Data driven decision-making - Students' Unions 2013


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A session I delivered at Students' Unions 2013 - a national conference for students' union staff and officers. There isn't masses of information on each slide - I'm not a '27 bullet points in a small font on each slide' sort of person - but hopefully you can follow my points.

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  • Links to open & select appropriate date rangesAnalytics accounts- (all traffic) - (volunteering) - of advanced segmentsCampaigns -
  • If you get why this slide relates to data you’ll be fine
  • Will coverMeasurement tools
  • Principally Google analytics
  • How to use it
  • About me
  • About Sussex
  • Web, social media, research + democratic engagement
  • A few caveats
  • Don’t only rely on numbers
  • Numbers help us *guess* behaviour and motivation
  • Cause/effect – does not show full intention, we can only guess
  • The information you get is an indicator and should not be the goal, e.g. number of Facebook likes
  • We’re not experts
  • Why measure?
  • Some reasons (some good, some bad)This is bad – if you don’t measure the ROI of your phone/email/posters, why the ROI of another communications channel?
  • Some reasons (some good, some bad)This is bad if you use things like Facebook likes as goals (KPIs should be indicators but are usually used as targets)
  • Some reasons (some good, some bad)This isn’t great
  • Some reasons (some good, some bad)I applaud your geekiness
  • I think it should be for testing and learning
  • Google Analytics
  • Quick poll in the room to see who is a Google Analytics user and at what level
  • We can learn things like this
  • Can see data about how people use our content
  • Peaks in usage;- Freshers Week events announced- Elections- ElectionsReferendaOther statsPopular content
  • Now seamlessly going to some real live examples...Advanced segments View & compare info in useful ways, e.g. social media, sportFilters Bigger & better, let you compare & share just specific data Good to exclude internal trafficDashboards These can be emailed automatically – good way to keep colleagues updated
  • Digital review process at SussexWeb & social media
  • Look at these metricsInform & educate colleagues
  • A closer look at an example (sport)
  • Tagging links to measure our communications work
  • This is a link with tags
  • Exploring the ‘campaign’ section – source, medium & campaignPlus filter & advanced segment
  • Why is this useful?
  • Shows visits from Jun 2012 to July 2013Blue = my social mediaOrange = my emailsGreen = all visits [incl internal traffic]Compare different originsA visit is a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given timeframe.A single visitor can open multiple visits. Those visits can occur on the same day, or over several days, weeks or months. As soon as one visit ends, there is then an opportunity to start a new visit. There are three methods by which a visit ends:After 30 minutes of inactivity by the visitorAt midnightIf you arrive at the site via one campaign, leave, and then come back to the site via another campaign
  • Which generates most traffic?
  • Time on site: They’ve been the same but over the last few months Twitter uses spend longer on averageBounce rate: Twitter slightly higher
  • Good (every little helps) but not particularly impressive
  • We use Aweber but MailChimp is similar
  • e.g. ‘Sport’ not ‘Get Involved’
  • e.g. opening hours & sportNot ‘your union’
  • Wrapping up the session
  • Will be launching survey shortly via SUM jiscmail & #sucomms
  • Stay in touch
  • Data driven decision-making - Students' Unions 2013

    1. 1. Data-driven decision-making #sucomms Jo Walters @jowalters Membership Engagement Coordinator Sussex Students’ Union
    2. 2. WARNING! This may get a bit geeky in places @jowalters #sucomms
    3. 3. #sucomms
    4. 4. @jowalters #sucomms
    5. 5.
    6. 6. graphs... digital... comms... I love;
    7. 7. 13,500 students 43% voted 2 pheasants @jowalters #sucomms
    8. 8. Web, social media, research & engagement @jowalters #sucomms
    9. 9. Important caveats
    10. 10. An art & a science @jowalters #sucomms
    11. 11. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts @jowalters #sucomms
    12. 12. Theories based on data #sucomms
    13. 13. Indicators, not the goal #sucomms
    14. 14. /t1mmyb/2938723795 We’re still learning @jowalters #sucomms
    15. 15. What’s the point? @jowalters #sucomms
    16. 16. “We want to calculate return on investment” @jowalters #sucomms
    17. 17. “It’s one of our KPIs” @jowalters #sucomms
    18. 18. “I want/need to justify how I spend my time” @jowalters #sucomms
    19. 19. “I like graphs” @jowalters #sucomms
    20. 20. Testing & learning... @jowalters #sucomms
    21. 21. ...helps us make better things @jowalters #sucomms
    22. 22. #sucomms
    23. 23. What are people looking at? What are people searching for? How are people navigating your site? How do people get to your site?
    24. 24. Looking at content @jowalters #sucomms
    25. 25. #sucomms We looked at real life actual online right now examples
    26. 26. Digital review
    27. 27. Digital review Usage across the year Pageviews, bounce rate etc Most viewed content Navigation path Source, e.g. referrals Search terms Facebook like sources Reach/engaged users/ talking about this on Facebook
    28. 28. Digital review
    29. 29.
    30. 30. ?utm_source=facebook &utm_medium=socialmedia &utm_campaign=ussu An example... A tagged link
    31. 31. ?utm_source=facebook &utm_medium=socialmedia &utm_campaign=ussu
    32. 32. ?utm_source=facebook &utm_medium=socialmedia &utm_campaign=ussu Referrer, e.g. google, citysearch, newsletter4
    33. 33. ?utm_source=facebook &utm_medium=socialmedia &utm_campaign=ussu Marketing medium, e.g. cpc, banner, email
    34. 34. ?utm_source=facebook &utm_medium=socialmedia &utm_campaign=ussu e.g. product, promo code, slogan
    35. 35. #sucomms Back to the interwebs for an example
    36. 36.
    37. 37. Comparing sources
    38. 38. #sucomms
    39. 39. #sucomms
    40. 40. Facebook creates more visits
    41. 41. #sucomms
    42. 42. #sucomms
    43. 43. Analytics IQ lessons nerd
    44. 44. #sucomms
    45. 45. Have you voted yet? Only 6 hours left to vote yes or no in the referenda Only 6 hours left to vote yes or no in the referenda Subject line split test 1 Each sent to ~5800 subscribers
    46. 46. Have you voted yet? Only 6 hours left to vote yes or no in the referenda •0.9% clicked •11.9% opened Only 6 hours left to vote yes or no in the referenda •1.2% clicked •13% opened Subject line split test 1 Each sent to ~5800 subscribers
    47. 47. #sucomms
    48. 48. Subject line split test 2 Each sent to ~6000 subscribers Don't miss your chance to have your say at Sussex, {name} Take two minutes to choose who will represent you at Sussex, {name}
    49. 49. Don't miss your chance to have your say at Sussex, {name} •1.5% clicked •17.7% opened Take two minutes to choose who will represent you at Sussex, {name} •2.4% clicked •17.7% opened At one point, we were getting by changing a few words TWICE AS MANY VOTES
    50. 50. Use this information to improve your communications @jowalters #sucomms
    51. 51. Improve the language you use. Drop the jargon & talk like a student@jowalters #sucomms
    52. 52. Think like a student. What are they looking for, not what do you want to tell them?@jowalters #sucomms
    53. 53. Theorise. Do. Test. Review. Repeat.@jowalters #sucomms
    54. 54. #sucomms
    55. 55. Digital survey coming soon... #sucomms
    56. 56. niklaswikstrom/5214708665@jowalters #sucomms #sucomms
    57. 57. Comms by the Coast 26th July FREE informal conference
    58. 58. Questions? #sucomms