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Joyce Schwarz speaking engagements partial list


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Here is a partial list of the speaking engagements by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author and media futurist

Published in: Technology, Business
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Joyce Schwarz speaking engagements partial list

  1. 1. JOYCE SCHWARZ SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/TOPICS14004 Palawan Way, Ph6, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, 310-822-3119,,, blog:, WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS TO MORE THAN 100groups and organizations internationally including: AAAA Advertising Conference, Ad-Tech, American Marketing Assn. Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce, AWRT (American Women in Radio and TV), BCC (Business Communications Council), Book Publicists’ Assn, California Arts Council, California Film Commission, California Rural Tourism Assn., CES Consumer Electronics Show (CEA). Cinewomen, Colorado Women’s Foundation, Digital Day Los Angeles, Digital World, Directors Guild of America, Emediatainment, FLICS (Film Liaisons of California) HollyTech, Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Arts Council,, IABC (Intl. Assn. Business Communicators), IICS (Intl Interactive Communications Society), Industry Standard Conference, Inland Empire Tourism Assn., Internet World, IWOSC (Independent Writers of Southern California), ITV Alliance, Los Angeles Computer Fair, Media Home Entertainment, Multimedia France, Multimedia World. NAB (National Assn of Broadcasters), NATPE Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Rim Conference, Paris France Internet ITV Conference, PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), Rotary International, San Diego Computer Fair, Southern California Book Writers Club, VIEC (Visitor Industry Education Council) VSDA (Video Software Dealers Assn), Western Cable Show, Wi-Fi Conference, Wireless World, Women in Advertising, Women in Communications, Women in Film Retreat, Women in Technology Intl. (WITI), Writers Guild Of America. SPEECH TOPICS: Speeches, workshops and presentations in such verticals as: Advertising, Business Development, Content Creation, Mobile Marketing, Personalization, Privacy, Games, Search and Wireless communication and Future of Media. Advertising, Advertainment, Alternate Reality Gaming, Blogs, Branding, Branded Entertainment, Branded Virtual Worlds, Broadband Advertising & marketing, Broadband wireless, Careers, Casual Gaming, Community Development, Convergence, Cross Platform apps, DAM (Digital Asset Management), Digital Cinema, Digital Downloads, Digital Music, DRM (Digital Rights Management, Digital media, eCommerce, Electronic Games, ETV, Futureproofing Your Career & Business, Futurework, Games, Immersive Entertainment, ITV, LBE (Location Based Entertainment) MAM (Media Asset Management), Marketing, Marketing on a Shoestring, Matchmaking for Business, Mobile Content, Mobile marketing, MMORPGs, Music, Online search, Pay Per View, Paid Search, Personalization, Presence Systems, Privacy Online, Public Spaces Entertainment, Sponsorship, SMS (Text messaging),Social Networking, User-Generated Content, Video Blogs, Virtual Reality, Virtual Worlds, Wireless, WiFi.
