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Julia Migne: Inkline's approach to constructive journalism


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Slides from a talk at newsrewired, 11 July, London

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Julia Migne: Inkline's approach to constructive journalism

  1. 1. About INKLINE We are an international media platform that features positive news, interviews with go-getters championing sociocultural causes, stories of people living their purposes and chasing passions amid adversities, and various sources of inspiration— all to show the diversity, beauty, and goodness of the world.
  2. 2. Website sections Good News - positive news stories from across the globe Go-Getters - Q&A profiles of individuals making a difference in their communities The Spark - reviews and lists that motivate and inspire people to take action Chase That Passion - stories of people pursuing their passions to bring about a positive change
  3. 3. For more information  @TheInkline  @Inkline