SharePoint 2007 and 2010 + Use Cases


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SharePoint 2007 and 2010 + Use Cases

  1. 1. SharePoint 2007/2010 Use Case
  2. 2. Customer Momentum – Intranet Sites
  3. 3. Customer Momentum Internet Sites
  4. 4. MOSS Why Not?!!
  5. 5. WSS 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007 SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise SharePoint Server 2007 Standard Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Platform & Collaboration (blogs & wikis) Doc Management, Web Content Management, Search, & Portals Web Forms, Excel Services, BDC MOSS FIS For Internet Sites & Enterprise Intranet Windows Internet Connector Intranet/Extranet Standard
  6. 6. Deployment Install Key concepts • 32 bit or 64bit binaries **SharePoint 2010 requires 2008 64bit & 64bit SQL 2005 or 2008 • Install • Basic NOT RECOMMENDED except for POC • Advanced – Allows you to connect to SQL • WFE only vs. Full install • Language Packs (Downloads on the Web) • WSS • MOSS • Ifilter pack +
  7. 7. What do you need to run WSS 3.0? 31/01/201511 SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / MSDE / SQL Server Express .NET 3.0 (.NET 2.0 + WinFX runtime Components) Windows Server 2003 (SP 1)
  8. 8. Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs, wikis, e- mail integration, project management “lite”, Outlook integration, offline docs/lists Enterprise Portal template, Site Directory, My Sites, social networking, privacy control Enterprise scalability, contextual relevance, rich people and business data search Rich and Web forms based front-ends, LOB actions, pluggable SSO Server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualization, Report Center, BI Web Parts, KPIs/Dashboards Integrated document management, records management, and Web content management with policies and workflow Business Intelligence Business Forms Search Content Management Collaboration Portal Platform Services Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model MOSS 2007
  9. 9. Collaboration  Taking Internet concepts into the Enterprise  Tight integration with messaging infrastructure  From ad-hoc to structured, connected, and offline  Task oriented, in-context collaboration  Key Technologies  Out of the box, customizable sites  Blogs, wikis, issue tracking, project mgmt  Alerts, RSS  E-mail enabled lists  Rich offline experience Collaboration Documents Discussions, blogs, Wiki Tasks Contacts Surveys Members Calendar, Meetings Team …
  10. 10. Project Management “Lite” Project Task List in SharePoint sites for ad-hoc projects Promote to Project Professional Easy Gantt Charting Simple List of Tasks and Dependencies Collaboration
  11. 11. Portals  Rich, personalized aggregation point for your user experience, applications and information  Web Part framework built into the .NET platform  Rich canvas for composite applications  Key technologies  .NET 2.0 Support  Completely redesigned MySite  Information aggregation web parts  Pluggable authentication and rich deployment models Portal
  12. 12. My Site Public with User Profile Portal Organizational network User Profile  Richer Information  SharePoint sites roll-up  Documents and Tasks  Colleagues  Self-configuring OWA parts  Add your own web parts  Granular privacy control over profile and content  Customize in SharePoint Designer 2007  Leverage all Windows SharePoint Services features  Offline docs and calendar in Outlook 2007  Personal blog  RSS feed
  13. 13. Search Getting relevant, usable results to users, culled from as diverse a body of content as possible Breaking through silos of information Find people and expertise Easily connect to backend business systems Key Technologies Search improvements – relevancy, hit highlighting, query correction Business Data Catalog Customizable Search center Rich people search Search
  14. 14. Better Search Results Search Tabbed interface Query hit highlighting “Did you mean” query correction Alerts on search results
  15. 15. Specialized Search Solutions Features Cost Changing The Game In Enterprise Search Entry-Level Search Solutions Features Cost Enterprise Search Solutions Features Cost Enterprise Search from Microsoft Features Cost Business Productivity Infrastructure Search • Out-of-the-box integration • Rich, actionable interfaces • Reduced IT costs
