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Jon adams aspieart for Open Circuit


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Jon adams aspieart for Open Circuit

  1. 1. Two Little Boys
  2. 2. Art Extinction event at age11 Art evolution event at age 22
  3. 3.
  4. 4. System1. A system is composed of parts.2. All the parts of a system must be related (directly or indirectly),else there are really two or more distinct systems3. A system is encapsulated, has a boundary.4. The boundary of a system is a decision made by an observer,or a group of observers.5. A system can be nested inside another system.6. A system can overlap with another system.7. A system is bounded in time.8. A system is bounded in space, though the parts are notnecessarily co-located.9. A system receives input from, and sends output into, the widerenvironment.10. A system consists of processes that transform inputs intooutputs.
  5. 5. Look about has been funded and supported byKonfirmation Systemization is funded and supported by