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Souvenir brighton


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A presentation given by artist Caroline Ward at Lighthouse in Brighton as part of Brighton Digital Festival's Short Circuit event (where digital and disability collide).

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Souvenir brighton

  1. 1. Souvenir Caroline Ward @noveltyshoe #shortcircuit
  2. 2. “…what kind of pleasure, freedom and meaning are pursued at different times by different kinds of walks and walkers. That imagination has both shaped and been shaped by the spaces it passes through on two feet” Rebecca Solnit – ‘Wanderlust: A History of Walking’ Watch the video here:
  3. 3. Shot in black and white, the film describes the aimlessness of a small town on the Hungarian plain that falls under the influence of a sinister travelling circus lugging the immense body of a whale in its tow. Bela Tarr– ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’
  4. 4. Anya Ustaszewski – Composer / Sound Artist • Sampled sounds on, around & inspired by Big Wheel • Sampled sounds from everyday objects • To create an original piece of music Dave Mee – Programmer @davemee • Used an algorithm in Maxmsp • Synthesised the soundtrack in response to my video • Used Anya’s original piece of music & my video • Could be any video or any piece of music More here:
  5. 5. Thank you What would your souvenir be? Caroline Ward @noveltyshoe