  of  what  is  the   value-­‐added  of   cura^ng,  vs.  collec^ng   informa^on.”    
  35. 35. hDp://    
  36. 36. hDp://    
  37. 37. hDps://    
  38. 38. hDp://­‐set-­‐free/  
  39. 39. hDps://­‐diigo-­‐in-­‐the-­‐classroom-­‐2/using-­‐diigo-­‐in-­‐the-­‐classroom-­‐1   hDps://^onupgrades  
  40. 40. hDp://    
  41. 41. hDp://    
  42. 42. hDps://^onalvlcideas/Downhome    
  43. 43. hDps://     hDps://­‐virtual-­‐learning-­‐commons/sjsu-­‐example-­‐vlcs  
  44. 44. hDps://­‐building-­‐centers  
  45. 45. hDp://­‐as-­‐a-­‐cura^on-­‐platorm/  
  46. 46. hDp://^on/   Eliot  Van  Buskirk.  “Cura^on:  How  the  Global  Brain  Evolves".  Wired   5  July  2012.  
  47. 47. hDp://  
  48. 48. hDp://­‐valenza     Curate to share  
  49. 49. hDp://  
  50. 50. hDp://­‐as-­‐a-­‐cura^on-­‐tool    
  51. 51. hDp://­‐bookmarking    
  52. 52. A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Tagging is a significant feature of social bookmarking systems, enabling users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways and develop shared vocabularies known as folksonomies. Wikipedia Social Bookmarking
  53. 53. Rheingold,  H.  (2012).    Net  Smart.  p.  133.    
  54. 54. hDp://  
  55. 55. hDp://­‐tricks-­‐for-­‐academics/   hDp://    
  56. 56. hDp://^ons?user=BkGE4AsAAAAJ&hl=en  
  57. 57. hDp://    
  58. 58. hDp://  
  59. 59. The  difference  between  PKM  and  Cura^on  is  that  the  former  is  personal,  while  the  laDer  is  for  an  intended  audience.  I  prac^ce  PKM  for   myself  and  my  blog’s  primary  audience  is  me.  Sharing  online    makes  it  social  so  that  I  can  learn  with  and  from  others.  Sense-­‐making  (as   described  by  Ross  Dawson)    is  the  most  important  aspect  in  both  cases:     Filtering  (separa^ng  signal  from  noise,  based  on  some  criteria)   Valida^on  (ensuring  that  informa^on  is  reliable,  current  or  supported  by  research)   Synthesis  (describing  paDerns,  trends  or  flows  in  large  amounts  of  informa^on)   Presenta^on  (making  informa^on  understandable  through  visualiza^on  or  logical  presenta^on)   Customiza^on  (describing  informa^on  in  context)   hDp://­‐as-­‐pre-­‐cura^on/    
  60. 60. How  will  you  use  the  Seek-­‐Sense-­‐Share     model  to  support  your  personal  learning   agenda?   The  Seek/Sense/Share  Framework    10  Feb.  2014   The Seek, Sense, Share Framework Capturing knowledge, as crudely as we do, is just a first step. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a framework for individuals to take control of their professional development through a continuous process of seeking, sensing-making, and sharing. Seeking is finding things out and keeping up to date. Building a network of colleagues is helpful in this regard. It not only allows us to “pull” information, but also have it “pushed” to us by trusted sources. Good curators are valued members of knowledge networks. Sensing is how we personalize information and use it. Sensing includes reflection and putting into practice what we have learned. Often it requires experimentation, as we learn best by doing. Sharing includes exchanging resources, ideas, and experiences with our networks as well as collaborating with our colleagues. The multiple pieces of information that we capture and share can increase the frequency of serendipitous connections, especially across organizations and disciplines where real innovation happens. As Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From says; “chance favors the connected mind”.
  61. 61. hDp://­‐content/uploads/2013/03/PKM-­‐2013.pdf    
  62. 62. hDp://­‐with-­‐dashboard-­‐decisions/  
  63. 63. curation
  64. 64. hDp://­‐as-­‐a-­‐cura^on-­‐platorm/  
  65. 65. hDp://­‐as-­‐a-­‐cura^on-­‐tool    
  66. 66. hDp://­‐cura^on-­‐tools-­‐future-­‐part2/     hDp://­‐cura^on-­‐tools-­‐future-­‐part1/     . . .here is a panoramic tour of the traits, features, patterns and trends that I expect will characterize the future of digital content curation tools, organized into specific feature areas. Robin Good
  67. 67. hDps://contentcura^    
  68. 68. hDps://­‐cura^on-­‐guide    
  69. 69. archiving!
  70. 70. current awareness
  71. 71. hDp://      
  72. 72. hDp://addictoma^    
  73. 73. hDp://­‐flipped-­‐classroom    
  74. 74. hDp://  
  75. 75. hDp://^on/1306580719    
  76. 76. hDp://      
  77. 77. hDp://     hDp://    
  78. 78. hDp://  
  79. 79. hDp://    
  80. 80. hDps://    
  81. 81. hDp://­‐ways-­‐to-­‐use-­‐pinterest-­‐with-­‐blooms-­‐taxonomy/  
  82. 82. hDp://       Alida  Hanson      
  83. 83. hDp://     Current awareness
  84. 84. hDp://­‐media-­‐reading-­‐list/    
  85. 85. hDp://    
  86. 86. hDp://    
  87. 87.     hDp://    
  88. 88. hDp://    
  89. 89. hDp://    
  90. 90. hDp://  
  91. 91. hDp://­‐users-­‐cover-­‐sandy     Sharing a breaking story
  92. 92. hDp://­‐the-­‐u-­‐s-­‐presiden^al-­‐inaugura^on-­‐was-­‐storifie?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email    
  93. 93. hDp://­‐doha-­‐qatar    
  94. 94. hDp://    
  95. 95. hDps://    
  96. 96. hDp://­‐news/top-­‐stories/196117/storify-­‐launches-­‐redesign-­‐that-­‐elevates-­‐popular-­‐social-­‐media-­‐elements/  
  97. 97. hDps://     hDps://    
  98. 98. Learning Playlists
  99. 99. hDp//      
  100. 100. From  Shannon  Miller  
  101. 101. hDp:// hDp://    
  102. 102. hDp://   hDp://­‐guidelines/best-­‐websites    
  103. 103. hDp://    
  104. 104. hDp://    
  105. 105. Caitlin’s  search  launch  
  106. 106. hDp://^ngfun    
  107. 107. hDps://    
  108. 108. hDp://  
  109. 109. hDp://^    
  110. 110. hDp://    
  111. 111. hDp://    
  112. 112. hDp://    
  113. 113. hDp://    
  114. 114. hDp://     Archive and portfolio  
  115. 115. From  Shannon  Miller  
  116. 116. hDps://­‐my-­‐teacher-­‐librarian-­‐gave-­‐to-­‐me    
  117. 117. hDps://­‐a-­‐copyright-­‐friendly-­‐toolkit    
  118. 118. hDp://­‐announces-­‐user-­‐generated-­‐magazines-­‐for-­‐the-­‐web-­‐now-­‐available-­‐through-­‐your-­‐browser/   hDp://      
  119. 119. hDp://    
  120. 120. hDp://     hDp://^tle=classroom20LIVE    
  121. 121. hDp://    
  122. 122. hDp://    
  123. 123. hDp://  
  124. 124. hDp://    
  125. 125. hDp://    
  126. 126.
