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Ncc technology presentation


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The use of technology to inspire inquiry based learning in your classroom

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ncc technology presentation

  1. 1. Using Technology to Support Inquiry Based Learning Joanna Wilson Naperville North High School Social Studies Department
  2. 2. Please take out your cell phone She said WHAT??
  3. 3. How To Vote via Texting 1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20) 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do TIPS
  4. 4. The good old days…
  5. 5. Today…
  6. 6. So why use technology? O We can use technology in our classrooms to: O Engage students in learning in and out of the classroom O Flipped classroom learning O Communication and feedback O Bring in supplemental resources O Creativity based projects and collaborative thinking O Teach 21st century skills O Make inquiry based lessons (student-centered)
  7. 7. Techiquette O Before technology can be used properly in the classroom we must first create as a group our technology etiquette, or proper use of devices in the classroom: O Turn to your partner, what would be on your list of appropriate device behavior?
  8. 8. What should be part of tech etiquette? O Let’s make a list:
  9. 9. Inquiry Based Learning O The power of asking questions! O Get in the habit of asking your students “ungoogleable” questions? And having them create “ungoogleable” questions.
  10. 10. The Power of Questions
  11. 11. Use your phone or tablet device to go to
  12. 12. O Please type in the URL above into your device O Write down your name in the blue box to join O Use the “backchannel” to write your questions while going through the visual literacy activity
  13. 13. Todays Meet Teacher Script Example of what you can print out after discussion
  14. 14. Visual Literacy O After you create an account on todaysmeet, type a question or comment you have after looking at each picture O Try not to jump to conclusions but think of questions or comments that could drive discussion, research or inquiry O Topic: Social Stratification
  15. 15. Teacher Talk O What are some activities or lessons could you plan connected to your subject area that relate to these questions you raised? O What type of math, science, social studies or reading activity or lesson could center around answering these questions? O Write down some ideas!
  16. 16. Learning Target: Define social stratification in India and how it impacts the lives and culture of the people there. O Student used visual literacy and in-class discussion to create the essential questions that will drive the unit
  17. 17. Student-Centered Research O Students then created search terms to help drive their research O Students made a list of appropriate sites to find research O Students collected research and saved on the Google Docs of the school network so their group could share information (students have to create Gmail accounts)
  18. 18. Search Term Practice
  19. 19. Student Product O Students will pick one topic to create an expose video essay that demonstrates their knowledge and research of that social issue. O Students will ask questions to drive their research and understanding of their topic O Students work together to write a claim statement and three supporting details – submit outline via Canvas for feedback O Students create a final draft of essay which is their script for their video O Students use WeVideo (cloud video editing) system to create their video
  20. 20. WeVideo O You can go to to create an account O Free accounts and Premium accounts ($) O Check with the district you will student teach or work in to see if they will fund a premium account
  21. 21. WeVideo O WeVideo is a cloud system where students can upload pictures, video, and music to create their very own video essay or documentary
  22. 22. Student Examples
  23. 23. iPad Example O Students: American Studies (11th grade) O 1:1 iPad Pilot Program O Unit Umbrella Question: What are the responsibilities of individuals and societies to each other? O Learning Target: O Create a documentary regarding a current social issue and show the activism and research your group did to bring about change.
  24. 24. Student Example O Social Issue: Bullying O Students: Claire Grisolano and Amanda Finck
  25. 25. Video Exit Slip O Take a 20-30 second video of your partner recording what they have learned today in class. O What are some key ideas, definitions you learned and are there any upcoming assessments or assignments?
  26. 26. Great apps for iPad O Evernote O Subtext O iBooks O iMovie O Nearpod O Educreations O Skrappy
  27. 27. Great online resources O O Slideshare O Google Drive O Screenr O Kigblog O O O Moodle and Edmodo
  28. 28. Any Questions?
  29. 29. Kid President- Pep Talk
  30. 30. Tips for Success O Find out the technology plan and regulations of the school you are working in O Talk with your colleagues O Go to Technology Conferences O Pick a few technology tools and use them well (quality not quantity) O Put more on the kids! Make them ask the questions then ANSWER them