  2. 2. Branded Media Marketing - TV, Film, Broadband, Podcasting & Blogging,Mobile, Music and Games – Reinventing the Commerce & Media ModelCES (Consumer Electronics Show), January 9, 2007.Expanding the Horizons of Search and Personalization – The Cross PlatformApplication – Mobile, Broadband, Computer & TVFall 2006, Digital Hollywood, Santa Monica, CA, Thursday, October 2611:05 AM - 12:20 PM Track IV:What’s New in Community and Personalization for advertising andcontent:Building Blocks, San Jose, Thursday, August 17,2006, 11:04 a.m. to 12:30.The End of Television as We Know ItBy 2006 Control will shift from distributors to viewers, resulting in massive time shifting and ad-skipping. This session will present new kinds of commercials – Advertising On Demand - to copewith this new phenomenon. Workshop presenter: Joyce Schwarz, CEO, JCOMAdTech, Chicago, Spring, 2005Next Generation Entertainment and Media Realities: DTV, PVR, Broadbandand HollywoodSpring 2005, Digital Hollywood, 2005, Santa Monica, CA Tuesday, September 203: 50 PM - 5:00 PM Track IIDesktop Browser & Search As Application Platform: Gateway to Informationand EntertainmentSummer, 2006, BUILDING BLOCKS, SAN JOSE, CAMobile Games, Ringtones & Music, Advertainment & Custom BrandedExperienceSpring, 2005 DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, Monday, March 29, 2005 2:15 PM – 3:30 PMNext Generation Entertainment and Media RealitiesFUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA---Making money in real-time and while u sleep locally, nationally andworldwide. Platform agnostic, next generation copyright, licensing, brand extensions, productizing, repurposingfor delivery anywhere/anytime on-demand at home, at retail and in public spaces. Advertainment, Edu-tainment,Infotainment & Custom-tainment --how to prepare for the have it my way decade. Five key trends youneed to know to thrive not just survive in the next decade.DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, Friday, April 1st, 2005, 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM Track II:Timeline to Broadband WirelessThe first generation of applications for delivering media rich content into a mobile environment has appeared.Video on a PDA is here, but what does that mean in the race to bring wireless video to the market as a whole.Wireless broadband is definitely the killer app that will spawn a transformation of every digital device, from thePDA and cell phone to the at home PC. What can we expect in the transition to broadband wireless? Whatservices can we expect to see and what relationships will likely emerge between the media companies, contentcompanies and the device or networking companies? In this session, we will take a three-year look at thedelivery of video into the mobile.CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, Saturday, January 11, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Session A:Selling Movies, Music & TV - Marketing Movies, TV, Music and DVDs via ITV,Wireless & the NetFrom the start, the Net has been the perfect vehicle for promoting movies, music and TV.From the first Net-enhanced hit movie, “Stargate” back in 1994 to “Blair Witch” to this year’s
  3. 3. “Freakylinks,” innovation on the Net and movie sales or TV ratings goes hand in hand. Put thattogether with the exploding online music and DVD market, and one can see that the linkagebetween the marketing of movies, music and the Net are completely intertwined with thebottom line. And this is only the start. Combine that Net innovation with the newestgeneration of digital TVs, digital transmission of signals and broadband connections, andyou’ve got a marketplace that will undoubtedly jumpstart movies, TV ratings and DVD sales.DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, 2004Sponsorship & PAY PER VIEW – performance related content & advertising:Sometimes premium services and programming is the way to go. These successful examples willdemonstrate why. These models are back with a vengeance. Why? Because they work withinteractivity.ETV STREAMING Conference, Los Angeles Convention Center, 2004Producing for the Childrens Market: Entertainment & Education in Games,Broadband, Wireless, DVD & iTVFall, 2004: DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, Wednesday, September 29, 2004 9:30 AM - 10:45 AMNew Gateways to Information, Entertainment & Advertising:Digital Hollywood, 2004.Wireless, digital ID and mobile marketingLA FUTURISTS ORGANIZATION, July 1, 2003 Joyce Schwarz, 7:55, 40 MinuteDiscussion).CES WEBCAST BY JOYCE SCHWARZ (nationwide) for theConsumer Electronics Assn. Unleashing the Screen – Discovering the SellingPower of Mobile Entertainment presented by Joyce A. Schwarz, Tech TV author, headof JCOM Consulting and author of several publications including Cutting the Cord:Consumer Guide to Going Wireless. November, 2003In her dynamic and fast-paced Webcast presentation on October 3rd Joyce Schwarz sharedwith our viewers the secret of unleashing the power of the screen. Essential to selling to“Screenagers” who