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Social iTV a new approach to a long established media


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Short talk at University of Aveiro Research Day (8/6/2011)

Published in: Technology
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Social iTV a new approach to a long established media

  1. 1. Social iTV a new approachto a long established media Jorge Ferraz de Abreu (et al)DeCA | CETAC.MEDIA (pólo aveiro)
  2. 2. Definition from “Social TV”… to Social iTV
  3. 3. TV is a social mediaSocialiTV: whatthisstandsfor? many people see it… and talk about it
  4. 4. “a very important part of the pleasure ofSocial television programs is…iTV: whatthisstandsfor? to gossip about them the following day” Gauntlett and Hill (1999)
  5. 5. TV brings people togetherSocialiTV: whatthisstandsfor? as rendezvous place
  6. 6. techno-socialSocialiTV: but... modifications!
  7. 7. SocialiTV: what myriad of TV channelselse? daily routines web competition …
  8. 8. SocialiTV: what interactivityelse?
  9. 9. SocialiTV: what interactivityelse?
  10. 10. buddy list (TV & PC)SocialiTV: whatelse? full screen option channel info
  11. 11. SocialiTV: whatelse? text messages channel recommendation
  12. 12. SocialiTV “using communication technology to connect TV viewers, in order to create remotely shared experiences around TV content” (Harboe et al, 2008)
  13. 13. Research “Social iTV”… how eclectic it is?
  14. 14. Communication theorySocial HCIiTV: a Business modelsblendof ICT systemsscientific Sociologyareas …
  15. 15. TVorPCwho wins?
  16. 16. leanTVorPC forwardwho wins? lean back
  17. 17. TVorPCwho wins? the couch is still a winner
  18. 18. R&D achievements at CETAC.MEDIA
  19. 19. 2BeOnWhat pc basedhave wedone? ! !10years 2nd inputlaterover deviceIPTV
  20. 20. Wize crossed tv gamesWhathave wedone? iNeighbour TV seniors in mind
  21. 21. scientific pub.Some academy coop.results prototypes industry coop. focus groups + FT
  22. 22. 100%Some 50% 36% 64%results 0% 0% 0% Muito Pouco Pouco Interesse Interesse Médio Muito Interesse Interest in having a very little Interesse little medium much interest social iTV application ©johnnyjuice 100% 50% 50% 43% 7% 0% 0% very Muito Pouco little Interesse Pouco Interesse little Interesse Médio medium Muito Interesse much interest Willingness to know who’s also watching TV
  23. 23. Social iTV a new approachto a long established media Jorge Ferraz de Abreu DeCA | CETAC.MEDIA (pólo aveiro)Pedro Almeida João Afonso Nuno Oliveira Patrícia Figueira Ricardo Dias Ricardo Pinto Telmo Silva