  16. 16. Enterprise Content Management Create productive-yet-compliant solutions for producing, managing, and securing any kind of content Moving from document management to records management, web content management and e-forms/workflow Compliance and multi-lingual scenarios Rich and seamless Office integration Key Technologies Content Types Integrated Workflow Internet scale WCM Records Management with policies and auditing Integrated rights management Content Management
  17. 17. Scalable Document Repositories Manage large document sets with treeview Search for documents through metadata Manage document approval with integrated workflow Establish enterprise- approved content types Content Management
  18. 18. Capturing Rich Metadata Define required metadata in content type definition Customizable Document Information panel based on InfoPath technology Capture meta data as part of authoring process Content Management
  19. 19. Business Process Integration Connecting, enhancing, and reusing organizational assets People centric workflow out-of-the-box Built on a rich platform – Windows Workflow Foundation Integrates with structured business processes Key Technologies Out of the box workflow templates InfoPath Forms Services Business Data Catalog XML File Format out-of-the-box connectors: SAP, Siebel, Dynamics Business Processes
  20. 20. Automate form-driven business processes …through Property Panel, Workflow and Outlook integration Business Processes View InfoPath forms inside Outlook Edit and submit InfoPath forms inside message
  21. 21. Business Intelligence Widespread delivery of tools and solutions to any desktop or Web page The glue for “BI for the Masses” Solves information underload by connecting clients and servers Delivers in-context BI From KPIs to Reports to Dashboards Key technologies Excel Services Report Center KPIs and KPI Lists Business Data Catalog ODC Library Business Intelligence
  22. 22. Excel Services Zero-footprint, interactive, browser access to spreadsheets Business Intelligence Table Formatting Pivot Tables KPIs from SQL Graphs & Charts
  23. 23. Knowledge Discovery and Insight Business Intelligence Dashboards KPI Lists Live Excel spreadsheets Common Filters Business Intelligence
  24. 24.  Sites are a collection of the Webs  The Webs are arranged in a hierarchy  Hirarchy controls navigation and security  Each Web has a document library for Pages  Page Layouts, Master Pages are stored in the root web Master Page Gallery  CSS files stored in the root web Style Library SharePoint - Site Structure Home (web) (Doc library) Products (web) (Doc library) Products (A) (Doc library) Products (B) (Doc library) About Us (web) (Doc library) Services(web) (Doc library) News(web) (Doc library) = Pages library
  25. 25.  Existing & Custom Columns  Existing & Custom Views  Mobile Version  Alerts  Spreadsheets view  Custom Permissions SharePoint – Virtual Tables - Lists
  26. 26. Site Templates  Collaboration templates  Meetings templates  Enterprise templates  Publishing templates
  27. 27. Application Templates for WSS 3.0 The New “Fantastic 40” = 20 + 20 Absence & Vacation Schedule Mgmt Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects Bug Database Call Center Change Request Management Compliance Process Support Site Contacts Management Document Library & Review Event Planning Expense & Reimbursement Approval Help Desk Inventory Tracking IT Team Workspace Job Requisition and Interview Mgmt Knowledge Base Lending Library Physical Asset Tracking and Mgmt Project Tracking Workspace Room and Equipment Reservations Sales Lead Pipeline Board of Directors Business Performance Reporting Case Mgmt for Government Agencies Classroom Management Clinical Trial Initiation and Management Competitive Analysis Site Discussion Database Disputed Invoice Management Employee Activities Site Employee Self-Service Benefits Employee Training Sched’ling & Materials Equity Research Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking Manufacturing Process Management New Store Opening Product & Mktg Requirements Planning Request for Proposal Sports League Team Work Site Timecard Management Multi-language and extra functionality English Only and user-ready (server admin templates – install at server level) (site admin templates – install at site level) Available!
