Story behind Motrin Mommy Blogger Twitter Outrage by Joyce Schwarz


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Some time ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning and started to tweet my pals. And then I saw the trending tweets -- about a Mommy Blogger controversy about how moms hated the new online Motrin campaign. I looked at the string and saw that no one knew how to get ahold of Motrin's agency -- so I knew how and told them (momies) if they wanted I would do just that for them and blog the response. So here's that blog. The result by the endof the day the ad campaign was down and Moms became more a part of Motrin's ad development. Power to the people. Of course it helped that I had worked as a VP for major ad agencies in a past life! Follow me at For download contact joyce

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Story behind Motrin Mommy Blogger Twitter Outrage by Joyce Schwarz

  1. 1. By Joyce Schwarz blogging at which is a blog on nextgeneration media and content by author Joyce Schwarz. Why am I listing mycredentials first because despite 1/2 million page views and 3 years on thescene, not many digerati really seem to follow and Iwant them to see whats up with the Twitterstorm & more Check all of it outby searching for #motrinmomSchwarz has written more than 200 articles on new media and 5 books MULTIMEDIA: Gateway to the Next Millenium (1994),Multimedia 2000 (Natl. Assn. Broadcasters 1993) and TECH TVs CUTTING THE CORD, Guide to going wireless and head ofJCOM, emerging media and entertainment and new product/company consultant .Plus she is the author of THE VISION BOARD #1 Spiritual, for more comments on #twittermom. Schwarz was thefirst blogger or media person to contact the direcctor of communicaton forTAXI, Motrin ad agency of record.FIRST -- the video animation IS STILL UP ON -- someone hasposted online that it was taken off - NOT TRUE...animation is still up. See myprevious post for whole story on how I calledagency and talked to a rep earlier today etc.SECOND: The blogger who some other tweets are saying started controversy orwrote about the animation on is according to anothertwitter member: momfuse The post that started it all (she needs credit) ARE SOME VERY QUICK SCREENGRABS of the video at from an animation called: Motrin Mom-alogue asposted on @ 2:45 p.m. PST Sunday, November 16
  2. 2. another screenshot from what calls Motrin momalogueas posted on reporting on the twitter storm onmoms vs motrin #motrinmom @ www.twitter.comon the right side of the screen it says Motrin Momalogue asposted on by Joyce Schwarz blogging atwww.hollywood2020.nethere is how the video opens click on the arrow on andwait for 10-15 seconds it must load first then watch Momalogue fromMotrins ad agency. another screenshot from the now famous Motrin as posted by Joyce Schwarz on inresponse to her post This is one of the final screenshots in the animation posted promoting Motrin to moms in a little video calledMomalogue -- this appears to be the most controversial screen according totweets on for #twittermom One tweet complained abouthow zany or yes, crazy the eyes and cartoon quality appeared to denigratemoms according to her post. Amazing 2000 twitter posts in less than 24hours. Youtube videos & a chat online tonight. Joyce Schwarz, veteran adagency exec and consultant to agencies and via email atjoyce @joyce dot com was first to contact the ad agency TAXIs rep --Taxi NYCis agency of record for Motrin see wrote to joycecom on twitter and said "The post that started it all(she needs credit)"
  3. 3. Note this blogger Joyce Schwarz also called the 1-800 number listed on Motrin-- here it isThis site is published by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., which is solely responsible for its contents. This website isintended for visitors from the United States. Questions or comments? Call1-800-962-5357IT WAS A RECORDING that at first thought I was talking about Paquin (notMOTRIN) I had to correct the recording which says callback during work hours.