Digital Learners ARE PARCC Ready


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Used with a TETC 2014 presentation April 2014

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Digital Learners ARE PARCC Ready

  1. 1. Tennessee Educational Technology Conference April 14, 2014; Interest Session 3, 1:15-2:15pm Room 106B Julia Osteen Technology Integration Specialist Digital Learners ARE PARCC Ready
  2. 2.  Analyze the technology proficiency needed to successfully participate in the PARCC assessment  Compare/contrast the skills needed with those represented in the National Educational Technology Standards for Students from ISTE  Identify the types of experiences where digital age learners thrive and devise a plan for reaching them on a daily basis. Session Goals
  3. 3.  ISTE Position Statement on the Common Core State Standards -  Digital learning plays a central and substantive role  Helps students meet and exceed the rigorous learning goals of Common Core State Standards  “With the advent of the 2014–2015 Common Core Online Assessments it is imperative that students’ learning takes place in a robust digital learning environment in order for them to be successful on these new higher-order thinking assessments.” Digital Age Learning
  4. 4.  ISTE Standards for Students  Standards for evaluating skills and knowledge students need  “Simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today's students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn and explore.”  Creativity & Innovation, Communication & Collaboration, Research & Information Fluency, Critical thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Digital Citizenship, and Technology Operations and Concepts Digital Age Learning
  5. 5.  ISTE Standards for Students  Take a look at the Standards  Highlight the verbs  Put this aside; we will come back to it. Digital Age Learning
  6. 6.  Sample assessment items - samples  Drag and drop  Multiple select  Text highlighting  Equation builder PARCC Tech Components
  7. 7.  Sample assessment items -  Try items in more than just one grade  Range of rigor  Item types and functionalities  Work through a few items together and make a list of verbs that represent what students need to be able to do to be successful PARCC Tech Components
  8. 8.  Look at the list of verbs you created for the PARCC assessment  Compare those to the highlights you made in the ISTE Standards  Use the Venn Diagram to support your comparison and contrast  What do you see? Compare/Contrast
  9. 9.  Take a look at some of the resources  Come up with a plan for reaching digital age learners on a daily basis that also “preps” students for the PARCC Assessment  Share your plan in the Google doc - Design a Plan
  10. 10.
  11. 11.  Animated Presentations and Videos - PowToon 4 EDU  Audio Creation and Editing Tools - Voki Classrooms  Bookmarking and Curating Tools – Educlipper  Blogging Tools – Kidblog Resources to Explore Share your plan in the Google doc -
  12. 12.  Collaboration Tools – Google Docs  Digital Poster-Making Tools – Glogster EDU  Digital Storytelling – Flipsnack EDU  Infographics – Piktochart Resources to Explore Share your plan in the Google doc -
  13. 13.  What challenges/obstacles exist that could be barriers to implementing your plan?  How will you share what you have learned with your colleagues? Closing Reflection Share your plan in the Google doc -
  14. 14.  Contact Information – Julia Osteen 615-066-5095  Access the plans in the Google doc - Thanks for coming!