  28. 28. SHAREPOINT – USE CASE’s - Republic of Srpska Government Portal - eLAW Portal - eSrpska– Government Services Portal - Internal portal for Councli of Ministers – Bosnia and Hercegovina - Intranet portal - Health Insurance of Republic of Srpska – Business Inteligence
  29. 29. Republic of Srpska Government   Number of pages: ~7000  Total administrators: = 45  First SharePoint 2007 solution in Bosnia and region
  30. 30. eLAWS Portal 
  31. 31. Portal eSrpska – Gov Services
  32. 32. Interni Portal Vijeća Ministara
  33. 33. FZORS – Business Inteligence
  34. 34. SharePoint 2010 Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Social Bookmarking Blogs and Wikis My Sites Activity Feeds Profiles and Expertise Org Browser Enterprise Content Types Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Multi-stage Disposition Audio and Video Content Types Remote Blob Storage List Enhancements PerformancePoint Services Excel Services Chart Web Part Visio Services Web Analytics SQL Server Integration PowerPivot Business Connectivity Services InfoPath Form Services External Lists Workflow SharePoint Designer Visual Studio API Enhancements REST/ATOM/RSS Social Relevance Phonetic Search Navigation FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline Ribbon UI SharePoint Workspace SharePoint Mobile Office Client and Office Web App Integration Standards Support
  35. 35. SharePoint 2010 Intranet • Enterprise Client Access License (CAL) • Standard Client Access License (CAL)
  36. 36. SharePoint 2010 za Developere
  37. 37. Development on Windows 7 Windows 7
  38. 38. Visual Studio 2010 Broad SharePoint Support Develop, Deploy and Debug Web Part Designer Project Types
  39. 39. SharePoint Designer 2010
  40. 40. Office Apps Development Platform Business Intelligence Enterprise content mgmt Collaboration social Enterprise Search Web 2.0DBWCFWeb Service.NET LOB SharePointDesign Tools Business Connectivity Services Brings LOB Data Into SharePoint
  41. 41. SharePoint List Improvements Collaborative Data Store
  42. 42. Controlling Large Lists  Can handle 50 million items per list  As lists grow larger, the performance suffers  Another new feature in 2010 is the ability to throttle performance during high server load  Result sets are trimmed down  Users and admins have different settings  Object Model override  Windows PowerShell override of Object Model override
  43. 43. Overview of Data Technologies Farm Site List Data External Lists Client OM REST APIs
  44. 44. LINQ to SharePoint Language Integrated Query  Entity based programming  Strong Types and Intellisense  Supports List Joins and Projections  Join lists on lookup field between them  Join multiple lists (A->B->C)  Project any field from joined list in a query without changes in list schema Example from o in data.Orders where o.Customer.City.Name == "London“ select o;
  45. 45. Client Object Model Runs on Remote Machine  Simple API to Add, Retrieve, Update and Manage Data in SharePoint  Commands batched for Performance .NET CLR Silverlight CLR JavaScript Consistent Efficient SharePoint Data
  46. 46. Client Object Model Sample .NET ClientContext context = new ClientContext("http://server"); Web site = context.Web; context.Load(site); context.ExecuteQuery(); site.Title = site.Title + " and Client OM"; site.Update(); context.ExecuteQuery();
  47. 47. REST APIs
  48. 48. Workflow Improvements Popular and Successful Base in 2007
  49. 49. Silverlight 3 and SharePoint 2010 New UI Option
  50. 50. Ribbon and Dialog Framework  Client Site Custom Actions in Ribbon  Context Sensitive Ribbon
  51. 51. SharePoint Workspace 2010  Sync to SharePoint Workspace  Update SharePoint documents and lists when you’re not connected
  52. 52. Help People Accomplish More Put the Power of the 2010 Servers into Their Hands with Office 2010 Business Intelligence Collaboration Enterprise Content Management SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 Word 2010 PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint Workspace 2010 (formerly Groove) PowerPoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 Word 2010 Office 2010 Client Server SharePoint 2010 Excel 2010 with PowerPivot add- in Exchange 2010Outlook 2010 Consolidate & quickly analyze and vast amounts of data. Share & Refresh powerful BI models in SharePoint Edit the same document at the same time Use & update SharePoint documents and lists when you’re not connected Quickly broadcast a slideshow right from within PowerPoint Avoid sending sensitive mail to the wrong people with help from Mail Tips and keep security a priority with Retention Policy and Automated Policy Application Enhance content management with smart templates that populate document metadata Easily access rich client/server capabilities with the Backstage view in Office 2010
  53. 53. Office/SharePoint 2010 – Social Tagging
  54. 54. Office/SharePoint 2010 – Social Search & Search Web Parts
  55. 55. Office/SharePoint 2010 – Charting Web Parts & Visio Integration
  56. 56. SQL Server after installation  Install Services Manually  User PowerShell
  57. 57. Learn More about SharePoint 2010 Information for IT Pros at TechNet Information for Developers at MSDN Information for Everyone + SharePoint VHD