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Poster Bordeaux2017


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Poster "Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt: A Practical Approach" at Scratch2017 Conference, 20.07.2017 in Bordeaux

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Poster Bordeaux2017

  1. 1. (III) Everything so far and more ... MediaArt for All ! Recoding & Remixing ComputerArt: A Practical Approach Joachim Wedekind, Tuebingen, FRG • Animation • Interaktion • Sensing & Action ComputerArt: Art form (1965 - 1980), established by pioneers like Nees, Nake, Noll, Molnar et al. Moiré-Pattern (I) Graphic Elements & Programming Concepts: •black & white •lines & polygonal chains •line hatching •squares, polygons •circles, ellipses •(sine) curves •simple basic elements •repetition of these elements •variation of these elements •random values for image properties Turtle Graphics Modularization,Generaalization Control Structures Expandability: Construction Kit for Graphics •polygons - lines •probability distributions •color •probability distributions •several forms •color •variable lines •color •squares •uniformly distributed random numbers •b/w •single form •b/w •b/w •pixel (II) Recoding & Remixing: Bird (à Csuri) • sprites • costumes • gentle movement • boundary conditions • sprites • costumes • messaging User options • mouse movement • buttons Painting Robot Color Game extensions: • buttons • tilting • shaking