The end at the begining


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This story was created and produced by the group Quejunto and Prejo from Universidade Corporativa de Mogi das Cruzes. This story was first presented on December 19th, 2009.

As you can see during the slides, we use mp3 in some pages, but it doesn't work on slideshare. The 1st song is "Thriller" (Michael Jackson), the 2nd is "Three" (Britney Spears), the 3rd is "Misery Business" (Paramore), the 4th is "Gimme More" (Britney Spears), the 5th is "Beat" (Michael Jackson).

Hope You like it!

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The end at the begining

  1. 2. I’ve never believed in Halloween’s Day. I’ve always thought it was a foolish thing because the children go trick or treating, visiting the neighbors and …
  2. 3. … asking for sweets dressed in Halloween costumes. Honestly, this made me wonder if they don’t have anything more exciting to do than tricking others.
  3. 4. Last Halloween night, I changed my point of view because something very strange happened to me when I was in the living room. While the Michael Jackson’s song was playing on TV, I saw some…
  4. 5. … smoke signal in the room whose red light turned the fire. I was confused but I was sure that it was not an ordinary thing. I realized it was a supernatural fact that happened.
  5. 6. Sometime later, I realized there was a man dressed up as a firefighter. His uniform was different from the ones I’ve seen on the streets…
  6. 7. … because it was orange like the Stralu Company. He showed up to rescue me from the room that had caught on fire.
  7. 8. He picked me up to carry me to outside of the room.
  8. 9. As soon as he took me in his arms, he saw a spider floating next to his face. He got very scared and fainted on the floor.
  9. 10. I felt a little scared as well, though I picked him up and took him to the garden. I felt a bit dizzy because of the smoke but I was able to take him out.
  10. 11. I laid him on the grass. I laid my hands on his chest and pumped it a couple of times. That was funny because as soon as I pumped it, Britney Spears started singing “1, 2, 3 …”
  11. 12. After that, the firefighter stood up, got closer to the singer and started dancing with her.
  12. 13. <ul><li>As soon as the song ended up, my parents showed up. They brought with them a basketball. My parents pretended they were </li></ul>playing a game against Britney Spears and the firefighter, but, in fact, they were dancing,
  13. 14. shaking their heads, winding their hair, and leaping the ball against the floor according to the song rhythm.
  14. 15. Everybody was dancing during the rock & roll song style. Suddenly the song changed, Paramore got together with the gang that was already dancing. When the rock song got over, they quit the basketball game and pretended to be dancing Jai Ho.
  15. 16. I smelled a different scent in the air. The aroma was coming from the house, so I left the gang backwards and followed it.
  16. 17. When I saw, the entire house was alive and they were celebrating the Halloween’s Day in their own party.
  17. 18. I realized the scent I smelled was just the treats, snacks, and drinks they were eating and drinking.
  18. 19. As soon as I got in, the candlelight got closer to me, kissed my hands and told me it was the rapper 2 Pac. I was out of mind and terrified because I …
  19. 20. … haven’t seen something like this before, so I kicked 2 Pac to outside of… … the room and all the others were in silence in their position.
  20. 21. As they were in silence, a big ghost like in the Ghostbusters’ movie showed up from no where… … and asked to everybody in that room “who asked a ghost to scare their guests away? So, here I am!”
  21. 22. As the ghost’s went on, his voice turned to a girlish tone and said “Girl, wake up now or you’ll miss… the English course!…
  22. 23. You are very late and you must go to the school because you have an oral presentation about the Halloween’s Day!”