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Do You Qualify to be a Certified Vision Board Coach


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Do You Qualify to be a Certified Vision Board Coach

  1. 1. Do you qualify to be a Certified Vision Board Counselor ? THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE 14004 Palawan Way, Penthouse 6 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Joyce Schwarz, 310-822-3119
  2. 2. MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE • Now for the first time ever, discover how to benefit from the amazing system Disney, Leonardo Da Vinci, & many of the teachers of “THE SECRET” use to make their DREAMS COME TRUE ! • Discover how you can create an income stream of $10K, $20K & more by sharing and helping people make THEIR dreams come true too!
  3. 3. Why Vision Boards As Introduction to Personal Development? • Why does author & Hollywood career coach and new product/company launch strategist believe that Vision Boards are the PERFECT introduction to personal development? • *BECAUSE THEY COMBINE THE INTEREST & POTENTIAL INCOME FROM: • *Self Improvement Revenues --$13.9 Billion by 2010 • *Digital Still cameras -- $18 billion • *Ecommerce=Online sales -- $259 billion including travel for 2007 in USA • PLUS***** PLUS***** PLUS***** Left Joyce Schwarz & Bob Proctor and right Jack Canfield & Joyce Schwarz
  4. 4. Why is this market hot? Combo of revenues plus social changes • Social networking ad revenues –worldwide online social network ad spending $1.2 billion in 2007 to $2.2 billion in 2008 & could double again in 2009. Heard of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter & Linked In –how to capture that market as clients. • PLUS THE POWER OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT rising from $7 Billion now to $10 billion in 2010 Joyce Schwarz also heads JCOM an emerging media & Internet/interactive TV consulting firm & speaks at CES, SXSW & other events
  5. 5. Total revenues ready to be tapped into? • $300 BILLION – VISION BOARDING: an innovative breakthrough that captures the attention of SCREENAGERS! • Self Improvement= $13.9B, Digital Still Cameras=18B, Ecommerce=$259B, Social networking ad revenues= $2.2B plus Produce Placement = $10B • TOTAL –more than $300B Above see some of Joyce Schwarz books on the NEW ECONOMY!
  6. 6. Awareness of Vision Boards –people think they know what they are! • Who’s creating Vision Boards? On the Internet from Youtube to Myspace to Facebook, tens of thousands of analog, digital and video Vision Boards are posted each day online. • An estimated 40 million viewers in more than 117 countries spotted Vision Boards featured on segments of Oprah and Larry King shows Mainstream media coverage, blogs and offline groups on Vision Boards are being sparked by renewed interest in the Law of Attraction and inspired by the best selling book and DVD THE SECRET •
  7. 7. DO VISION BOARDS WORK? • Scientists reinforce the power of the Vision Boards by showing that the process taps into the power of Quantum physics and electromagnetic waves and the theory of unity. • Unlike the corporate Mission Statement which grew from top- down,the Vision Statement or personal mantra is attracting people like you and me who yearn to create and live our destiny • …the Vision Board movement taps into the power of the crowd and salutes the sanctity of identity..
  8. 8. Who IS using Vision Boards/visioning • Schools, charities and community groups use Vision Boards to empower the homeless, at-risk teens and abused women and kids. • UNESCO. VISTA/Americorps and the UN craft versions of Vision Boards in third world outreach around the world. Actual visioning session pix & vision board courtesy of THE WORLD BANK as seen in THE VISION BOARD book
  9. 9. History of Vision Boards: • 20,000 years ago –Vision Board trace back to pre-historic Cave paintings in such diverse areas as Pradesh,India, Lumeria and Lascaux. 5000 years ago American Indians used tools to carve depth into petroglyph drawings. • 2500 years ago -- Script was added to pictures using the more than 2000 characters in Egyptian hieroglphysics. • 500 years ago DaVinci’s used science, tech and art to create three dimension to his renditions of Vision Boards. • 50 years ago Walt Disney imagineered his dreams with full color versions of Dream or Vision Boards.
  10. 10. Eight week workshop topics: • During the eight week workshop we will cover the following topics: • *Content creation – how to create, promote & market your own products and services • *Promotion & marketing –how to promote & market your workshops • *Visioning Success – how to capture the most powerful vision for your own success & share it by ‘training the trainers” • Re-visioning – for clients at life’s crossroads: divorce, marriage, graduation, retirement etc.
  11. 11. 8-week class topics cont’d • The other 4 (four) weeks will include: • *Business Development, licensing & product creation. How to get big companies/stores to buy products/services • *TRAIN THE TRAINER – how to train trainers who will be selling THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE products • Social Networking – capturing the power of online social networks– linked in, myspace, Facebook –at no cost to you! • Publicity/Public Relations/Advertising & Co-op marketing & Joint Ventures– Other people’s money, other people’s time – hot to tap into this GOLDMINE And how to get celebrities and regional and national sports stars involved in Vision Board creation projects & charity fundraisers!
