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Trim pregnancy


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Pregnancy is a major milestone in a woman’s life. While the idea of bringing in a new life into this world is very heartwarming, the thought of bearing with the not so pleasant changes that come with pregnancy for nine whole months, might be enough to put a damper on any expectant mom’s happiness. There is no need to fret now, pregnancy should not make you feel bad and miserable, as one book puts it.

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Trim pregnancy

  1. 1. Trim Pregnancy E-book—A Review E-book that Cares For the Expectant Mother
  2. 2. Trim Pregnancy E-book—A Review While most pregnancy books focus on keeping the baby healthy or keeping the mom healthy for the baby, Trim Pregnancy, puts the mother in the spotlight. Hence, the e-book gives a set of guidelines on how to stay healthy to help any expectant mom deal comfortably with the myriad changes that are happening to her body along and the effects to her lifestyle.
  3. 3. While maintaining good health during the pregnancy is the book’smain concern, it also gives much emphasis on keeping weight gain ata minimum. This is not to say that expectant moms should starvethemselves to achieve this. The book explains how pregnancyrequires women to gain some weight and store fat to help nourish thedeveloping fetus. What is important is to stay near the ideal “pregnant”weight so that mothers won’t have to work on losing so much weightafter childbirth. This idea might seem far fetched to most pregnantwomen, but the Trim Pregnancy sets specific steps to turn this into areality.
  4. 4. The first chapter of the book gives information on proper diet andpreparing the mother’s body for the nutritional and energy demands ofthe developing child in her womb. It teaches women to determine thecaloric intake, eat natural foods, and practice portion control toeffectively curb unhealthy cravings and help maintain weight. Thissection also teaches pregnant women what foods to avoid and what togo for during specific periods of the pregnancy. This way, the mother’sbody is able to nourish the child without having to gain too muchweight. To this end, meal plans have been laid out for each trimester.What is great about this book is that women are made aware of whythey need to take more of or stay away from certain foods.Recommendations on the diet are given in terms of the dangers andbenefits they pose on the mother’s health as well as the effect on thebaby’s development.The book also devotes over two chapters on exercising duringpregnancy and encourages pregnant women to have a regularexercise program because it offers a host of benefits to bothexpectant mother and baby. Trim Pregnancy pegs exercise as anexcellent way to help pregnant women stay fit and feel better abouttheir bodies.
  5. 5. Exercise also aids in maintaining flexibility improving blood flow andhelp expectant moms stay limber. In addition, keeping a regularexercise routine minimizes pains and eases physical strain that comewith carrying that extra weight that is your baby. As a result, pregnantwomen will find themselves feeling and sleeping better, becoming lessstressed, and more prepared for the physical demands of childbirth.As part of the exercise program, the e-book lays out a series ofstretches and low intensity routines that focus on problem areas likethe stomach, thighs, butt, and hips. It also points women to thedirection of mild exercise routines that are able to address unsightlyconditions like cellulite, varicose veins, and saggy breasts.
  6. 6. While the book gives much emphasis on doing physical exercise, it alsowarns pregnant women against exercising too much. Trim Pregnancytells expectant mothers to listen to their bodies, and pay attention totelltale signs that the body is being put through too much stress.Exercise is meant to enjoyable. A good exercise program for momsincludes a combination of light cardio and strength training. Doing cardioexercises gets the body moving which helps burn off calories, keepingthe heart healthy and the body in good physical shape. Swimming andwater aerobics are considered the best cardio exercises for pregnantwomen. Strength training on the other hand helps keep muscles tonedand firm which helps keep good metabolism.
  7. 7. After childbirth, the book gets women to start taking steps to get thebody they once had before the onset of pregnancy. Basically, mothershave to stick to a diet and exercise plan for two months to get to thisgoal. This program guarantees that mothers end up looking fit andfabulous.In general, Trim Pregnancy is one book that offers concrete solutionsand useful information to expectant mothers and families. It givesexcellent advice to women who are struggling with the difficulties ofpregnancy. This is very helpful for first-time mothers as well as forthose who have gone through pregnancies before. It allows a goodtransition into a healthier lifestyle. After all, a healthy and happymother is more likely to take better care of her baby.
  8. 8. Aside from keeping you trim during pregnancy and making you loseweight afterwards, the Trim Pregnancy Guide regimen is also helpfulwhen it’s time to deliver your baby as it provides you with the propermuscle strength and breathing routines to help ease labor. Why sufferthrough 9 months of pregnancy and an additional 9 months trying tolose weight after delivery when you can have a more pleasurable andhealthier pregnancy experience? The sooner you get this eBook, theless you have to worry about keeping fit and trim. TRIM PREGNANCY