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Resilient Applications with Circuit Breakers


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Characteristics of Resilient Applications.
Circuit Breaker Pattern.

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Resilient Applications with Circuit Breakers

  1. 1. Resilient Applications with Circuit Breakers
  2. 2. FAULT TOLERANCE failure BREAKDOWN AVAILABILIT Y critical graceful degradation design THROUGHPUT response time RELIABILITY redundancy replication performance ROBUSTNESS RESILIENCY fail-fast fail-safe isolation
  3. 3. Fault Tolerance ● Systems will fail ● But keep delivering service “Unanticipated actions shouldn’t result in unanticipated behavior from the whole system.” - Brian Troutwine
  4. 4. Perfection ● Reduce probability of undiscovered behavior ● Expensive (planning, engineer, time)
  5. 5. Hope for the best ● Move fast and break things ● Cheaper in the short-term ● Hard to flip a switch
  6. 6. Embracing Failure ● Faults will occur ● Faults are tolerable ● Modular design “We should write software that is cynical and expects bad things to happen.” - Michael T. Nygard
  7. 7. Circuit Breaker
  8. 8. Solutions ● Netflix Hystrix ● Camel Load Balancer ● Spring Cloud Netflix
  9. 9. References ● “Fault Tolerance on the Cheap”, Brian Troutwine ● “Release It”, Michael T. Nygard ● “Circuit Breaker”, Martin Fowler ● “Circuit Breaker Pattern in Apache Camel”, Bilgin Ibryam