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Digital Hollywood Consumer Immersive Experiences


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Presented by best-selling author and media-futurist Joyce Schwarz at Digital Hollywood keynote preview day roundtable 10 am, October 17, 2011. Delves into next-gen interactivity and gives Joyce's 5 keys to immersive activity to create experiences NOT JUST content!

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Digital Hollywood Consumer Immersive Experiences

  1. 1. Roundtable on the Immersive Consumer Experience 10/17/11 moderated by Joyce Schwarz Digital Hollywood, Fall, 2011 [email_address] @joycecom
  2. 3. <ul><li>Who are you and what do you do relevant to this topic? </li></ul><ul><li>B) When we say IMMERSIVE what does that mean to you and your company? </li></ul><ul><li>C) How can you measure Immersive experiences -- is it by engagement time or? </li></ul><ul><li>D) What's the next hot trend in this area? Is it Augmented Reality? Is it NFC (Near Field Communications), is it POS Point of sale displays (like the one at Nordstrom's window in Seattle that hacked a Kinect and allowed light-writing by consumers? </li></ul><ul><li>E) Do consumers really want immersive and interactivity or are some still satisfied to be mouse potatoes? </li></ul><ul><li>F) What's your favorite Immersive Experience ever? </li></ul><ul><li>G) How do Haptics and sensors change or enhance the consumer experience? </li></ul><ul><li>H) What's next -- what will we see in this area for Christmas? </li></ul>
  4. 5. VIEW OF THE FUTURE OF THE OFFICE courtesy of Georgia Tech. [email_address] and Multimedia Gateway to the New Millenium 1993 by Joyce Schwarz
  7. 8. THIS CHART is fascinating – because looking at every day experiences in a new light– may actually change the way we interact (if we do) with people versus things or devices. Is it all telemetry or do humans matter in the future? [email_address] Public space
  8. 10. KEY #3 “APP-CESSORIES” for the APPNATION!
  9. 11. Of course it’s not just hands – its mind/body – for training and for play – U R the game – not just you are the controller! TRON anyone? 5/18/11 [email_address]
  10. 12. <ul><li>Joyce Schwarz worked as an advisor for from the time that the executive team stepped off the plane for their first GDC in ’06 Of course they were in Project Natal and ended up licensing their tech to Microsoft for xbox Kinect . BEYOND YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER </li></ul>
  11. 13. Measuring immersion <ul><li>Joyce encourages you to see this study for one post-grad study on Immersion that seems impressive at first glance….beyond flow and beyond presence etc. </li></ul>
  12. 14. Once again Hayes is basing immersive experience on devices and screens versus a seamless transparent no-tech visible or no-tech experience…playing basketball is immersive, watching it can be too but it is at a different level, you are not really the ball but if there is a camera on the ball and you are that camera? Joyceschwarz 5/18/11
  13. 15. It’s like the experience comes first and then the analysis and tech. Reminds me of teaching a robot to walk based on a human walking analysis or motion capture. But then again it’s much harder to teach a robot how to feel emotion IA versus AI joyceschwarz 5/18/11
  14. 16. “ I see apps like widgets – an intermediate stage – once there are embedded sensors/systems and AI in the device or even IA (intelligence assisted) the device gets smarter and auto-apps? Kind of like automatic transmission vs stick joycechwarz 5/11/11
  15. 17. Back in ’95 & ’96 experts said no one will buy cars on the ‘net and no one will buy shoes– u have to kick the tires and walk in the shoes– but then there came eBAY MOTORS and Zappos Touch is a key but YOU ARE THE AD –or your pal is and the store is where u are in mobile marketing! [email_address]
  16. 18. I tweeted the creator of this chart and asked him about holograms – he said he took them out…maybe he should ask ICT in Marina Del Rey how they are training US military for Iraq with a holodeck type system! Joyceschwarz 5/11/11
  17. 19. SINGULARITY – look it up on wikipedia too – not mentioned in this chart – really looking at when machines are smarter than human brain and can’t predict. 5/11/11 joyceschwarz
  18. 20. QR CODE as shown on CNN on March 20, 2011 for Japan disaster recovery aid
  19. 21. Actual tv pix of QR code during the Royal Wedding on CNN – screengrab is from Anderson Cooper’s blog thank you.
  20. 22. Missing here is a control group of REAL experiences – is it more “real” 3D flying through a field of simulated roses or is it more real holding a rose in your hand and looking into the rose that ‘takes’ you into the rose field or is it more real physically walking through a rose field. And of course all depends if you know what a rose is? [email_address] 5/19/11
