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6 Tips to Furnish Your Home in Sync with Your Interior Painting

Furnishing the house with the furniture that suites the interior painting of the house can be a tricky job. You may have bought furniture to furnish a room and realize it was the wrong colour. Or you may have brought that rustic furniture that looked so good at your friend’s house, but discovered it was not suitable for your room. Unless your walls need a good paint job, it’s usually easier to choose your furniture colour than to re-paint. Otherwise it would be ridiculous to keep painting your walls over several times just to decide on the right furniture. As matching the interior painting and furniture is actually very important, spend some time and thought to it before spending a ton of money buying new furniture or re-doing your interior painting.

Yet if you still want to change the interior painting of your home, you can do it yourself or you can contact the professional interior painters near you.

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6 Tips to Furnish Your Home in Sync with Your Interior Painting

  1. 1. 6 Tips to Furnish Your Home in Sync with Your Interior Painting by Joyce Painting and Building Services
  2. 2. Give Priority to the Dominating Colour ▪ Decide, which is the main colour of your interior painting scheme. ▪ Choose your furniture according or contrasting to that colour.
  3. 3. Contrast Is the Key
  4. 4. • Try to contrast everything as much as you can. • Like if you have really bold and vibrant interior painting, try to keep the furniture sleek and minimal. • If you have muted, natural tones on your walls, you can go all fancy and heavy with your furniture.
  5. 5. In-corporate with The Wall Texture Business Finance Leader Economy Risk Profit Rise Idea Look carefully at your walls. Use the texture of the walls to bring depth and dimension. Find out what furniture will look good on which wall.
  6. 6. Use Sunlight!
  7. 7. • Know your house, find the places where sunlight comes naturally. • Use the natural light, it will instantly bring out the beauty of any piece of furniture. • Without proper natural lighting nothing will have the impact you want to have them.
  8. 8. Co-ordinate with the Little Things Business Finance Leader Economy Risk Profit Rise Idea For a little more depth and twist, you may even use the floor colours to coordinate with the walls and furniture. In fact floor finishing can add to the colour scheme, be it wood, tiles, or carpet.
  9. 9. Go GREEN!
  10. 10. • Always remember a little green here and there always is a great idea. • Plants bring life into the four walls of your house. • For such a warm place like Melbourne the closer you are to nature, the better you will be.
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