were raised on Sesame Street and graduated to MTV, is ensuring that yourstore displays are interactive, with live working devices.Delivering Rich Media to HandheldsSpring, 2003, Digital Hollywood, Santa Monica, CA, Wednesday, September 259: 30 AM - 10:45 AM Session CTHE FUTURE OF BOOKS, Workshop by Joyce Schwarz, author, analyst &Consultant.WATERSIDE PUBLISHING CONFERENCE, BERKELEY, CA. April 12, 2003Advertainment & Custom Branded ExperienceFrom wireless communication to websites, email and Interactive TV, the advertising, marketing and brandextension communities are actively reaching out to the consumer. TV shows now regularly reach out to millionsof viewers through online games, contests, polling and other promotions. Mobile games as a form of brandextension and customer service is turning out to be a perfect fit. The mix of mobile entertainment and commerceseems to click for all concerned. As broadband rolls out nationwide, the advertainment and commercepossibilities will be endless. This is a perfect marriage of technology and commerce for the consumer.DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, 2003Mobile Games, Ringtones & Music, CES, 2003The entertainment experience in the mobile environment is evolving from novelty platform to what will benothing short of a fully realized world of games, music, video, advertising and branding experience. Whilethe developing relationship between the consumer and content provider may be dependant on platforms,technology, standards and gateways, the goalposts are now in full view. And most importantly, the
  4. 4. consumer is ready to embrace the relationship, both as participant and paying customer. In fact, theresistance of the consumer to mobile add-on fees has easily out-paced the early barriers experienced bythe first generation broadband content pay packages. In this session we will explore the mobileentertainment experience, from product packages to the advertainment and branding experience.Broadband Advertising - Merging E-Commerce and Content & onlineadvertising. The top pros in the emerging field of broadband advertisingand content delivery tell us what’s next? Digital Hollywood, spring, 2003Delivering Mobile Entertainment: Examining the Content &Technology Value ChainWithout question, the hottest growth area in the technology space is the wireless space and this sector is quicklyevolving from simple voice and communication tool, transforming itself into portals for content andentertainment. Handhelds are getting color and power, and wireless networks are getting rich media friendlyfeatures. The relationships between the device manufacturer, the Telco or gateway, the infrastructure provider,platform or protocol developer and finally the content provider can be best understood as huge interlockingsystems of ventures, partnerships and syndication relationships. In this session, we will try to understand howthese relationships are evolving and what the business models and marketplace of the wireless portals and theircontent of the future will look like.Digital Hollywood, spring, 2002Selling Movies, Music & TV - Marketing Movies, TV, Music and DVDs via ITV,Wireless & the NetDigital Hollywood Thursday, October 4, 2001,2:30 PM - 3:45 PM, Track A:Broadband Advertising Online & Promotions: Building Traffic & BrandImagine being able to visit a Web site, clicking on an image and participating in a promotion with the potential ofwinning a home entertainment center or a vacation while watching a 30–60 second clip of a popular movie ortelevision show - in real time! Now imagine being able to make your company’s logo dance around your homepage, with consumers clicking on the logo to participate in fun and exciting promotions. It’s here! Broadbandpromotions are the premiere of truly convergent entertainment on the Internet. Broadband promotions are thesynthesis of online advertising, online promotions, and television, with targeting capabilities that produce moreeffective results than traditional online advertising. In this session, we investigate the most effective promotionsolutions to use on a broadband platform, and how broadband promotions differ from traditional onlinepromotionsCONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, 1/8, 2001 Session B:Gen Y on the Net - Teen Sites Strategies for Entertainment andCommerce, Digital Hollywood, New York, 2000THE FUTURE OF HOLLYWOOD ONLINE: Hollywood Film Festival® - HollywoodConference™ presented by Joyce SchwarzGames: Highway to the Consumer? Cybersoap operas compete withriddles, puzzles and arcade games for one simple reason: to build an audience. Doesit Work and for what kinds of products. What’s Next?Hollyweb Conference, Beverly Hills Hotel.Advertising and content for the next Frontier: the tools and thetechnology: ETV World, Javitz, New York, New York. We have seen thefuture and it is now. Check out the dazzling array of technology, the virtual, the smart, andthe cool—that changes interactive production realities and adds immediate value to the TVexperience