  21. 23. What I find most exciting is AR in public spaces and for training and education ….put me in the driver’s seat or the pilot’s –throw me in the virtual pool and TEACH me how to swim! Joyceschwarz 5/11/11
  22. 24. Once again I think this slide is outdated – it’s 3 years old – the real comparison is real life vs reel (simulated) vs reel real (augmented reality) [email_address] 5/11/11
  23. 25. Screengrab of Immersion’s Haptic game Enzo’s Pinball from website thank you. Impossible to ‘feel’ it without touching that’s why they call it HAPTICS [email_address] 5/11/11
  24. 26. One interface for Immersion’s haptic version of Enzo’s pinball screengrab from website as noted below –no sound, no touch – leaves this pix FLAT [email_address] 5/11/11
  25. 27. Example of how interactive movie experience ties in facebook data to IMMERSE the fb user into the game/experience promo for the film ADJUSTMENT BUREAU courtesy Joyce Schwarz data 5/11/11
  26. 28. Picture of Nordsrom’s window Seattle showing installation of Xbox kinect for the light writing display (tx Nordstrom website) 5/5/11
  27. 29. Nordstrom window in Seattle showing light-writing enabled by hack to Xbox Kinect in window display 5/5/11 [email_address]
  28. 30. Fallen Angel – “Even angels will fall” augmented reality LIVE display created by CURB for LYNX and Ocean
  29. 31. HACKING TIME SQUARE REEL vs REAL – opportunities are LIMITLESS original (top) faux experience promo for movie Limitless, bottom real life experience for more info see my blog or email me: [email_address]
  30. 32. HAND OF GOD…billboard interactivity this was created for retail chain Forever 21 and appeared in Time square showing how camera can immerse viewers into set/billboard see for example explained
  31. 33. DISNEY BAMBI TWO SCREEN EXPERIENCE Bambi movie offers a two screen immersive interactive experience for more info: email: [email_address] see for example explanation
  32. 34. Boston Cyber Arts festival used a version of augmented reality from the company called LAYARS to create these immersive faux experience. One is called TANK MAN see or call Joyce 310-822-3119 for explanation
  33. 35. This is an example of a holographic experience that I have used since 2003 to show interactivity and immersion into paper. It is amazingly similar to the first QR code Augmented reality business card that is now shown on Youtube etc.
  34. 36. FUTURE OR FUTURE SCHLOCK? PRIVACY DEAD? Back in 2003 I did a presentation called FUTURE SCHLOCK that is available on slideshare if u can’t find it email me at [email_address]
  35. 37. HBO GO – two screen TV/PC experience actual screengrab from HBO go – see for more info – this example is for GAME OF THRONES mini-series
  36. 38. case history is here Joyce has also written columns and blog posts on ARG and how are used for branding and promo – if u want more info email her at [email_address] or follow her on THE LOST EXPERIENCE Alternate Reality Game multi-screen This is a screengrab from an ARG called LOST EXPERIENCE
  37. 39. Alternate Reality Games (ARG) article Joyce Schwarz wrote u create the experience <ul><li>For full article, email: [email_address] m </li></ul>
  38. 40. New studies show size of screen affects immersion. This reminds Joyce of what was once popular called San Francisco experience and one she created for a Levi Straus Foundation….20 years ago
  40. 42. SPYNET WATCH USES GPS to SEND KIDS ON MISSIONS and two screen– tie in to interactive website too SHOWS HOW A TWO-SCREEN EXPERIENCE CAN INVOLVE TOYS ALSO 5/15/11 see why it sold 20,000 in 60 minutes at
  41. 43. How to put an elephant in an elevator – article on public space media written by Joyce Schwarz ’06 email for article
  42. 44. Augmented real reality with directions, info or even ads – could you one day have to PAY to opt out of what Joyce calls FUTURE SCHLOCK? [email_address]
  43. 45. SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT – gold plated pico personal projector was shown at Gadget Show in May – mentioned by Joyce during the Roundtable as next wave of immersive on demand anywhere , anytime and on cameras and mobles too not just separate device.
  46. 48. And when everyone is projecting anything from anywhere – we end up with a TIME SQUARE that is 4squared, 64bit, IMAX reel real –Hyper reality that truly may be the imposion beyond what Orwell ever imagined in 1984…
  47. 50. JCOM services include: research, marketing, biz dev & workshops on emerging media & entertainment since 1986
  48. 51. Hundreds of clients, brands and campaigns from to Primesense to AT&T to Philips to Johnson & Johnson
  49. 52. Follow Joyce Schwarz @joycecom on, blog: , , 310-822-3119