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PLM something-has-to-change


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Presentation given at PDT Europe 2017 focusing on experiences in the domain of digital transformation and PLM

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PLM something-has-to-change

  1. 1. Do we understand what is coming towards us ? PLM – SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE Jos Voskuil
  2. 2. Continuous transformation & learning 2013 - Integrating PLM, CM and SE for lean, innovative and agile operations 2014 - Shaping the PLM Platform of the Future 2015 - The Perfect Storm for PLM – The Product Innovation Platform 2016 - Investing for the future while managing product data legacy and obsolescence
  3. 3. Looking back – The Perfect Storm - 2015 ? ?
  4. 4. Wherearewewith digital transformation ? McKinsey: The case for digital reinvention • Products and Services • Marketing and Distribution channels • Business Processes • Supply Chains • new entrants acting in Ecosystems. Where to make your digital investments ? Digitization is putting pressure on revenue and profit growth Uneven returns on investment
  5. 5. Wherearewith digital transformation ? McKinsey: The case for digital reinvention 47 % 60 % 52 % 48 % 43 % Average level of digitization Bold strategies win !
  6. 6. Platformization: Digital Platformsworking together #1 ERP
  7. 7. Digital Platformsworking together #2 CRM
  8. 8. Digital Platformsworking together #3 MES
  9. 9. Digital Platformsworking together #4 Operations/Services
  10. 10. Digital Platformsworking together #5 PLM ? CIMdata Product Innovation Platform
  11. 11. Digital Enterpriseassumptions Apps / APIs / micro services ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Here is where the money is made ! Reduced amount of resources/ Quality / Intelligence / Selling Insights
  12. 12. The Product Innovation Platform needs to bedata-driven  Data Quality and Master Data Management  The role of the Product Innovation platform How to identify the correct Master Data subject areas & tooling for your MDM initiative. Christopher Bradley (SlideShare) PLM ISO 15926 PLCS OSLC Others .. Where are the Data Quality initiatives ?
  13. 13. Major inhibitorfordataquality  Incompatible 
  14. 14. Major inhibitorfordataquality  Incompatible  ECR/ECO/NCR/ …. AI /Algorithms / blockchain based authorizations
  15. 15. The Model Based Enterprisealong the lifecycle  A Model-based Enterprise moves the record of authority from documents to digital models including MCAD, E-CAD, SysML and UML managed in a data rich environment.  Model-Based is the foundation for automation (AI, Algorithms, Simulation)  Model-Based Systems Engineering ,Model Based Definition (PMI), Digital Twin are all related. FAKE NEWS
  16. 16. Moving toa Model-Based Enterprise isa journey Image: J.B. Herron – Action Engineering – Re-use your CAD
  17. 17. Experienceswith some largeenterprises  Most choose for the evolutionary approach. Big bang is too risky – not because of technology  Evolution fails, due to several reasons:  Top-down strategy becomes too often an IT-rationalization  Time to understand – too many pilots – no commitments Continuous excitement and vision needed  Career politics – P&L vertical approach  Short term strategy due to investors demands Jan Bosch -The End of Innovation (as we know it)
  18. 18. What’s next ? Evolutionaryapproaches KPMG: beyond the hype separating ambition from reality in i4.0 McKinsey – our insights/toward an integrated technology operating model “Companies will need to adapt their cultures in ways that will appeal to both next-generation digital workers” “Take bold steps towards integration” “Be prepared to make big and bold decisions” “The war for talent requires creativity and not a risk-free pension strategy”
  19. 19. Experienceswith somesmall and medium enterprises  Many of them have no time for strategy Optimized for performing in current market No evolutionary thinking  Family-owned business can make a difference Long-term strategy possible  Survival through attracting the right inspirators Unpredictable dynamics – Do or Die.
  20. 20. What’s next forSmall and Medium Enterprises ?  Awareness beyond marketing  Management needs to own the vision  Education  Universities / Government initiatives Task forces / Conferences  Coaching  best practices / business change
  21. 21. Conclusions  We make progress understanding the role of PLM in a lifecycle Model-Based enterprise – concepts are still in early phases.  The incompatibility of current PLM and digital PLM requires an accelerated evolution supported by MDM / Model-Based transitions  A bold vision and clear commitment from the top is needed. Create a horizontal path in the enterprise connecting the Why (business), How (change) and What (tools)
  22. 22. Jos Voskuil @josvoskuil