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, keynote panel at the sold-out ShowBiz Expo at LA Convention Center, on Saturday, October 17 featured: Moderator, Joyce Schwarz, media futurist and best-selling author, Mike Johns, CEO, UrbanWorld Wireless, Adam Smith, Partner & EVP, UEG Entertainment and Robert Moskovits, co-founder, Photo courtesy of and more info from bestselling author and mobile & emerging media expert Joyce Schwarz,

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Free vs branded entertainment

  1. 1. FREE VS BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT: New businessmodels for the NEW Hollywood Featured At ShowBiz ExpoKeynoteWith DVD sales declining, and Hollywood studios shuffling execs faster than you can changechannels on your new Digital TV, just what is the future of entertainment? Three top execs shared their insider views at the Keynote Conversation for the sold-outcrowd of 6500 attendees at ShowBiz Expo on Saturday, October 17 atthe LA Convention Center. The trio included: Adam Smith, partner & EVP, UEG Entertainment,Mike Johns, CEO, Urban World Wireless and Robert Moskovits, co-founder Theevent was moderated by media futurist and best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, IS THE NEW HOLLYWOOD? Left to right, keynote panel at the sold-out ShowBiz Expo at LA Convention Center, on Saturday, October 17 featured: Moderator, Joyce Schwarz,media futurist and best-selling author, Mike Johns, CEO, UrbanWorld Wireless, AdamSmith, Partner & EVP, UEG Entertainment and Robert Moskovits, co-founder, Photo courtesy of Robert Moskovits answer to the question what is the new Hollywood was followed with knowingchuckles by the audience of independent filmmakers, producers and videographers gathered in the SecondFloor Theatre at the LA Convention Center. Moskovits said: "The New Hollywood today seems to beFREE", as he explained that every conference hes spoken to since he co-founded back in1998 seems to claim that it is ushering in the New Hollywood but that the key defining factor of content forfree seems to be the challenge in this stage of the new Hollywood". Schwarz as moderator for the panel, stated that the New Hollywood is real-time, all the content you want"anytime, anyplace, anywhere in real-time" --no appointment TV, no store and retrieve just NOW NOWNOW. She also noted that mobile apps and the beginnings of the big jukebox in the sky are fueling theappetite for more content to go.
  2. 2. ShowBiz Expo Keynote moderator Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, says one key trend for content creators is to capture the real-time andbe sure content is available anytime, anyplace anywhere.! For more details SAYS MOBILE DRIVING SEARCH AD UPTAKE ! Right, Mike Johns, CEO Urban World Wireless listens toaudience members ask how to get their content on mobile phones. His advice is "Makeyour own applications, create humorous short clips, games and user-generated 2 minutesegments that have the cache of something like "Jackass". Looking on (left) is keynotepanel moderator Joyce Schwarz who earlier shared some quotes form her 1994 bookMULTIMEDIA GATEWAY TO THE NEXT MILLENNIUM which forecast the world of 2015where entertainment is pervasive! photo courtesy of www.hollywood2020.netSEARCH MOVES TO MOBILE:Schwarz noted that Google execs said that one reason that Google Stock is up so much this past week isthat they revealed that 20 percent of their search revenue is now coming from smart-phones search a majorevolution for the marketplace. According Sprite is the first sponsor of UrbanWorlds iPhone App that
  3. 3. ShowBiz Expo Keynote panelist Mike Johns, CEO, UrbanWorld Wirelessshowed off at the recent LA Convention Center event. Johns urged the audienceof producers and production savvy filmmakers to create their own wireless appsespecially ones that involve humorous content, or fun games or short 2 minuteclips. DORITOS is just one of the many brands who are featuringuser-generated content contests that give new filmmakers a chance to break intothe mainstream entertainment spotlight explains SHOWBIZ EXPO keynotepantelist, Adam Smith, EVP United Entertainment Group, www.ueentgroup.comwhose firm works with Doritos on branded entertainment rollouts.Adam Smith, partner, EVP, United Entertainment Group referred the would-beentertainment moguls to the UGC (user generated content) contests that brandslike his client Doritos put on to propel themselvews and their media into thespotlight. Smith is a real fan of Youtube and other user-generated video sites tothrow your content up and see what has to be tweaked to get thousands of viewsnot just dozens.CREATE A CATALOG OF CONTENTAll of the VIP panelists and moderator Schwarz seconded the advice of Smiththat encouraged audience members to create a catalog of content. Yes, you canstill save the best to highlight at film festivals and aim for awards and favorablecritic reviews.But Schwarz added that if you film right during production youll have out-takes,behind the scenes footage and interviews with the stars, directors and even
