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A ubiquitous activity-monitorto prevent sedentarinessJosué Iglesias, Jesús Cano, Ana M. Bernardos, José R. Casar          ...
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[PerCom'11] A ubiquitous activity monitor to prevent sedentariness (poster)


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Published in: Technology
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[PerCom'11] A ubiquitous activity monitor to prevent sedentariness (poster)

  1. 1. A ubiquitous activity-monitorto prevent sedentarinessJosué Iglesias, Jesús Cano, Ana M. Bernardos, José R. Casar PerCom | 2011 IEEE International Conference onUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) Pervasive Computing and March 21 – 25, 2011 Seattle, USAThe Activity Monitor is an easy-to-configure context-aware mobile application, capable of estimating and evaluating the user’s activity. Itrelies on fusion strategies for movement and location estimation, which combine acceleration and radio data from in-device and externalsensors. The final objective of the Activity Monitor is to deliver adequate context-aware notifications in order to make the user aware of hislevel of activity. It has been integrated as part of a light framework aiming at providing a set of standard features to build context-awaremobile applications in order to support and accelerate their design and development life cycle. 1 sensing subsystem 2 management subsystem Built on the sensing modules, the Management Subsystem offers a set of application- independent facilities to deal with context processing, built as services to be used by the applications deployed on top of it. Horizontal services are, for example, related to offering seamless position estimation (handling handovers from GPS when outdoors to WiFi, ZigBee and Bluetooth-based localization systems when indoors), physical detection of tagged Points of Interest (which can be dynamically discovered by using wireless technologies or by previous location-aware registration in the PoI Application database), image-based Output decoding of bidimensional Adapter External Context Manager codes or reasoning. μJena OWL ... ... (Ontology Context Manager) Aggregator External Context Handlers GenericEnabler OntologyModelManager SQWRL SWRL applications Bossam (Ontology Reasoner) InferenceEngine LIS – Light Inference System OWL Enabler internal data exchange Light Framework Core Subsystem event exchange management subsystem sensing subsystem core subsystem current day By using the Points of Interest (PoI) activity % Interface, the application is aware of activity the user’s most frequently visited context-aware ALERT heart rate places. This location information is notifications type: sound used to dynamically calculate short- term activity level goals. Close Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi access profile points are stored as a fingerprint location POI management associated to each POI (GPS position statistics is also used if available), being later etc. used to infer user’s location. 4 core subsystem 3 application: activity monitorGPDS - Grupo de Procesado de Datos y Simulación (Data Processing and Simulation Group) - [ printed by Universitätsrechenzentrum Leipzig ]