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Seven Tactics for Digital Media Mercenaries


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Are you ready for the battle of the brands? From branded entertainment to bundling and digital video underwriting, branding is the key tactic to making money in this marketplace according to Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author

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Seven Tactics for Digital Media Mercenaries

  1. 3. Joyce Schwarz shares 7 great Digital Media Mercenary tactics that you can follow to win the battle of the brands in the emerging marketplace of today! Click through this presentation for the SEVEN TACTICS and a bonus or email: [email_address] or call her at 310-822-3119 to see how they apply to your company and your plans!
  2. 4. JCOM MARKETING – more than 150 different brand campaigns created and more than 100 tie ins with entertainment and digital media arranged. For more info: [email_address] CLICK on to get your seven tactics for winning the battle of the brands!
  3. 5. #1 DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC #1 = GO GLOBAL but remember that about 80 percent of advertising is local . According to Google 73% of all searches are related to local content in one way or another
  4. 6. DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC #2 CONTENT IS KING but you sure better be entertaining! 66% of 16-24 year olds  stating  that they would like brands to entertain them. Being ‘entertaining’ apart from creating brand awareness, can even trigger sales in such young ages, with 71% of 16-18 year olds claiming. that they are more likely to purchase a brand that has tried to entertain them over one that hasn’t.
  5. 7. DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC # 3: GREAT TO GO VIRAL but you better follow through to point of sale … to capture the real GOLD! Triple rainbow videos are fun but tie in a contest for sun in the fun in Hawaii and you may just have a winner for your brand!
  6. 8. Shown above just some of the more than 75 food and beverage clients that JCOM and Joyce Schwarz have created campaigns for online and offline (i.e. in real life) ranging from the largest skateboard tournament ever done for Mountain Dew to Wheaties Real PEOPLE on the carton community outreach campaign & more
  7. 9. DIGITAL MEDIA TACTIC #4 a coke can on a desk just won’t cut it anymore Coke & Mentos – been there and done that but it WAS fun…but think branded content creation – channels and feature style shorts & more: Branded Content Creation  as the “purest” form of branded entertainment . Examples are starting to pop up including Royal Caribbean’s OCEAN VIEWS campaign and the Lexis LStudio online video channel where Friend’s Lisa Kudrow’s Series Web Therapy first viewed and even went to SHOWTIME as a pilot. According to AD AGE branded web series became more than a $1/2 BILLION (that’s $500 Million) dollar business last year
  8. 10. Shown above just some of the lifestyle clients that Joyce Schwarz and JCOM have worked with in the areas of tourism, travel, entertainment, film and contests. Ranging from State of Hawaii to the California Film Commission to PBS to HELLO KITTY and of course the DISNEYLAND RESORT and Bassett Furniture
  9. 11. DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC # 5 BUNDLING CONTENT AND HARDWARE STILL WORKS – look at the new GAMESTOP Tablet launch seems perfect of coupons and gamer videos doesn’t it?
  10. 13. #DIGITAL MEDIA TACTIC #6 EVEN SACRED RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN… like movie windows last week Time Warner Cable launched theatrical movies on demand on the same day they are premiering in movie theatres – an amazing sacred cow that breaks the time honored MOVIE WINDOW – where movies can’t be shown anywhere except theatres for at least 90 or more recently 30 days. Time Warner Cable said Friday that is offering two well-reviewed new movies up for its customers to watch via video-on-demand the same day as they're released, as well as one in advance of its release in theaters. One of those,  Melancholia , is already available, according to TWC. Users can buy the movie for $9.99, according to a company spokeswoman. Note the price of $9.99 now what if a brand came in and says I want to sponsor that movie and give it away or at least cut the price in ½
  11. 14. DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC #7 GO WHERE THE VIEWERS ARE – user-generated content is great on YOUTUBE… but when you own the cameras at Xgames or you are behind the scenes at a sold out movie premiere YOU ARE THE WINDOW …custom-tain-ment is a phrase that I’ve used for 15 years…and if you can help me customize my entertainment, info-tainment and more for FREE – you got me and my peeps.
  12. 15. DIGITAL MEDIA MERCENARY TACTIC BONUS #8 – it’s all about human psychology not technology – the technology should be seamless and sure the viewer wants to be the rock star but celebrities NEVER go out of style. Hollywood is a style and a philosophy; not just a place on the map
  13. 16. 310-822-3119, , [email_address] @joycecom on twitter PS that’s BUDDY in his ‘camo” on the right ;and Joyce on the left!