Writing blog posts in AP Style


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  • Know what’s in it. Not memorize it. Will need to memorize some rules that you know you will need to use. In a academic community will need to know rules for departments, university, professors, titles, etc.
  • 5. But use numerals even for ages younger than 10. This is another
  • Writing blog posts in AP Style

    1. 1. J232 Elec TechAssociated Press Style
    2. 2. AP Style| 1.Names• Use a persons full name and title the first time you mention him or her in an article.• The next references should identify the person only by his or her last name.From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    3. 3. AP Style|2. Acronyms• Spell out abbreviations or acronyms on first reference.• On the next references, use the acronym. Western Kentucky University WKUFrom CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    4. 4. AP Style| 3. Months• Abbreviate months when used with days, and use numerals.• Exceptions are March, April, May, June and July -- write them out, dont abbreviate• When using only the month and year, spell out the month. – Sept. 2, 2012 – September 2012 From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    5. 5. AP Style| 4. Numbers• 4. Generally, spell out the numbers zero through nine and use numerals for 10 and higher. Exception-numbers used at the beginning of a sentence are spelled out. Exception-Years are one of the: 2008 was a bad year for investors.From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    6. 6. AP Style| 5. AGES• 5. Use numerals for ages younger than 10.• When used like an adjective, say X-year-old, including the hyphens.• Otherwise, dont use the hyphens. For example: the 5-year-old girl kicked her brother, who is 8 years old.•
    7. 7. AP Style| 6. Percent• 6. Spell out the word "percent" but use numerals for the actual number. Participation increased 5 percent. Exception: You may use the % sign in headlines.From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    8. 8. AP Style| 7. Time• To indicate time, use figures and lowercase letters (9 a.m., 6 p.m.). Noon Midnight
    9. 9. AP Style| 8. Titles• Capitalize formal titles used before a name. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.• Use lowercase when formal titles follow a name Hillary Clinton, secretary of state.General titles, such as astronaut Neil Armstrongand actor Matt Damon, are lowercase. FromCubReporters.org/AP_Style
    10. 10. AP Style| 9. Capitalization• 9. Capitalize names of people, places or things to set them apart from a general group.From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    11. 11. AP Style|10. Courtesy Titles• 10. Do not use courtesy titles such as Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms., except in direct quotes or where needed to distinguish between people of the same name.From CubReporters.org/AP_Style
    12. 12. AP Style| Basics• http://www.scribd.com/doc/2664713/Associa ted-Press-AP-Style-Guide-the-basics