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Slides Long Talk Bordeaux2017


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Slides for the long talk "Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt" at Scratch2017 Conference, 21.07.2017 in Bordeaux

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Slides Long Talk Bordeaux2017

  1. 1. Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt Joachim Wedekind Hommage à Nees: Gravel
  2. 2. • What is ComputerArt ? • Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt • Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts • Multimedia for All! • Why Snap! ? • Outlook Hommage à Sýkora: B&W Structure
  3. 3. 57-28-28 What is ComputerArt ? Hommage à Noll: Gaussian-Quadratic Computer art is any art in which computers play a role in production or display of the artwork. (Wikipedia, 2017)
  4. 4. Plotter Zuse Graphomat Computer SEL ER56
  5. 5. Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt Hommage à Laposky: Oscillons ?
  6. 6. Programming Interactive Graphics - An Introduction with ACS Logo Vol. 1: Polygones, Spirolaterals, Recursive Graphics, L-Systems Download:
  7. 7. Examples Turtle Graphics Examples ComputerArt Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt
  8. 8. 57-28-28 Like everything else on a computer, the digital image exists as a double: • surface (visible for humans) & • subface (computable by software) (Nake, 2017) Hommage à Nake: Rectangle Hatching What is ComputerArt ?
  9. 9. Mark Wilson (1985). The Artist’s Guide to Computer Graphics Limbeck & Schneeberger (1979). Computergrafik https://recodeart.wordpress.com Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt
  10. 10. 28.05.16, 17:32omputer Art Seite 1 von 3edu/studios/76888/ 28 Sep 201228 Sep 2012 Scratch website IScratch website I good art that Igood art that I l put it here.l put it here. Computer ArtComputer Art (( 3939 Anhängers )Anhängers ) Projekte ( 100+ ) Kommentare ( 71 ) Kuratoren Aktivität DoodleBot3 vonvon Rick3137 four circles in a circle vonvon leszpio Sierpinski triangle of d… vonvon leszpio DoodleBot2 vonvon Rick3137 DoodleBot vonvon Rick3137 blockshade rapunzel fr… vonvon skydanny112 blockshade art- hummi… vonvon skydanny112 blockshade art- horse … vonvon skydanny112 the many outfits of Jas… vonvon skydanny112 the many outfits of ariel vonvon skydanny112 the many outfits of mulan vonvon skydanny112 I LOVE THE SKETCH T… vonvon Dragonlover09 Spiral_Tree_Autumn_E… vonvon quast FractalDotsPattern vonvon quast fractals circles vonvon leszpio bee art vonvon ArnavPingle Archimedes' Spiral patt… vonvon dapontes Generative art Experim… vonvon dapontes art flower - creator2 vonvon leszpio dark star fusion-leszpi… vonvon forest Curlicues_2014 vonvon mathjp Curlicues_2015 vonvon mathjp Epicycloid lines vonvon Kirsty2 Pentagon2 vonvon Rick3137 wickeln Entdecken Diskutieren Über Scratch Hilfe Scratcher werdenSuche Anmelden ComputerArt DigitalArt Selim Tezel B. Riley Mondrian Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt
  11. 11. Hommage à Michael Noll: vertical- horizontal (1965) Hommage à Michael Noll: Computer Composition with Lines (1965) Hommage à Vera Molnar: Unordnung (250 Quadrate, 4 %) (1980) Hommage à Georg Nees: Polygonfelder (1968) What is ComputerArt ?
  12. 12. • black & white • lines & polygonal chains • line hatching • squares, polygons • circles, ellipses • (sine) curves Graphic Elements
  13. 13. • simple basic elements • repetition of these elements • variation of these elements • random values for image properties Characteristics
  14. 14. • Analyzing Problems and Artifacts • Abstracting • Algorithms • Creating Computational Artifacts Hommage à Sonderegger: Butterfly Course Concept
  15. 15. Hommage à Katherine Nesh: Triangle 9 Course Concept
  16. 16. 28-28-28 Turtle Graphics! + Sequencing square Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  17. 17. Hommage à Steller: Rhythms Loops Turtle Graphics, Sequencing + Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  18. 18. 57-28-28Hommage à Vilder: Variations on 9 Squares Modularization, Generalization Turtle Graphics, Sequencing, Loops + Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  19. 19. Hommage à Riley: Movement of Squares Control Structures + Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts Turtle Graphics, Sequencing, Loops, Modularization, Generalization
  20. 20. Expandability : Construction Kit for Graphics pixel dot circular disc Hommage à Bohnacker et al.: Frame Shift Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  21. 21. Hommage à Nees & Roubaud: Random Lines line to A line from A to B line length direction line from A length direction A B A A Expandability : Construction Kit for Graphics Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  22. 22. Hommage à Nees: Arcs arc from x y radius angle arc around x y r a circle around x y r a disc around x y r a … Expandability : Construction Kit for Graphics Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts
  23. 23. Remixing Nees, Struycken, Sýkora, Molnar Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt
  24. 24. • Color • Large Output Devices • Interactivity • Sensors & Feedback • Drawing Robots • Live Coding Multimedia for All!
  25. 25. The static image is not at the height of the medium algorithmic art. In any case, the image must be in motion: whether it is a dynamic installation or an interaction with the environment, that does not matter. (Nake, 2013) Multimedia for All! From static images to interactive installations! Hommage à Nees: (Gravel; Animated)
  26. 26. • Animation Hommage à Willem van Weeghel: Dynamic Structure Multimedia for All!
  27. 27. • Animation • Interactivity Dynamic Circles Multimedia for All!
  28. 28. • Animation • Interactivity • Sensors & Feedback Hommage à Talman: Sartre Multimedia for All!
  29. 29. • arbitrary stage sizes • nested sprites • sending messages to individual sprites • blocks libraries • projects as standalone executables (built with Snapp!) • … • and invaluable help by Jens ;-) Hommage à Pollock: Drip Painting Why Snap! ?
  30. 30. now (nearly) finished: • Website: Digital Art & Digital Art Gallery (e) • (E-)Book (german version) new in the pipeline: • (E-)Book (english version) • Scratch Studio: ComputerArt • 2nd (E-)Book: Opticals (?) • Scratch Studio: Opticals (?) Results Outlook
  31. 31. Thank you for your attention! Twitter: @jowede E-Mail: