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Social Media and Your Career w Joyce Sullivan


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Joyce Sullivan launches "Social Media and You" webinar series. Today's inaugural webinar is "Social Media and Your Career" with Joyce explaining how she took her traditional career path and evolved it into her social media strategy and training business today.

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Social Media and Your Career w Joyce Sullivan

  1. 1. Social Media and Your Career September 21, 2012 12Noon – 1pm EDT WebinarJoyce SullivanFounder and CEOSocMediaFin, Inc.
  2. 2. Thanks for joining us today•  Our agenda•  SocMediaFin and Career Reinvention services•  The 5 questions•  Career Roadmap•  Detours along the way•  Social media and you•  The basics: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter•  Next steps for you•  Questions•  Thank you!
  3. 3. Social Media and Your Career http://joycems.comServices available:- Career reinvention coaching - Custom one to one programs (in person or online) - Group programs (in person or online)-  Areas of focus: -  Social media basics: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter -  Advanced training: latest social media tools and use -  Being a beta: the startup world and how to engage -  Live event tweeting
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Social Media StrategySocial media strategy development andtraining for organizations including:Social media seminars for regulatedindustries, specializing in financial servicesIn house workshops for social mediatraining and staff developmentCustom training for industry executivesand senior staffKeynote speaker for company events andindustry conferences
  6. 6. Companies and Organizations
  7. 7. Social Media - How I got started•  17 years ago / 1995 –  opened my America Online (later called AOL) account –  email only; closed community (not yet on world wide web)•  8 years ago / 2004 “I’m on the blog” –  Joined MySpace (Facebook was only open to students)•  6 years ago / 2006 –  Joined LinkedIn / LinkedIn started in 2002 –  My LinkedIn number: 8,358,039 (1st 4% of users) –  (view your Profile; your number is in the weblink url) –  As of Aug 2, 2012, LinkedIn has 175 million+ members•  4 years ago / Sept 27, 2008 @TwBirthday –  Joined Twitter / Twitter started in 2005
  8. 8. My Career Evolution 1st of Six Children-  church singer Manufacturing-  babysitter Public School-  guitar teacher Code Teacher-  clothing retail job Administrator-  resort waitress “Client” Banking: Banking: Executive Program Revenue Outplacement” Manager Analyst TODAY: Consulting: Social Media Banking Consulting
  9. 9. The 5 questions Who are you? What do you have to say? Who are you trying to reach?How do they WANT to be reached?... or not Once you connect, then what?
  10. 10. The questions - with your answers Employee, business Who are you? owners, parent, industry executive Great skills, great products What do you and services, when are you coming home?, have to say? excellent company to invest Who are you Your current manager, trying to potential new manager, reach? hiring manager, new customers, your kids, investors, news media
  11. 11. The questions - with your answers (cont’d) How do they   Email (home or work)   Voicemail WANT to be   Phone text reached? .. Or   Instant message not.   Twitter   LinkedIn   Facebook   (public or private message) Once you This is now your show! connect, then what? How do you develop meaningful connections?
  12. 12. The Big Three – and moreAnd thousands more…
  13. 13. LinkedIn – today’s professional resume
  14. 14. Social Media Career Tools
  15. 15. family photo album or more?
  16. 16. Social Media Career Tools
  17. 17. Twitter – “closest thing to time travel”
  18. 18. Social Media Career Tools
  19. 19. Next Steps for you•  Answer your own 5 questions –  Are you connecting with people the way THEY want to be reached?•  Your career and social media roadmap –  Do your own map, detours and how to reroute yourself•  Social media and you –  The basics: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter•  October 1st NYIT NYC 6:00-8:00pm –  Social media and your career workshop –
  20. 20. Connect with me online and in person:LinkedIn: @JoyceMSullivan @SocMediaFinEmail: joyce@socmediafin.comSocial Media and Your Career Workshop: Oct 1st
  21. 21. Questions• Type into the chat window• Or, email your questions to
  22. 22. Thank you! Social Media and Your Career September 21, 2012 12Noon – 1pm EDT WebinarJoyce SullivanFounder and CEOSocMediaFin, Inc.