  4. 4. production crew that can be sliced and diced to preview your creative gems onUGC sites like without giving away the money shots.Exclusives vs Non-exclusives were a topic of consideration by the VIP panelistswho explained why some content aggregators demand exclusivity and why thatmay be the way to go once you have a catalog of content. Back in 1994 ShowBiz Expo keynote panelmoderator Joyce Schwarz co-wrote one of the early textbooks on Multimedia andshe opened the event at LA Convention Center with a preview of what wasforecast for the future of Hollywood back then including changes that just mightrival the intro of talkies and TV combined! photo courtesy ofwww.hollywood2020.netDOCUMENTARIES VS REALITY SHOWS:What about documentaries? asked one audience member. Schwarz answeredquickly saying that "your documentary is my reality" and encouraging theaudience to follow the trend of real-time content delivery.She also mentioned the amazing branding deal that FOOD INC did with Chipotlerestaurants to underwrite their community outreach presentations of thatdocumentary that got not only theatrical release but support by Chipotle to take itto community groups, organizations and events in public spaces throughout thecountry. "Sponsored by or underwritten like the PBS model is certainly welcomein this age of free content" she adds.BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT
  5. 5. This quote fromRupert Murdoch gives one media moguls view of whats happening with real-time entertainment. VIP panelists at ShowBiz Expo talked extensively about therise of GENERATION C (content creators) who are driving UGC (user-generated-content) sites like and Facebook and Twitter.comGENERATION C -- content creatorsSmith encouraged audience members to get their content in front of VIPs andbrands as soon as possible so that they can get input and involvement. Buthe also encouraged filmmakers to try it out on UGC sites in advance to createbuzz and get numbers that will impress advertisers.Smith said that product placement is antiquated. Putting a coke bottle on thetable is just not the only way to go according to this Branded entertainment guruwho works with such major brands as DORITOS, FRITO LAY, COVER GIRL.Seventh Generation, TAGPROM QUEEN, the webisode series produced by Michael Eisners productioncompany was a big hit on MYSPACE a few years ago and it featuredunderwriting by such brands as a wireless company and a major bottled waterfirm. Later the 80 episodes were zapped to DVD and sold on as anew media package, Schwarz added. Yet, webisodes no matter how popularonline such as Quarterlife and others have not performed up to par on TV thepanel reminded the group.GET RICH WITH A NICHE:
  6. 6. featuresmore than 4000 downloadable films in 30 categories explained SHOWBIZEXPO keynote panelist Robert Moskovits, co-founder.Moskovits co-founder of advised the audience of show biz prosand fans to look at niche positioning like his downloadable site has done with itscamp and cult content almost unavailable elsewhere online.Movieflix offers several business models ranging from free to $9.95 and upsubscription systems. Roberts description of one of the all-time undergroundfavorites "THE CRAWLING EYE" brought chuckles from the audience, many ofwhich are also producing low budget scary movies! is a humorous site that focuses on the often-elusive butmuch coveted by brands Millennials who are truly leaders in the ContentGeneration and not only are hyper-connected but also multi-task using a mobilephone, computer and iPod simultaneously to fulfill their needs for entertainmentand communication.SHOWBIZ EXPO VIP panelist Adam Smith, UEG introd the audience at LA Convention Center to theterm millennialsMILLENNIALS: United Entertertainment Groups Adam Smith brought up theimportance of demographics when he talked about Millennials which was aphrase that many of the audience members had not heard before. He explainedhow it was a title given to the demographics who are multi-tasking and using andgenerating content 24/7.PSYCHOGRAPHICS: Moderator Schwarz also referred the audience to theterm psychographics" which is used to describe the type of subgroup of people
  7. 7. who are banded together by mutual interests that cross demographic lines ofage, race,sex etc to love or hate a brand such as APPLE, or STAR TREK whichis not limited to any one sector.Schwarz and the VIP team of panelists reminded audience members to have agreat lawyer in hand and to be prepared for that big deal that just may be outthere if you can create content that attracts attention first at UGC (usergenerated content sites) such as or Facebook or Twitter.comand/or awards at film festivals and other content contests designed by majorbrands.After all, Schwarz explains, "100 percent of zero is still zero" so no matter howmuch of the project you own if you dont monetize content it still isnt money inthe bank. So the adage SHOW ME THE MONEY! still rules in this NEWHOLLYWOOD.For contact information an the panelists and moderator forSHOWBIZ EXPO KEYNOTE, fall, 09 at LA CONVENTION CENTER, pleaseemail: joyceschwarz(at) and sign up for the free newsletter from blog and follow her on Facebook and on www.twitter.comand see her video channel on by doing a search for infojcom.ShowBiz Expo will be back in LA April 24-25 2010 keep up to date also check out and follow them on