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Content Management 101 by Joyce Schwarz JCOM


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Published in: Business, Education
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Content Management 101 by Joyce Schwarz JCOM

  1. 1. Joyce Schwarz, moderator Intro – Digital Hollywood, Fall, 2006 panel October 26, 2006: Expanding the Horizons of Search and Personalization – The Cross Platform Application – Mobile, Broadband,Computer & TV Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, , 310-822-3119 [email_address] , marketing and biz dev launches for emerging media & entertainment .
  2. 2. Interface, interface, interface <ul><li>MINORITY REPORT – MAJOR SEARCH! Search in next decade moving visual, levels, vertical/horizontal. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Horizontal/vertical/level up/level down – multilevel search
  4. 4. Walk into the search – Holodecks –actually holograms being used in science labs today!
  5. 5. Office of the future – as envisioned by gurus at the Univ of North Carolina at Chapel hill. http://www.internet
  6. 6. Philips depiction living room of the future– multiple screens, multiple delivery systems even in one room.
  7. 7. Iconic search/hologram search – no words needed – international understanding.
  8. 8. WORLDS OF INFO –from AOL TV to VMK (Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom) to Hive7 , Second Life & Beyond.
  9. 9. TELETEXT TV –note screen real-estate ‘lots’ –1) video feed (upper left), teletext (right), virtual remote (lower left)
  10. 10. HYPERMEDIA –inside the Matrix – is premiering a system not unlike this at CES in January , 2007 for gaming/virtual experiences –big screen projection.
  11. 11. Not just mobile/wearable –life is as a game! Used for gaming, ‘movie’ viewing, research & immersive visualization/training.
  12. 12. Augmented Reality is already being used by US military for training/GPS mapping and also for edu-training and Serious Games. Search becomes the ends not just the means.
  13. 13. Virtual video conference –features audio, video/immersive environment and video projection in a multiple --Hypersearch/layer/layer/ layer The Virtual Conference Room PC Magazine Cisco Introduces Virtual Conference Room Technology ... <ul><li>Telesuites – conference call –hyper-search? </li></ul>
  14. 14. Pull-out screens *auto-tags/RFID/barcodes etc
  15. 15. BOT SEARCH – link-a-tar vs avatar & virtual characters/concierges
  16. 16. Visual search
  17. 17. Google Custom <ul><li>City/town site—Google custom example </li></ul>
  18. 18. MIKON for --international icon – visual search via badges, icons, logo-types Joyce Schwarz blog, , 310-822-3119