  127. 127. hDp://    
  128. 128. Sqworl  is  More  Tasty  than  Delicious!    ,      
  129. 129. hDp://    
  130. 130. Gwyneth  Jones’  Anima^on  Sites  and  Educa^on  Resources  hDp://   Addi^ve  Tech  Crisps  for  Educa^on  hDp://  
  131. 131. hDp://    
  132. 132. hDp://     hDp://    
  133. 133. hDp://    
  134. 134. hDp://    
  135. 135. hDp://­‐tools    
  136. 136. hDp://    
  137. 137. hDp://­‐new-­‐site    
  138. 138. hDp://    
  139. 139. hDp://­‐and-­‐Tech/Main-­‐Findings/Teens-­‐and-­‐Technology.aspx  
  140. 140. hDp://­‐and-­‐Tech/Main-­‐Findings/Teens-­‐and-­‐Technology.aspx  
  141. 141. hDp://   hDp://      
  142. 142. hDp://www.urbandic^  
  143. 143. hDp://  
  144. 144. hDp://  
  145. 145. hDps://­‐teen-­‐book-­‐finder/id527674308?mt=8    
  146. 146. Rodin-­‐  The  Thinker,  Bronze     Our time to To contribute! To make a difference! To model! To lead the way!
  147. 147. hDp://­‐of-­‐digital-­‐hoarder.html  
  148. 148. hDp://­‐i-­‐tearfully-­‐deleted-­‐my-­‐pinterest-­‐inspira^on-­‐boards/    
  149. 149. Link  Building  by  Imita^on  Ross  Hudgens    
  150. 150. Create! Make meaning! Solve problems for your community! Eddie  van  D.    
  151. 151. What will you curate for your community this year?
  152. 152. Cura^on,  Cura^on  Cura^on!   Cura^on,  Cura^on.  Cura^on!       Who  day  and  night  must  aggregate   the  content,  pull  together  knowledge,   harness  all  the  feeds   And  who  must  make  sense  of  media,   tags,  and  text,  keeping  learners  up  to   date  at  school       Librarian,  Librarian   Cura^on!     Librarian,  Librarian,   Cura^on       Who  do  we  rely  on  for  crea^ve  stuff   What’s  best  so  we  avoid  the  fluff?   Who  must  point  the  way  to  stuff   that’s  good  enough     So  we  don’t  miss  the  stuff  that’s   really  buff!         The  Network,  the  Network.    Cura^on   The  Network,  the  Network,    Cura^on           At  ten  my  three-­‐ring  notebook  really  held   all  my  school  stuff.      I  know  by  now  that  binder  can’t  contain  my   research       The  student,  the  student.    Cura^on   The  student,  the  student.    Cura^on.       And  who  does  TL  teach  to  curate  with  new   tools   So  we  can  gather  knowledge  both  in  and   out  of  school?   The  learner,  the  learner!  Cura^on!   The  learner,  the  learner!  Cura^on!                
  153. 153. Curator,  curator,  build  me  a  mash   Gather  the  feeds,  so  I  can  cache   Media,  blog  posts,  and  tweets  that  make   sense   And  mix  me  a  perfect  mash       Curator,  curator,  so  much  to  read   Google  exhausts  me  with  more  than  I   need   I’m  seeking  relevance,  so  I  must  plead   Let  human  touch  intercede       For  teacher  let  it  be  scholarly   Me,  well,  I  want  the  feeds     To  keep  me  current  with  fashion   Or  causes  for  which  I  can  take  the  lead         Curator,  curator,  give  me  new  tools   So  I  can  learn,  cura^ng  rules   Livebinders,  storify,  and  sqworl   So  many  new  research  jewels           Please,  please  make  it  dynamic,     I  don’t  need  the  same  old  rehash   I  rely  on  your  knowledge  and  passion   To  open  the  newsfeed  sash!           Curator,  curator,  demonstrate  mash   Use  networking  skills,  to  help  us  in  school,   Through  you  we  discover  the  big  picture  view   To  manage  new  info  search  tools.    
  154. 154. hDp://     In process!
  155. 155.   My  blog:   hDp://     My  tweets:   @joycevalenza     My  deets:   hDp://     This  preso:   hDp://^^onnew