  12. 12. Vision Board Counselors #101 Tactics & Insider secrets: • *THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz – chapter by chapter how to use it to increase sales/services. • *The Vision Board video and audio series – how to customize this for additional bottomline income/use as fundraiser for nonprofit!
  13. 13. HOW DO COUNSELORS CREATE INCOME? • 5 of the more than 20 ways Certified Vision Board counselors can create income streams: • 1) By getting certified –you are eligible for placement for corporate vision board training that The Vision Board Institute will be organizing across the USA. You will then be the counselor for your region. In other words Joyce finds ‘gigs’ for you to do. You keep 50 percent of all product sales! • 2) By sharing/selling THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE product line including audios, videos, workbooks, handbooks & more –50/50 share! • 3) By referring others to be Certified Vision Board Counselors – you can make up to $500 per referral. • 4) By creating and selling your own products & services and having other Certified Vision Board Counselors sell YOUR products too! • 5) By Training Vision Board representatives – not authorized to teach but can sell products and services for you & THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE.
  14. 14. Why be certified? • Because certification recognizes your training and elevates the art & science of vision board creation from a craft to a recognized system for introducing personal development. • Ask to see the full list of 10 top reasons and benefits of certification including: new client referrals, business advisory services, publicity and press releases, more than $2100.00 of actual educational materials in print & on audio & video formats.
  15. 15. Who is Joyce Schwarz? • Joyce Schwarz is a recognized expert on emerging media & distance education. She is a best-selling author who has logged more than 50,000 hours of consulting/coaching for individuals and corporations. • She is the author & producer of THE VISION BOARD book and all audio & video merchandising and products & services related to THE VISION BOARD programs. • Joyce holds a masters degree from USC and an undergraduate degree from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She did her MBA studies at the University of San Francisco. She is a recognized launch expert and has served as an advisor for 75 venture funded companies and more than 50 top brands ranging from to AT&T. • To see endorsements and recommendations/references for Joyce Schwarz, look at the next slides and call Joyce Schwarz @ 310-822-3119 if you have questions.
  16. 16. THE VISION BOARD: Endorsements & Recommendations • I KNOW a visionary is Joyce Schwarz because she empowers the Super Stars, reaches down the teens, and helps everyone in-between to grab it, bag it and tag it. The difference of a Super Achiever and a day dreamer is the transmission to MANIFEST. The real “secret” is in the pages of THE VISION BOARD book and the shooting star behind all the stars IS Joyce. A Must read.BJ Dohrmann best selling  Author– Advises Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Harv Ecker, Lisa Nichols, Mark Hansen et al. •   • “The Vision Board offers a beautiful, creative approach to ancient  wisdom. Joyce Schwarz provides a map to making your deepest  dreams manifest, first on poster board and then into reality.”Arielle Ford, author The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of your Life with the Law of Attraction •  "AT LAST!  The process of creating Vision Boards has been demystified and made easy for all of us so-called 'non-artistic types.'  Kudos to Joyce Schwarz, herself a visionary thinker -- we all owe her a great debt of gratitude!" -- Karen Strickholm, award-winning entertainment and technology marketing consultant
  17. 17. Addtl. Endorsements: • Joyce is an inspiration magnet.  She just draws you in and gets you to that place of right thinking and visualizing. Once you can do that, you can begin to make things happen perfectly in all aspects of your life. Within all of us there is so much potential and knowing how to utilize vision boards is a powerful tool that will change you life forever.  Joyce in her book has created a vision that will be of great benefit to everyone who reads it. Rochelle Schofield, business manager, producer John D. Schofield, NAKED GUN, DUNE, JERRY MCGUIRE and more. • Joyce Schwarz, has a profound insight into business and human potential.  Her efforts as a business leader, consultant and luminary in entertainment and technology are backed by a profound sense of psychology in the human performance realm.  This book is a must have book for every business leader who is looking to understand thought conscience leadership, the collective conscience and the conscience obvious.  This book is a pictorial representation of how easy business and personal self discipline can be.  Bill Ganz – • Joyce does a masterful job of showing us that the quality of our lives is shaped by what we choose to focus on. Then Joyce provides us with a powerful tool that successfully unlocks the door to the extraordinary life you have always dreamed of. Janyse Jaud, THE MAGIC OF THINK,, the voice of THE PINK PONY
  18. 18. Sample of press coverage for Joyce Schwarz & THE VISION BOARD book
  19. 19. More press coverage: